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Content Marketing Strategies for 2015


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Insights from Kevin Spacey, Julie Fleischer (Kraft Foods), Robert Rose (CMI), Jay Baer (NY Times), Jason Miller (Senior Content Marketing Manger, LinkedIn), Jonathon Colman (Content Strategist Facebook), and more..

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Content Marketing Strategies for 2015

  1. 1. As  an  award-­‐winning publisher  for  more  than  30  years,  LeisureMedia360   has  successfully  created   content  for   Virginia  Tourism,  more  than  a  dozen  CVBs,  and  many  small  businesses  from  marinas   to  realtors   to  restaurants. Content  Marketing  Strategies   for  2015  -­‐ and  Beyond By  Steve  Beyer
  2. 2. If  Kevin  Spacey  says  it,  you  know  it’s  true
  3. 3. 1.  You  need  a  Scalable Website.  Responsive   design  might  help. ● Today  anywhere  from  20%  to  nearly  half  of  your  website  visitation   is  coming  from  mobile  devices  such  as  smart  phones  and  tablets.   o 50%  of  website  visitors  want  contact  info. o Non-­mobile  friendly  site  will  loose  visitors. Responsive design means a website that is easy to read and navigate across a wide range of devices. Content when you want, how you want, where you want it.
  4. 4. 2.  Do  an  Evaluation of  your  Existing  Content. A simple website checklist is a real time saver. Then pieces can be delegated or tackled one by one. ● Periodic  audits  can  really  go  a  long   way  to  improving  your  site.  Remove   outdated  or  obsolete  information.  Add   new  content  as  it  becomes  available. o Shorten  existing  content  to  freshen   it  up. o Changing  out  the  images  on  your   home  page  and  landing  pages  can   help  engage  visitors,  especially   repeat  visitors.   o Study  the  most  popular  pages  and   use  Google  Analytics.
  5. 5. 3.  Create  a  Content Strategy for  2015 ● What  is  your  website’s  goal?  This  is  the  most  important  question   to  ask. o What  do  you  want  to  accomplish  with  your  website? o What  is  the  call  for  action? A strategy will save time and money. Growth of custom content is surging—69% of content marketers plan to increase their spending on content in 2015. 77% of marketers said “yes we use content marketing” Source: CMI 2015 B-to-C Content Marketing Trends Research
  6. 6. 4.  SEO  with  Penguin and  Panda Google  Programs.   o Panda focused  on  sites  with  in-­depth,  regularly  updated  content  vs.  sites   with  too  much  advertising  and  poor  navigation. o Penguin focused  on  quality.
  7. 7. 5.  The Hummingbird Effect. Google’s biggest change of late is the little hummingbird. ● Hummingbird  is  paying  more  attention  to  each  word  in  a  query,   ensuring  that  the  whole  query—the  whole  sentence  or  conversation  or   meaning—is  taken  into  account,  rather  than  particular  words.   o Pages  matching  the  meaning  do  better,  rather  than  pages  matching   just  a  few  words. o It’s  more  important  than  ever  to  write  meaningful  content  for  your   website o Push  it  out  to  the  world  thru  social  media  platforms.   o What  are  the  phrases  or  questions  prospects  will  use  to  find  your   location? “What do I feed a hummingbird?”
  8. 8. 6.  Size Does  Not  Matter. ● You  do  not  have  to  be  a  huge  company  with  a  big  budget. o River  Pools  &  Spa  in  Warsaw,  VA  built  a  tremendous  business  by  adding  valuable   content  to  his  website.   • Frequently  asked  questions.   • Information  about  pool  costs.   • A  blog.   • Testimonials.   o It’s  now  on  the  first  page  of  Google  search  for  thousands  of  searches. Do you have to be the size of: • Orlando • Los Angeles • New York • San Francisco or Miami to do content marketing?
  9. 9. 7.  First  Get  Your  Website  Humming   and  Then  Advertise   to  Drive  Traffic! LeisureMedia360   Brands
  10. 10. Leisure Media 360 content marketing program – print examples
  11. 11. LeisureMedia360 content marketing program – online application examples Repurposed
  12. 12. LeisureMedia360 content marketing program – online application examples, cont’d
  13. 13. Notes  and  Takeaways  From   Content  Marketing  World 2014
  14. 14. Andrew  Davis Author  of   Brandscaping:  Unleashing  the   Power  of  Partnership
  15. 15. The  Consumer  Journey 1. Moment  of  Inspiration-­‐Bigger  Opportunity 2. Trigger  -­‐ Take  Action 3. Initial  Consideration   4. Active  Evaluation 5. Moment  of  Purchase • Beginning  of  new  relationship • New  part  of  loyalty  loop
  16. 16. Own  The  Consumer  Journey Example:  Cain’s  Arcade
  17. 17. Own  The  Consumer  Journey,  Cont’d • Stop  creating  campaigns • Start  making  commitments • Make  a  commitment  to  telling  a  story  bigger   than  you
  18. 18. Own  The  Consumer  Journey,  Cont’d Think  like  an  entertainment  executive Ex:  Finding  Nemo • Nemo  Effect • Sold  out  clown   fish  and   accessories
  19. 19. Own  The  Consumer  Journey,  Cont’d Use  Google  Trends • Look  up  clownfish • Valuable  content  increases  demand   4  simple  secrets  to  building  valuable  content 1. Build  suspense 2. Foster  Aspirational  Content   3. Drive  Empathy 4. Harness  Emotion,  emotion  leads  to  action Create  moments  of  inspiration
  20. 20. Julie  Fleischer Director  Data  +  Content  +  Media   at  Kraft  Foods  Group
  21. 21. Julie  Fleischer • Data  drives  content  creation • Right  place,  right  moment • 18  years  ago  started  Food  &  Familymagazine • Content  marketing  is  smart,  strategic  and   campaign  able        
  22. 22. Robert  Rose Chief  Strategist,  CMI
  23. 23. How  to  Start  Your  Content  Marketing  Strategy 1. Stop  and  make  it  an  integrated  process 2. Create  value  to  audiences 3. Develop  content-­‐driven  experiences • Plan • Audience • Story • Channels • Process • Conversation  -­‐>  Measurement Robert  Rose
  24. 24. Three  Fundamental  Shifts  in  Thinking: 1. Story  before  medium 2. Process  not  a  project 3. Infused  not  separate   • The  buyer’s  journey  is  not  guided • You  don’t  have  to  be  big,  you  have  to  be  remarkable • You  have  to  be  great  with  the  group  you  want  to  be   great  with AND,  an  Integrated  mix  is  the  best! Robert  Rose
  25. 25. Jay  Baer NY  Times  Best-­‐Selling  Author “Content  is  Fire,   Social  Media   is  gasoline”
  26. 26. Jason  Miller Jason  Miller  Senior  Content   Marketing  Manager-­‐ LinkedIn
  27. 27. 3  Ways  to  Create  Your  Big   Rock  “Claim  it” 1. Create  all  encompassing   guide  to   whatever  the  hell  conversation  you   want  to  own 2. Write  5  relevant  blogs  then  roll   them  all  together-­‐ Take  10  blogs  roll   into  1   3. Collection  of  success  stories Jason  Miller Monday:  5  Tips  (Simple) Tuesday:  Little  Heavier Wednesday:  Drop  the  Bomb   (1,500-­‐3,000  words) Thursday:  Tabasco-­‐ Strong   Opinion Friday:  Chocolate  Cake   Content-­‐leave  for  the   weekend  with  a  smile-­‐ fun   stuff  day
  28. 28. Jonathon  Colman   Content  Strategist  at  Facebook Building  Better  products  with  Content  Strategy • Start  with  the  Why • Continue  with  How • Then  do  What   1. Keep  it  simple 2. Get  to  the  point 3. Talk  like  a  person
  29. 29. Jonathon  Colman • Content  leads  design • Design  leads  content   • Both  lead  experience   Experience Experience Content Design Content Design
  30. 30. Jesse  Desjardins Head  of  Social  at  Tourism  Australia • Use  Video  to  reach  Millennials-­‐ • The  article  begins  its  life  when  you   hit  publish” • Ex:  “My  trip  in  a  minute  – JOSH” R5WgMuYPfws
  31. 31. Counties,  States,  CVBs  &   Companies  in  the  Room • Australia   • California • Cleveland • San  Francisco • Canada • Colonial   Williamsburg • Portland • Arizona • Brand  USA • Branson   • NYC • Lansing  MI • Salt  Lake  City   • Singapore • Amish  Country • Marriott • Boone,  NC • IHG  Hotels • Trip  Advisor   • West   Hollywood • Grand  Rapids   MI
  32. 32. Jesse  Desjardins  Cont’d • Social  is  great,  but  we  need  to  stop  renting. • What  is?  à What  could  be? • Can  we  make  our  customers  the  hero? • Not  just  telling  stories  but  giving  a  story  to  tell • Get  it  shared • Stories  that  are  engineered  make  our   audience  look  good. • Once  they  hear  from  you,  what  do  they  tell   their  friends?
  33. 33. Huffington  Post  Example 1/3  from   80,000   bloggers 1/3  Curated 1/3  Their   content
  34. 34. Insights  that  shape  future  decisions 5  stages  of  Travel Dreaming Planning Booking Experiencing Sharing
  35. 35. Jesse  Desjardins  Cont’d Hubspot:  Quick  ways  to  curate   industry  content  for  your  blog 1. Use  Reader  Services  (Feedly  &  Digg)   2. Follow  Trade  Show  Blogs 3. Monitor  Social  News  Streams 4. Setup  Google  Alerts   5. Follow  folks  on  Linked  In 6. Check  out  Forums  (Quora) 7. Read  and  subscribe  to  other  peoples  blogs
  36. 36. What’s  the  Hottest  Thing   in  Content  Marketing? Joe  Pulizzi   Founder,  Content  Marketing   Institute  and  Author  of  Epic   Content  Marketing
  37. 37. • Building  a  content  marketing  environment.   Content  built  around  a  centralized  environment   that  makes  it  easy  &  quick  to  deploy • Story  telling.  Inspire  people. • Writing  and  words  we  use  to  tell  your  story • Develop  a  strategy  and  review  it Joe  Pulizzi
  38. 38. Joe  Pulizzi • Persona  development  that  increases  the  relevance   so  you  can  address  the  buyers  needs  through  the   buying  process • Globalization  of  Content.  Make  sure  message  is   appropriate  across  the  world • Real  time  personalization   • Engaging  people  at  a  deeper  level-­‐ emotionally  
  39. 39. • Strategic,  repeatable  and  accountable  process • People  need  to  be  able  to  find  the  content   otherwise  it  never  reaches  its  potential  metadata   • Content  doesn’t  come  from  marketing.  Content   comes  from  customers,  comes  from  sales,  comes   from  customer  service,  and  comes  from  across  the   organization.  How  does  marketing  evangelize  this   message? Joe  Pulizzi
  40. 40. Joe  Pulizzi:  8  Reasons  to  Rethink  Print 1. It  grabs  attention 2. If  focuses  on  customer  relation   3. There  are  no  audience  development  costs 4. No  reliance  on  advertisers 5. What’s  old  is  new  again 6. Customers  still  need  to  know  what  questions   to  ask   7. Print  still  excites  people 8. Print  lets  people  unplug
  41. 41. Need  a  “Content  Marketing   Master  Class?” Sorry,  but  I  can’t  cover  it  all  in   ONE  presentation.  But  Joe   Pulizzi  and  the  “Content   Marketing  Institute”  Can  help!
  42. 42. Robert  Magee   Department  of  Communication Virginia  Tech • Conducted  a  study  on  Virginia  Tech  Alumni  magazine  open   rate  and  reader  memory   • 675  participants  contacted  by  phone,  337  with  print,  338   with  online. • Print  showed  Superior  Open  Rate • Greater  recall  memory  for  articles   • Greater  recognition  memory  for  articles • Younger  alumni  expressed  a  preference  for  receiving  an   online  version  of  the  magazine;  but  their  recall  was  markedly   higher  for  the  print  version.
  43. 43. University  of  Vermont  Tourism   Research  Study • 25  State  Parks • 15  Selected  Attractions • 8  Vermont  Welcome  Centers • 8,555  questionnaires  were  collected   Visitor/Vermonters  -­‐ in  person!
  44. 44. University  of  Vermont  Tourism   Research  Study,  Cont’d 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 Friends  &  Family Print  Media TV  /  Radio Social  Media Influencers  on  Decision  to  Vacation,  by  Age    &  Medium Under  50 Over  50
  45. 45. University  of  Vermont  Tourism   Research  Study,  Cont’d • Print  Media  have  an  important   influence  on  visitors   • Brochures  and  magazine  articles  are   the  most  influenced  forms  of  print   media  for  both  groups  
  46. 46. 2014  A  Study  of  DMO  Visitor  Guides By  WACVB  Education  &  Research  Foundation  &  Destination   Analysts • 9,611 Surveys  Collected • Travelers  request  visitor  guides  primarily  to  serve  as  a  trip   planning  tool • Attractions  and  maps  are  the  top  content  sought  from   DMO  visitor  guides • Nearly  70%  of  potential  visitors  actually  travel  to  the   destination  after  receiving  the  DMO  visitor  guide
  47. 47. 2014  A  Study  of  DMO  Visitor  Guides,  Cont’d • 1  out  of  5  visitor  guide  users  had  not  yet  made  their   destination  decision  when  they  requested  a  guide • 90%  ultimately  decide  to  visit  the  destination  because  of   the  visitor  guide • Visitor  Guides  are  also  effective  at  lengthening  stays  in   the  destination • Once  travelers  receive  a  DMO  visitor  guide,  it  largely   becomes  the  primary  trip  planning  resource
  48. 48. Have  a  question  about  creating  engaging  content  for  your  own  marketing?   Steve  Beyer,  President 3424  Brambleton  Ave.,  Roanoke,  VA  24018 540-­‐989-­‐6138  office 847-­‐532-­‐4044  cell Thank  you Steve   Beyer   is  President   of  Leisure  Media  360,  an  integrated   marketing   firm  specializing  in  travel,   quality  of  life  and  real  estate   publications,  websites,   and  digital  marketing.   He  has  run  the  custom   publishing  division  for  several   media   firms  over  the  past  16  years  and  started  content  marketing   for   brands  like   Microsoft,  HP,  IBM,   Rockwell   and  more   than  100  hospitals  across  the  U.S.  He  is  a  sought-­‐after   speaker   on  this  topic  by  publishing  firms,  content  marketing   conferences,   sales  meetings   and  webinars.   His  sales  management   experience   at  both  Hanley-­‐Wood   Publishing  and  Penton  Publishing  generated   strong  growth  in  revenues   and  kudos  from  clients  on  his  superlative   level   of  customer   service.