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Ag Future in India 2015


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Association for Vertical Farming Summit 2015 in Beijing China. For more information, visit their website:

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Ag Future in India 2015

  1. 1. AG  FUTURE  2015-­‐2050     INDIA     by   MOHAN  BAJIKAR   AVF  -­‐India  
  2. 2. NEEDS   Projec@on  of  popula@on                        2050        -­‐          2030        -­‐      2010   India  1.6  billion  -­‐  1.53  billion  -­‐  1.22  billion   China  1.4  billion     India  +  China  a  third  of  world  popula@on  an@cipated  9.2  billion   CaSle  popula@on  546  million  in  2012  
  3. 3. CONDITIONS   Soils  Map  of  India  degraded  saline  soils    
  4. 4. CONDITIONS   Ground  water  deple@on  
  5. 5. CONDITIONS   Average  temperature  
  6. 6. CONDITIONS   Average  rainfall  even  drinking  water  scarcity  
  7. 7. CONDITIONS   Climate  change  impact  2015  affected  10  million  hectares     which  resulted  in  drought  with  severe  crop  loss  resul@ng     farmers  suicide  on  increase  
  8. 8. CONDITIONS   45%  farmers  have  abandoned  agriculture  leading  to     RAPID  URBANIZATION     farming  has  become  unremunera@ve.  
  9. 9. CONDITIONS   Demonstra@ons  across  India  on  recent  land  bill  introduc@on   In  the  Parliament  
  10. 10. CONDITIONS   Sad  blow  of  Earth  Quake  twice  on  25  &  26  April  2015    
  11. 11. CONDITIONS  
  12. 12. OPPORTUNITIES   GROW  CUBE           Anybody  can  do  it  
  13. 13. OPPORTUNITIES   Freight  farms  
  14. 14. OPPORTUNITIES   HYDROPONICS  has  failed  in  India  
  15. 15. OPPORTUNITIES   AEROPONICS  has  been  tried  and  acceptable  under   controlled  climate  agriculture.   Imports  costs  are  high  local  manufacturing  is  needed  
  17. 17. Vertical farming: A hot new area for investors
  18. 18. OPPORTUNITIES   Ver@cal  farming  concepts   already  two  projects   proposed  with  expected   paybak  61/2    tears  and  20%   profit  for  investors   Third  are  sky  farms  
  19. 19. OPPORTUNITIES   Farmers  are  willing  to  lease   their  lands  long  term  basis   30-­‐50  years.   They  can  be  trained  and   employed  from  produc@on   packaging  to  distribu@on.   Management  exper@se  and   funding  is  necessory  
  20. 20. ACTIONS  INITIATED   Ver@cal  Farming  Associa@on   has  been  just     recently  registered  
  21. 21. ACTIONS  INITIATED   Have  addressed  several     PE  firms,  Bankers  all     are  interested.     Also  some  leading     industrialists  have  shown   interest  and  presenta@ons     will  be  made.  
  22. 22. ACTIONS  INITIATED   Have  addressed  agri  university  and   cer@ficates  of  introductory  training  with   kind  help  from     AVF  have  been  awarded     to  par@cipants.       Have  addressed  an  engineering  university.     Expec@ng  news  coverage  soon.  
  23. 23. ACTIONS  INITIATED   Plan  to  hold  ver@cal  farming   summit  in  Delhi-­‐Mumbai-­‐ Bangalore  end  September  2015  
  24. 24. Need  of  the  hour  is  to  have     1-­‐3  demo  projects  to  validate  claims   economic  viability  
  25. 25. Have  come  to  learn/co-­‐create  to  deliver   and  examine  possible  @e  up  with   Technology  Groups  
  26. 26. Way  forward     Up  &  up  in  the  sky,     sky  is  the  limit     CONCLUSION  
  27. 27.   MOHAN  BAJIKAR   +91  -­‐  9810  618  066,  +91  –  9717  977756       THANK  YOU  ALL  
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