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CDP PPT - Presentation Sample

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CDP PPT - Presentation Sample

  1. 1. Field Engineer Training Emerging Leaders Program Career Development Planning
  2. 2. Who am I?? Training & Talent Management Professional NYC Native ---> New Orleans Transplant Creative thinker I have a bad Boston Terrier that’s always for sale… I <3 Training
  3. 3. Icebreaker • Introductions – Name – Group and time with Barriere – Next Dream Vacation!
  4. 4. Agenda • Discuss Career Development Plans (CDPs) • The Goals & Benefits of Developing CDPs • Hands-on Activity - Develop your own CDP – Where am I now? – Where do I want to go? – How will I get there? • Have Fun!!
  5. 5. Prioritizing your Needs Why are we training this topic?
  6. 6. Gallup, 2011
  7. 7. What is a Career Development Plan? Career development planning is a process that involves: – Taking stock of where you are personally, academically and professionally (Where am I now?) – Deciding where you want to be (Where do I want to go?) – Working out the best means of getting there (How will I get there?)
  8. 8. Benefits of a CDP • Greater job satisfaction • Greater sense of belonging • Increased self-confidence • Help to plan the next steps in your career
  9. 9. New Message Cancel Send Question One Have you developed a CDP? A. Yep, I’ve completed one in the last year C. Nope, I haven’t started one yet B. Somewhat; I’ve jotted down some notes, but never made one To: 22333 ADRIANEGONZA780
  10. 10. Career Development Plans • Plan and take responsibility for your own learning • Become more effective, independent and confident self-directed learners • Articulate your personal goals and evaluate progress towards achievement • More and more employers expect from employees
  11. 11. Group Activity Question Take 15 minutes and list some examples of previous career development activities you have undertaken? These might include: –Performance Evaluations with supervisor –Discussions with mentors and peers –Or even just personal planning you have done on your own Discuss how useful each activity has been in your career development so far? Be prepared to share your response!
  12. 12. Description of information source Kind of information Usefulness Last year's performance appraisal (upcoming) Covers work performance and professional development needs Contains useful information on current skills & skill gaps Most recent resume Jobs, education and training, skills, abilities and interests Good source, needs frequent updating Opinions of mentors, colleagues etc. Strengths and weaknesses Subjective in nature, provides food for thought
  13. 13. Field Engineer Career Path
  14. 14. Group Manager Project Manager Superintendent Foreman Craftsman Field Engineer Career Path Diagram
  15. 15. Field Engineer Assists the Estimator/Project Managers and Superintendents in the planning and execution of construction and asphalt paving projects. What aspect of your job to you like most? What aspect of your job do you dislike? Or what would you like more exposure to?
  16. 16. 18 Superintendent Manages the activities of the workforce, materials, and equipment, and tracks daily and weekly progress at 2 or 3 small- to mid-sized jobs. What aspect of this job do you like most? What aspect of this job do you dislike?
  17. 17. Project Manager Responsible for all aspects of multiple small- to mid-sized concurrent construction or paving projects, including bidding work, managing construction, and collecting revenues. What aspect of this job do you like most? What aspect of this job do you dislike?
  18. 18. 20 Group Manager Responsible for the overall operation and results of the group, including safety, production, quality, profitability, and people.
  19. 19. New Message Cancel Send Question Two Which career path do you believe is the right fit for you? A. Superintendent C. Field Engineer B. Project Manager To: 22333 ADRIANEGONZA780 D. Other: GPS, Surveying, Business Development, Safety
  20. 20. Career Development Plan Instruction Step 1: Speak with your Supervisor Step 2: Set Career Goals Step 3: Create Roadmap for Development Activities
  21. 21. Career Development Plan Instruction Step 4: Create Milestones & Timelines to Measure Success Step 5: Finalize CDP & Send Copy to HR Step 5: Review CDP Regularly
  22. 22. Example 1 – Background Info.
  23. 23. Example 2 – Career Goals
  24. 24. Example 3 - Competencies
  25. 25. Example 4 – Steps to Reach Goals
  26. 26. Your Turn!
  27. 27. Guiding Questions Rewarding aspects of your current role. New skills &experiences you have gained. Job tasks you find satisfying, and why? Achievements you have accomplished in your current role. Opportunities to explore to enhance or change your current role.
  28. 28. Which path will you take? Check-in Date 6-15-16…
  29. 29. Question Three Which course topics are of interest to you? A. Technology: GPS Fleetwatcher, BTW, Primavera C. Planning & Risk Management B. Estimating & Bidding ADRIANEGONZA780 D. Understanding Contracts and Specifications New Message Cancel Send To: 22333 ADRIANEGONZA780
  30. 30. We want to hear your feedback!
  31. 31. Take Aways Save your CDP! Review & Revise the CDP your supervisor during your PE discussion Send us (HR) a copy of your CDP by June 15th
  32. 32. Resources
  33. 33. Adriane Gonzalez: 504-569-3192


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