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This report contains evergreen methods to drive long term traffic to your website, blog or whatever you like.

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Long term traffic generation by adrian west

  1. 1. Long Term Traffic Generation By Adrian West www.fullpullmarketing.com adrian@fullpullmarketing.com
  2. 2. Long Term Traffic GenerationDisclaimer and Copyright Notification:Copyright 2011 by Adrian WestAll rights reserved. This document may not be copied in part or fullwithout express written permission from the publisher. All violationswill be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.The contents are based on the author’s personal experience andresearch. Your results may vary, and will be based on your individualsituation and motivation. There are no guarantees concerning the level ofsuccess you may experience. Each individual’s success depends on his orher background, dedication, desire and motivation.We make every effort to ensure that we accurately represent ourproducts and services. There is no guarantee that your results willmatch examples published in this report. Some links may change oreven not work for many reasons beyond the control of the author anddistributors. They cannot guarantee or otherwise be responsible for whatyou might find when you click through to sites not under the control of thepublisher of this report. 2 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  3. 3. Long Term Traffic GenerationIntroductionHello and thanks for downloading this free report. My name’s Adrian Westand in this report I’m going to share with you how to get long term traffic.There are an uncountable number of reports written about trafficgeneration and it’s my goal to ensure that this one will help you see thingsclearly. This report will show you how to generate traffic for your websiteor squeeze page in a number of ways.A lot of people who are starting out are struggling to get traffic and theycan’t see the forest through the trees.The methods I use are very theoretical so I’ll use real world examples todemonstrate them. I’ve created a review of my new home cinemaspeaker-set and placed it on a site. Throughout this report I’ll show youhow to apply the traffic generation methods by showing you how I appliedit to my review site. What we want is long term recurring traffic!I’m assuming you have the following: 1) A working squeeze page or website 2) You know how to do some basic keyword research 3) You know some basic backlinking and SEOIf you don’t, then send me an e-mail and I’ll help you develop your skills.I will show you how to get traffic by using the methods below which Ipersonally use to grow my list AND how to connect them for even moretraffic. This report covers the topics below: 1) Article Marketing (eZineArticles) 2) Squidoo 3) YouTube 4) Backlinking 5) Document sharing 6) Forums 7) Traffic MonitoringThe methods aren’t difficult to learn, but people often make one commonmistake. They try to do more than one method, or ALL of them at thesame time! My advice is to pick one and stick with it until you see theresults that satisfy you. It’s important to FOCUS ON ONE to make it asuccess, because if you do it right you can earn a living from only one!But enough talk, time for some action… 3 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  4. 4. Long Term Traffic GenerationMethod 1: Article MarketingArticle marketing is one of the oldest marketing methods used online andis still very popular today. There are a lot of article directories on the web,but THE article directory is still EzineArticles.com. They have a highranking with Google and while they were penalized in the past, theyupgraded their article quality standards to regain Google’s love.A lot of people claim that article marketing is dead, especially sinceGoogle’s latest algorithm update. These people usually don’t use articlemarketing and want you to buy the solution they’re offering. Now I knowfor a fact that after the latest Google update, EzineArticles wasn’t affectedin their rankings. You can still get long term traffic by writing articles,because you write the article once and receive traffic for a long to come.(Depending of the subject of course).Follow these steps when you join EzineArticles.com:Step 1: Reach Platinum status by writing 10 flawless articles. Don’t do any promoting in these articles until you reach Platinum status. I made 1 grammar mistake in article #6 and they let me write an additional 10 articles to prove my writing skills. So double check your articles and read the Editorial rules.Step 2: As a guideline use the structure in the picture below when writing your articles. When you write a list article, like ‘The 10 best ways to train your goldfish’ you should create 10 points of course. You just have to write a minimum of 500 words, this is the guideline at the moment at EzineArticles. For variety, you can write 5 steps or 7 steps. Avoid keyword stuffing when you write. Write for the readers and not for the search engines. That’s all there is to writing an article, usually it’s coming up with the right words to write, but when you do this a couple of times you’ll get better at it!Step 3: Create your resource box with the call to action, more on that below. 4 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  5. 5. Long Term Traffic GenerationThe downside of article marketing is that it takes a lot of time to writegood quality articles and you need a lot of them to generate big amountsof traffic. You can outsource this task if you have the money.If you write your articles well, you can expect to have an average 3 opt-ins every month per article. So you see you need a lot of articles to growyour list.If you spend a lot of time creating good quality articles, it’s a waste oftime if your readers don’t click through to your website. The trick is toconvince your readers to take action at the end of the article. Theresource box at the end of your article usually contains a link to your siteor squeeze page.The following is very important! If you have a resource box that lookssomething like this:“John Smith is an Internet Marketing guru and has been onlinesince 1998. Click here to receive his newest PDF”This is crap and will not work! People just don’t care about the author;they want a solution to their problem. It is better to write: “Click here todownload for my $97 report FOR FREE!”This will compel the reader much more to take action.Most people are lazy by nature, so you need to offer a quick fix or a ZEROeffort solution like:“Click here to get a six pack like Brad Pitt TODAY”You see? You need to warm the reader up to click on your link in yourresource box. You can achieve this by writing something in your lastparagraph that pushes the reader towards the resource box. For example:“Click the links below to get your FREE traffic guide”You will vastly increase your click through rate if you use the above steps.Some more tips: - The most popular articles contain titles with these words or phrases: o 7 ways to o Top 10 list o Secrets o How-to o 4 Simple steps to 5 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  6. 6. Long Term Traffic Generation- You can bundle 10 EzineArticles to an eBook and sell it to the people who read your articles and opted in. A common price would be around 10 bucks. 6 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  7. 7. Long Term Traffic GenerationMethod 2: SquidooAnother way to create a traffic source to your site is a Squidoo lens.Squidoo is a community website that allows users to create pages (calledlenses) on a specific interest. Lenses resemble blog posts, except they’reon a single subject.As a bonus Squidoo allows content creators to earn revenue from links tosites like E-bay and Amazon. So if you get a lot of traffic you earn extraincome ☺The idea behind our lens is that you give the reader just enoughinformation about your offer to warm them up and send them to your siteor squeeze page. Just don’t tell them the whole story, this pushes thevisitor to your main site when they read your lens.First you have to Join on www.squidoo.com to create an account andyou’re ready to go.It’s real easy to create a Squidoo lens, so I’m not going to explain all of itand just show you some main points to focus on. You need at least fivemodules otherwise the lens is too small, so more is better but don’toverdo it.In the picture above you see a possible layout for a Squidoo lens, you candesign it any way you want.For the introduction text I would also use an attention getting photo, thisimmediately seduces the visitor to keep reading. As for the banner ad in 7 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  8. 8. Long Term Traffic Generationthe middle, I used a large image that had to hosted outside of Squidoo.You can store it using your own hosting (preferably) or Picasa. This picturealso contains an attention grabbing call to action.For a nice and tidy lens I prefer to disable all ads, you can change this inunder ‘My settings’.Donate everything to the Squid Charity FundUnder Ad settings you should disable all Ads, click Save.For my speaker review site I created a lens on how to setup your ownhome cinema.The lens I’ve created gives background information on home cinemasetups. If the reader wants to know what the best speakers are, well 8 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  9. 9. Long Term Traffic Generationyou’ve guessed it; they should visit my speaker review site.In the top right is the Biobox with a URL to my speaker review site.I’ve put the link to my review site in the Bio box as html code, as you cansee in the picture below.The big banner on my lens with the attention grabbing call to action alsocontains a URL to my review site.To keep your Squidoo lens fresh, you should add a RSS feed module.The reason why you want to include the RSS feed from your blog is sothat your blogs headlines get pulled onto your Squidoo lens this keeps itfresh and updated. The benefit of this that every time your blog isupdated, your lens gets updated.For every keyword phrase you target, you should create a lens that linksto your site or offer. Squidoo lenses can provide good traffic to your blogwhen you create them on trendy terms and have minimal competition. Asa bonus, you get a nice backlink from an authority site.Most people stop here and wait until traffic hits their lens. This usuallydoesn’t happen, so you have to do some backlinking to your lens. This isexplained in the back linking chapter. 9 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  10. 10. Long Term Traffic GenerationMethod 3: YouTubeAnother popular way to generate traffic is to use Youtube videos. Thereason we use YouTube is because it’s the #2 search engine on the web.Nowadays even the cheaper smartphones are capable of shooting goodquality videos, so the number of videos on the web is exploding. More andmore people are using YouTube to search for howto’s or reviews onproducts and services and games.There are three ways to generate traffic by using YouTube, but in thisreport I’ll just explain the first one: 1) Create your own branded content and place it on YouTube 2) Use Targeted advertising on YouTube to show your Ad on someone else’s video 3) Create a YouTube Channel with the purpose of gathering a flock of followers to interact with socially.Create Branded ContentThe most common usage of YouTube is to create your own content andupload it for the world to see. I also recommend this method and I use ita lot, but you have to follow some guidelines for optimal results.For my review site I needed to create some YouTube videos, but how doyou shoot a movie of speakers? They don’t move so that’s a bit boring. Iknow that all the popular smartphone review sites show unpack videos ofthe newest phones, this gave me an idea!What I did was create two unpack videos of the speaker set; the firstvideo shows the unpacking of the satellite speakers and the second videoshows the unpacking of the subwoofer. I used my Android phone to shootthe videos in HD quality.You can also create content from Camtasia or PowerPoint. I’ve tried a lot ofdifferent screen capture programs, but every time I ended up with Camtasia. It’sexpensive but worth every penny. If you search Youtube for "screen capturevideo," youll find plenty of options, including free options for both Windows andMacs. You’ll also find great tutorials on how to use this software. If you useCamtasia, there are great tutorials on the Techsmit.comh site, you can alsodownload a free trial.I uploaded the two videos to YouTube and now comes the important part:You get to enter a lot of information about the movie you uploaded,because the technology isn’t that advanced that YouTube can 10 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  11. 11. Long Term Traffic Generationautomatically tell what your video is all about. In other words, you’ll haveto tell Youtube what’s in your video.See the example below:You have to enter the Title, Description and Tags and this is where youget to enter your keywords.As you can see I used my keywords everywhere, but don’t overdo it. Iplaced my main keyword in the title and the related keywords in thedescription.Also make sure that you place your website’s URL FIRST in in theDescription. This makes sure it’s in plain sight for the viewers. In the nextstep we’ll create a Call To Action which refers to this URL.Be as descriptive as possible, the more information you give about yourmovie the better.Finally the tags, don’t overdo it here. I recommend that you use aboutthree tags, more is definitely not better.When you’ve entered all your keywords you can SAVE your changes andgo to the Annotations tab. With annotations it’s possible to brand yourvideos. Right next to the video, click on Add annotation and choose whatyou like. As an example I used a Note (see below) 11 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  12. 12. Long Term Traffic GenerationDuring the video you can show a Call to Action to click your link or to visityour site. YouTube doesn’t allow outgoing URL’s in the Annotations, but Irefer to the URL in the Description below the movie. When you get thehang of this, you can add some music and a still image at the end showingyour Website-name and URL.The benefit of this method is when someone uses your movie on theirFacebook or embeds it on their site, the viewers still know where to getmore information about your site or product. If you’re lucky your moviegets viral and you’ll hit yourself for the head if you didn’t brand it!People can also rate and comment on your videos. The more positiveratings the higher the rankings and this can establish your authority in acertain niche.Set goals to REGULARLY create short banded video and submit them toYouTube.Update: I recently got a notice from Google to activate monetization,because my videos were getting lots of traffic ☺ 12 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  13. 13. Long Term Traffic GenerationMethod 4: Content Sharing SitesTo make a long story short, the purpose of the Internet is to sharecontent and communications. People go online to find content in the formof videos, blogs, PDFs, coupons, books, tools, software, apps, advice,how-tos, tutorials, images, audio, reviews and answers etc.In the previous methods we focused on getting traffic via Google’s searchresults. If you rank high in Google you’ll get a lot of traffic basically. WithWeb 2.0 sites it’s a bit different because the content is being ranked bythe users of those sites and not my machines.Take for example Facebook users, if they ‘Like’ a certain item, itspopularity can skyrocket! This also makes sure that any crap content getsremoved from sight.Another site who uses user generated rankings is Amazon, they let usersgive reviews of their products. I don’t know about you, but when I look fora new book on Amazon and everyone says that it sucks, chances are thatI’ll skip this book! So you see, there lays a lot of power in user ratedcontent. Keep that in mind when you submit content to any kind ofsharing site. Make sure it’s good quality content, otherwise it will be siftedout and that’s a waste of your time, effort and money.If you want free traffic, you’ll have to create content in any way you knowhow.Document sharingIf you followed the article marketing method we described, you can turnyour articles into PowerPoint presentations and use slideshare.net toupload them. Slideshare has 50 million monthly visitors searching fordocuments!Besides presentations, SlideShare also supports documents, PDFs, videosand webinars. The documents you upload must contain links to your siteor offer page. It goes without saying that somewhere in your documentsyou need to offer your freebie and send people to your site or squeezepage, but more on that later. 13 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  14. 14. Long Term Traffic GenerationBut there are more options you can use to create content: - Create an eBook from your articles or blog posts - Create a presentation from your video - Create a podcast from your video - Have your podcast transcribed to a PDF - Interview an expert via Skype and have it transcribed or create podcast - The list goes onMore document sharing sites: - Scribd.com - Docstoc.com - Doxtop.comeBook sharingIf you have written enough posts or articles, you can bundle them into aneBook. When you write articles regularly it’s just an extra 10 minutes tocreate an eBook out of them. This will amount in extra opt-ins with almostno effort, how great is that?The easiest way to convert your articles into a PDF is by using a FREE PDFwriter like PDFCreator (http://sourceforge.net/projects/pdfcreator/)http://www.free-ebooks.nethttp://www.getfreeebooks.comI recommend the above two sites to send your eBooks to.Tagging your contentAlmost all systems allow you to add tags to your content. Theyre basicallykeywords people will use to find your content. And obviously you can usekeywords you pull from any keyword research tool for this purpose. 14 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  15. 15. Long Term Traffic GenerationThe Link To Your SiteThe key to funneling traffic is to think long term and use practices thatyou believe will last.This can be as simple as including a footer on every page of your PDF’swith your freebie offer and URL on it.It can be adding a URL with an annotation on a video or putting thefreebie offer at the beginning and end of the video or in the descriptionbox.Its important to monitor the results you get from each sharing site andeach different method you use to funnel traffic to your site. We’ll talkmore about this in the Monitoring chapter.It’s my experience that this kind of traffic isn’t ready to buy yet, so youbetter send it to your squeeze page for list building. Once they are onyour list you warm them up for future sales. 15 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  16. 16. Long Term Traffic GenerationMethod 5: BacklinkingWe covered a lot of methods to generate traffic, but we still need toaddress an important part of the puzzle. It’s time to get some backlinks toyour site. Backlinks are links from OTHER websites that link to your site.The more backlinks you have to your site, the more traffic you will get.Because of this you will get ranked higher in Google which again meansmore traffic. And more traffic usually means more money ☺In the best scenario your link text should contain your main keyword orrelated keywords.Let’s take the speaker review site again as an example.One of the main keyword phrases for that site is kef 3005se reviewA perfect backlink to the review site would be: <a href="http://www.kefhometheatre.com/kef-kht-3005se-review/">Click here for Kef 3005se review</a>As you can see the link contains the URL to the review AND it contains themain keyword phrase.Simply said, if you have more backlinks than your competitor who istargeting the same keywords as you are, you will get a higher ranking inGoogle’s results.If you followed the methods I explained in this report, you’ll understandthe picture below.Every method has a link to our main squeeze page, so in fact we werealready creating backlinks to our main site. 16 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  17. 17. Long Term Traffic GenerationSo far so good, but you only have a few backlinks so don’t expect to be onGoogle’s first page for your keywords. The backlinks we created using thisreport have a PageRank of 0 (zero).Google uses a method called PageRank to determine the importance of awebpage. It is one of the factors to determine which pages appear in thesearch results. The more backlinks a site has combined with other factorsgives it a higher PR. If you have backlinks from sites with a higher PR thanthe competition, you will outrank them in the search results.If you want the best results you’ll need backlinks that come from authoritysites. An authority site is a website that Google sees as the best of thebest and that have been around a long time like cnn.com for example.It is nearly impossible to get backlinks from those kinds of sites, but onthe Warrior Forum these kinds of links are being sold for high prices! Wewon’t be spending thousands of dollars on backlinks yet, maybe in thefuture when things go well ☺Additional ways to generate backlinks:Forums: Look for forums in your niche and become a member. In your profile you should add a signature with a URL to your site or squeeze page. Every time you comment on a post (or start one) your signature will be displayed. People will see your signature and click it IF they liked what you said. Therefore you should always contribute good quality answers and solutions.Blog’s: Comment on blogs in your niche and make sure you leave a URL to your site, just as with forums. Also contribute good quality answers and solutions.Press Releases Consider using services such as http://www.prweb.com or http://www.onlineprnews.com to create a press release for your website. It can be a few paragraphs, or as fancy as you want with video, slideshows, images, etc. Your site may be of interest to niche bloggers who distribute content in your industry. Press release services have the potential of getting you thousands of backlinks, because press releases get syndicated to thousands of websites. 17 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  18. 18. Long Term Traffic GenerationIf you need A LOT of backlinks for higher rankings in the search engines itsometimes requires automating this process. This is where services likeThe Link Juicer come in handy!I use this tool to get my niche sites to the first page of Google or even toa #1 position. The Link Juicer is a service that bookmarks your site tothousands of social bookmarking sites and you don’t need to createaccounts for them. TLJ takes care of this all so you can focus on doingwhat you like.It works like this:First you create your campaign, which is made up of the following: - A single URL you wish to promote. This is referred to as the target URL. - A short title that may be used in content postings. - A set of keywords to describe your target URL. These will be used in tags. - A short description (about 25 words) of the URL you wish to promote. This can be “spun” into a large number of unique variations. It will be used on bookmarking sites that leave room for comments. - A longer description (about 150-250 words) of the URL you wish to promote. This also can be spun into a large number of unique variations. It will be posted to content publishing sites that allow room for a full description of the target site.Each of your campaigns can receive up to 20 links a day. In total you canreceive up to 50 links a day.This is an example of a campaign I ran for my speaker review site. I let itrun for a while and I now have lots backlinks. And the beauty is that TLJ 18 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  19. 19. Long Term Traffic Generationcreates links not only to your target URL but also to URLs it createdearlier, thus creating links to backlinks. This means even more Googlejuice to spice up your rankings.In the above picture you can see that this method provides more traffic toall your efforts in getting traffic. You should check out The Link Juicer’ssite for more information. I’m not affiliated in any way, but I like theirproduct. Instead of TLJ you could use other systems like TrafficKaboom orUnique Article Wizard, they provide a similar service and I read a reportthat TrafficKaboom has some high PR backlinks. I’ll have to check it outfor myself.The following is IMPORTANT with traffic generation and backlinking: Justdo something EVERY DAY. As I said earlier it’s not difficult, and it’s nothard, just keep building! You will reap the rewards later... 19 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  20. 20. Long Term Traffic GenerationMonitor TrafficIf you are already getting traffic or you are working hard getting traffic, itis VERY important that you monitor and analyze it! You need to knowexactly who your visitors are, where they come from, how long they stay,if they click to other pages, etc.Why this is important? Because you only have limited resources like timeand money, so you want to spend them wisely. For example if 95% ofyour traffic is coming from Youtube and 5% from article marketing sites,you may want to re-evaluate the time and effort you put in articlemarketing and focus on video marketing.Or take the following example from a more technical point of view. If yoursite is hosted in the good old US of A, but all your visitors come fromEurope, you may want to relocate your hosting over to Europe to improvethe speed of your site.Also if you buy solo ads from someone on the Warrior Forum (or any othersource for that matter) you may want to check where their traffic iscoming from. If all your customers are normally from the US and the soload traffic comes from Asia and no one is buying, the traffic is useless.Don’t buy Solo ads again from that person.There are several methods to monitor your traffic. 1) Your hosting company provides free website traffic monitoring. I’ve seen a few of these and they are rather useless because they just show you a user-friendly representation of your sites traffic logfile. Downside is that the log contains every visit to your site; this includes spiders, spam-bots and other traffic that is of no interest to us. I once put up a new site and the first day I had 15 visitors when nothing was there to see. This kind of monitoring just sucks. 2) Google Analytics is a free service offered by Google. It shows the detailed statistics we are looking for and displays it in a nice dashboard. You can create a profile for each site you own and has integration with Adwords. When you sign up for GA you’ll create a profile for your site and put some javescript code on your website. Every time your site is visited, the code gets loaded and Google analyses the visitor. The downside of this method is that if your visitors have Javascript blocked in their browser, the visitor isn’t analyzed, causing holes in your stats. 20 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  21. 21. Long Term Traffic Generation GA also offers split testing of your website. This allows you for example to test multiple squeeze pages on your visitors and see which one converts the best. Visit: www.google.com/analytics3) Clicky Web Analytics. Clicky is my favorite, it offers the same services as Google Analytics and adds a lot more exciting functions like: Real-time analysis of traffic so you don’t need to wait a day to see results, video analytics, twitter analytics, Wordpress plugins, keyword rankings and on and on. There is a free version if you want to try it out and see if it’s for you. I myself use the paid version which of course offers multiple site support and the more exciting functions. One more important feature that Clicky has is the fact that it still works when users have disabled javascript in their browser. This means even more accurate analytics in comparison with Google Analytics. I use Clicky to see what happens on my sites when I launch a newsletter or run a solo ad. You will see real-time where the visitors are coming from and what they are doing on your site. This allows you to tweak your site more easily and see the results directly. There is a feature comparison between Clicky and Google Analytics on their site. Visit: www.getclicky.com In the above screenshot you can see I received 165 visitors from the ipadforum.net.21 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com
  22. 22. Long Term Traffic Generation I once replied there on a post and solved someone’s problem and put a link back to my site. If you do this every day on several forums you can get a lot of traffic in the long run. So you see it’s important to analyze where you’re traffic is coming from. This concludes my report on Long Term Traffic and I hope you learned something from it! I know there a way more methods to generate long term traffic, but that’s for another report ;) If you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to contact me at adrian@fullpullmarketing.com To your success! Adrian West www.fullpullmarketing.com22 Visit us at: www.fullpullmarketing.com