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Eating Away the Obseity Epidemic


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From Mintel

Published in: Food
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Eating Away the Obseity Epidemic

  1. 1. mintel.com1 © 2014 Mintel Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Confidential to Mintel KEY AND EMERGING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT INGREDIENTS EATING AWAY THE OBESITY EPIDEMIC © 2014 Mintel Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Confidential to Mintel
  2. 2. mintel.com2 TODAY’S PRESENTATION Protein and fibre key role Protein and fibre key role Ingredients in the spotlight Ingredients in the spotlight Global obesity and the consumer Global obesity and the consumer Targeting certain demographics Targeting certain demographics What does it all means What does it all means
  3. 3. mintel.com3 TODAY’S PRESENTATION Protein and fibre key role Ingredients in the spotlight Targeting certain demographics What does it all means Global obesity and the consumer Global obesity and the consumer
  4. 4. mintel.com4 500 million of these are Obese 1.4 billion are overweight SOURCE: WHO 700 million by 2015 GLOBAL ISSUE mintel.com4
  5. 5. mintel.com5 Obesity is a growing concern in most countries… % may be low but not numbers! India China Japan GLOBAL ISSUE mintel.com5 30m 46m 4m
  6. 6. mintel.com6 Of Brits say that they go through phases of being healthy and then getting into bad habits. 57% SOURCE: MINTEL HEALTHY LIFESTYLES UK JANUARY 2013; OBESITY US AUGUST 2013; HELP ME HELP MYSELF 40% Of US consumers say that they try to eat healthy, but find unhealthy foods are too tempting. MOTIVATION ISSUES mintel.com6
  7. 7. mintel.com7 Of UK consumers "set specific mini goals” to stick with their resolutions. 33% SOURCE: MINTEL HEALTHY LIFESTYLES UK JANUARY 2012; HELP ME HELP MYSELF; App: Global Mobile Health Market Report 29% reward themselves if they continue sticking with the resolution STICKING TO THE PLAN Technology plays a part with 500 million people predicted to be using health apps by 2015.
  8. 8. mintel.com8 Fooducate simplifies nutritional information and ingredient statements SOURCE: WWW.FOODUCATE.COM INGREDIENT APPS
  9. 9. mintel.com9 22% of Americans would like help in understanding healthier food options, up from 17% in 2011 TellSpec combines a portable spectrometer and a unique algorithm to provide information about foods and beverages when labels aren’t available Source: Mintel Trends, Mintel Reports grocery retailing – US – 2013, http://tellspec.Com/ COMING SOON: FOOD SCANNERS
  10. 10. mintel.com10 Dubai: municipal officials gave residents a gram of gold – worth $45 – for every kilogram they lost during a 30-day challenge. Source: Mintel ; help me help myself AS GOOD AS GOLD
  11. 11. mintel.com11 mintel.com11 SOURCE: MINTEL; HELP ME HELP MYSELF TICKETS FOR CALORIES BURNED MOSCOW: a vending machine at Vystavochnaya station uses sensors to offer travellers tickets for free rides if they do 30 squats first in two minutes.
  12. 12. mintel.com12 of Chinese adults who have purchased vitamins and supplements have done so to help ward off illnesses or improve immunity of Chinese respondents take vitamins and supplements to compensate for poor eating habits 83% 50% Source: Mintel SUPPLEMENTS OFFSET WHAT’S MISSING
  13. 13. mintel.com13 Of US consumers say the government should enforce companies to be socially responsible. 44% Source: Mintel attitudes towards corporate social responsibility US September 2012; supernanny state 70% Agree consumers have a responsibility equal to that of companies when it comes to the responsible use of a product. BE GOOD
  14. 14. mintel.com14 I am slightly overweight I am overweight a lot % % Cutting back on food with high calories (eg red meat, desserts, bakery products, chocolate) 60 65 Diet control (eg having a smaller portion per meal, skip meals) 62 64 Taking weight loss products (including both oral products and products for external usage) 38 63 Using traditional Chinese weight loss measurements (eg weight loss acupuncture, weight loss Chinese traditional medicine prescriptions) 16 30 OVERWEIGHT CONSUMERS ARE MORE LIKELY TAKE ORAL PRODUCTS AND TCM
  15. 15. mintel.com15 Vitamins and dietary supplements are the sub-category most likely to mention the term “weight management” among global food, drink and healthcare items launched from January 2013-May 2014, according to Mintel GNPD. Source: Mintel GNPD VITAMINS AND DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS ARE MOST LIKELY TO USE “WEIGHT MANAGEMENT” CLAIM-
  16. 16. mintel.com16 Ingredients in the spotlight Targeting certain demographics What does it all means Global obesity and the consumer Protein and fibre key role Protein and fibre key role TODAY’S PRESENTATION
  17. 17. mintel.com17 Fuller for longer are benefits consumers can understand – they resonate well with consumers Kellogg's Special K Protein Wheat, Rice & Soy Flakes Cereal to satisfy hunger for longer (US) Source: Mintel GNPD M&S Fuller Longer Chicken & Chilli Prawn Pad Thai, high in protein, contains balanced carbohydrates (UK) HIGH PROTEIN FOR ALL OCCASION – BREAKFAST TO DINNER
  18. 18. mintel.com18 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% Jul 2011 - 2012 Jul 2012 - 2013 Jul 2013 - 2014 Global food and drink launches with a high protein claim, July 2011 – June 2014 Sub-Category % Snack/Cereal/Energy Bars 12% Meal Replacements & Other Drinks 11% Spoonable Yogurt 7% Meat Substitutes 5% Meat Snacks 4% Fish Products 4% Vitamins & Dietary Supplements 3% Poultry Products 3% Cold Cereals 3% Meat Products 3% HIGH PROTEINS CLAIMS CONTINUE TO GROW – IDEAL FOR NUTRACEUTICALS
  19. 19. mintel.com19 Hydroxycut Lean Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Meal Bar (US) BarnDad's FiberDX German Chocolate Shake (US) FURTHER OPPORTUNITIES FOR HIGH PROTEIN IN NUTRIENT SNACK BARS AND MEAL REPLACEMENTS
  20. 20. mintel.com20 • Konjac fiber • Chitosan - crustacean fibre • Chia INGREDIENTS IN THE SPOTLIGHT Soluble fibre • Inulin • Polydextrose • Fructo-oligosaccharides • Resistant maltdextrin • Soluble corn fibre • Soluble wheat fibre Insoluble Fibre • Cereal fibres • Vegetable fibre • Fruit fibres KEY INGREDIENTS FUNCTIONAL FIBRES FOR WEIGHT MANAGEMENT
  21. 21. mintel.com21 First tea beverage in Japan to have two FOSHU Health • Control the absorption of fat • Eases of absorption of carbohydrates Coca-Cola Karada Sukoyaka Healthy Body Tea W (Japan) TEA WITH INDIGESTIBLE DEXTRIN - FIRST RTD TEA TO HAVE DOUBLE FOSHU CLAIM
  22. 22. mintel.com22 EFSA approved claims “Glucomannan in an energy restricted diets contributes to weight loss” “Glucomannan contributes to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels” Dukan , Lemon flavoured konjac sticks (France) Sanatura Satt & Schlank , Full & Slim Dietary Supplement (Germany) KONJAC HAS APPROVED EFSA CLAIMS FOR WEIGHT LOSS
  23. 23. mintel.com23 0% 5% 10% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% 50% Jul 2011 - 2012 Jul 2012 - 2013 Jul 2013 - 2014 Food, Drink and Vitamin and Dietary Supplement launches with slimming claim and containing konjac, global, July 2010-June 2014 KONJAC USE IN SLIMMING PRODUCTS CONTINUES TO INCREASE, WITH FRANCE THE MAIN USER
  24. 24. mintel.com24 Carrington Farms Flax Chia Blend (US) Griggs Chia Seeds (Brazil) Chia can absorb 10 times their weight in water, aiding in weight loss and hydration CHIA’S SUPERFOOD STATUS MAKE IT AS APPEALING WEIGHT MANAGEMENT INGREDIENT – THIS TIME FOR ITS GELLING PROPERTIES
  25. 25. mintel.com25 DHC Diet Program Lemon Tea (Japan) DHC Diet Program Bitter Strawberry Chocolate (Japan) EMERGING FIBRE - CHITOSAN CRUSTACEAN FIBRE, USED MOSTLY IN JAPAN AND SOUTH KOREA
  26. 26. mintel.com26 What does it all means Global obesity and the consumer Protein and fibre key role Targeting certain demographics Ingredients in the spotlight Ingredients in the spotlight TODAY’S PRESENTATION
  27. 27. mintel.com27 Polyphenols from • Tea • Onions • Apples… Bitter orange INGREDIENTS IN THE SPOTLIGHT FOODS FOR THEIR PHYTOCHEMICALS • L-carnitine • Green been coffee extract – chlorogenic acid • Garcinia cambogia extract (hydroxycitric acid - HCA) • White kidney bean • GABA FEATURING INGREDIENTS
  28. 28. mintel.com28 Lotte Health One Power Energy Bar with Chocolate (South Korea) Voxx L-Carnitina Tangerine Flavoured Dietary Weight Control Supplement) (Brazil) L-CARNITINE CONTINUES TO BE A KEY INGREDIENT FOR WEIGHT LOSS … FAT BURNING
  29. 29. mintel.com29 Olive Young Beauty Story Apple Flavoured Garcinia Cambogia Beverage (South Korea) Yakult Look Diet Drinking Yogurt (South Korea) GARCINIA CAMBOGIA EXTRACT CONTAINING HYDROXYCITRIC ACID (HCA) CLAIMS SUPPRESS BODY FAT ACCUMULATION
  30. 30. mintel.com30 42 16 11 7 6 Vitamins & Dietary Supplements Tea Coffee Meal Replacements & Other Drinks Snack/Cereal/Energy Bars Launches* with a slimming claim using Garcina by sub- category, July 2009-June 2014 GARCINIA FEATURES MOSTLY IN VITAMIN AND SUPPLEMENT LAUNCHES
  31. 31. mintel.com31 Nescafé Protect ProSlim Coffee Mix Powder (Thailand) Buddy Dean Beauti Srim Formula 2 10-in-1 Instant Coffee Mix (Thailand) SLIMMING COFFEES FEATURE CHLOROGENIC ACIDS PLUS WHITE KIDNEY BEAN, L-CARNITINE ….
  32. 32. mintel.com32 Nuzee Coffee Blenders Lean Dark Roast + Weight Loss Coffee drink (US) Horleys Lean Water Lemon Flavour Water (New Zealand) GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT WEIGHT LOSS AND ANTIOXIDANT BENEFITS
  33. 33. mintel.com33 Suntory, Tea+Plus Original Oolong Tea (Thailand) Suntory, Tokucha (Japan) Features patented OTPP FOSHU certified with polyphenol (Quercetin glycoside) claimed to activate an enzyme that breaks down fatSource: Mintel GNPD POLYPHENOLS THE FOCUS NEW RECENT LAUNCHES FOCUSED ON REDUCING FAT FROM APPLE , ONION AND TEA FIGHT FAT
  34. 34. mintel.com34 Lean & Green Green Apple with Elderflower & Matè Tea Drink (Portugal) Seoul Milk Apple Flavour Drinking Yogurt (South Korea) GREEN……POLYPHENOLS IN APPLES
  35. 35. mintel.com35 Santé Verte Functional Food with Pineapple Extract & Guarana Extract (France) Thanlux Gaba Rice Instant Meal + Konjac Drink (Thailand) NICHE BUT WORTH A MENTION BROMELAIN AND GUARANA, GABA…
  36. 36. mintel.com36 What does it all means Global obesity and the consumer Protein and fibre key role Ingredients in the spotlight Targeting certain demographics Targeting certain demographics TODAY’S PRESENTATION
  37. 37. mintel.com37 Jasminum subtriplinerve blume, spirulina seaweed, radix notoginseng, excipients Latifol Lactation improving supplement (Vietnam) MILESTONE MOMENTS A FEMALE IS EXTRA VULNERABLE TO WEIGHT GAIN – POST CHILDBIRTH
  38. 38. mintel.com38 Estroven Weight Management Multi-Symptom Menopause Relief (USA) BiManán 45+ Fat Burning Re-Firming Dietary Supplement (Spain) Bitter orange dry extract (Citrus aurantium L.), synephrine, hyaluronic acid, co-enzyme Q10, Herbal Weight Blend (black cohosh root standardized extract (Cimicifuga racemosa), soy isoflavones, Synetrim CQ stem, leaf extract (Cissus quadrangularis)) … MENOPAUSE SYMPTOMS – PLUS AIDS WEIGHT MANAGEMENT
  39. 39. mintel.com39 Satiety, Low Calorie & Fat Burning Diet Jelly Coffee Asahi (Japan) Contains L-carnitine and 4,500mg of dietary fibre per pack. Fat burning Flavoured Water L-Men (Indonesia) Helps metabolise food consumption into energy and increase the fat burning process. Facilitates Fat Burning RTD Coffee Kao (Japan) FOSHU-certified, contains chlorogenic acid and claims to facilitate the fat burning process. FAT BURRING BEVERAGES TARGETING MEN
  40. 40. mintel.com40 Modifast 55+ Fat Burner (Netherlands) Centrum Silver (USA) Aimed at adults 50+ B-vitamins to aid in the metabolism of fats, carbohydrates and proteins Aimed at women over 55 guarana to support the fat metabolism, chromium for normal metabolism TARGETING SENIORS 55 +
  41. 41. mintel.com41 Sundown Naturals Vit & Min Children’s Gummies (Sth Korea) NutiFood, Nutritious Milk Powder for Overweight Children (Vietnam) Contains isomaltose claiming to reduce fat creation Biotin, to support fat, carbohydrate, and protein metabolism ) FEW PRODUCTS TARGET CHILDREN FOR WEIGHT LOSS Metabolism could be a an indirect claim to use for children
  42. 42. mintel.com42 Global obesity and the consumer Protein and fibre key role Ingredients in the spotlight Targeting certain demographics What does it all means What does it all means TODAY’S PRESENTATION
  43. 43. mintel.com43 • Obesity crises continues to be a global issue, effecting more countries • The current high protein on-trend could extend to nutraceutical weight management products • Fibre is a key ingredient with konjac and indigestible dextrin fibres in focus • Many ingredients are emerging but some to watch are green coffee bean and polyphenols • Targeting certain demographics could improve the product appeal WHAT IS ALL MEANS mintel.com43
  44. 44. mintel.com44 © 2014 Mintel Group Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Confidential to Mintel Tel Email PAM YATES Research Manager Platforms APAC +86 (21) 6032 7360 For full presentation please visit:
  45. 45. AFRIS. AsianFoodRegulationInformationService. We have the largest database of Asian food regulations in the world and it’s FREE to use. We publish a range of communication services, list a very large number of food events and online educational webinars and continue to grow our Digital Library. We look forward to hearing from you soon!