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Food Control System Sri Lanka


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International Conference on Infrastructure Needs For a Food Control System: Roadmap For Regional Harmonization” - organised by International Life Sciences Institute - India Chapter, 9 & 10 December, 2014 in Hotel Royal Plaza, New Delhi.

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Food Control System Sri Lanka

  1. 1. Director Environmental Health, Occupational Health and Food Safety Secretary, National Codex Committee / Codex Contact Point Ministry of Health Sri Lanka Food Control System in Sri Lanka
  2. 2. Food Control Administration in Sri Lanka Minister of Health Director General of Health Services (CFA) Food Advisory Committee Approved Analysts Food Authorities D/E&OH PDHS National Codex Committee RDHS Authorized Officers AD/FCAU DDG(PHS)
  3. 3. Basic Implementation Structure Medical Officer of Health Public Health Inspector Public Health Inspector Public Health Inspector
  4. 4. Regulatory Framework •Food act No 26 of 1980 and amendment thereto -1991, 2011 •Regulations made under the Food Act •Other legal enactments
  5. 5. Food Act No 26 of 1980 An Act to Regulate and Control • Manufacture • Importation • Sale / expose for sale • Store • Distribution of food
  6. 6. Strengths Longstanding well established System Food Advisory Committee consist of good representation from all aspects of food safety include food Technology and analytical fields Adoption of Codex standards
  7. 7. Weaknesses No standalone Food Safety Institution Legislation need revision to match present day needs Conflicting Legislation Inadequate Institutional Capacity Inadequate trained personal Inadequate Analytical capability
  8. 8. Opportunities Public interest in safe food International Support Availability of large database internationally Competitive environments Technology
  9. 9. Threats Competitive Institutions Incorrect information to Public Resistance to Change Existing HR practices
  10. 10. Thank you