Inside Intuit: Effectively Managing Social Conversations to Strengthen Customer Connections


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Social media will likely remain a venue for conversations and a prominent component of the customer engagement ecosystem. This session was presented at the Customer Experience Strategies Summit in Toronto in Nov. 2012. It covers how to improve your customers' social experiences continuously.

Building a strong customer community – quality or quantity?
Aligning employee engagement with customer engagement – how to utilize social media internally
Mitigating potential risks in social media

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  • Image by Justin Stephens
  • Four motivations for a person to communicate about brands:The first (about 33% of the cases) is because of product-involvement. The experience is so novel and pleasurable that it must be shared. The second (about 24%) is self-involvement. Sharing knowledge or opinions is a way to gain attention, show connoisseurship, feel like a pioneer, have inside information, seek confirmation of a person's own judgment, or assert superiority. The third (around 20%) is other-involvement. The speaker wants to reach out and help to express neighborliness, caring, and friendship.The fourth (around 20%) is message-involvement. The message is so humorous or informative that it deserves sharing.
  • Rapid Experimentation with Customers...never get too far from your customer without getting input...this is not to say customers have the answers, but it does state you are keeping staying close to your target and understand their point of viewGo Broad to Go NarrowQuite simply this argues that if you are to come up with one great idea, you’d better think up a whole lot more ideas than the one idea you think is great....and to be clear..when we say go narrow...what we are stating is that you need to be critical and disciplined about the evaluation of all ideas.Deep Customer EmpathyThis is the workhorse of Intuit. If you do not know your customer better than they know themselves, you can never delight them. You can never exceed their expectations... Your competitors now often start-ups, solving for their will you compete with that? This is how the mighty fall....
  • Image by Justin Stephens
  • Tactical business recommendations on how to Listen, Talk, Energize, Support and Embrace your customers using social technology.A detailed explanation of the shift in brands’ relationships with their customers, which is characterized by shift in control and power.Guidance on the various types of online activities (aka “technographics) that consumers use and how to determine which is right for your brand.
  • Image by Justin Stephens
  • Inside Intuit: Effectively Managing Social Conversations to Strengthen Customer Connections

    1. 1. #CX2012 @adriandparker
    2. 2. How My Wife Cooks Dinner1) Decide on the menu2) Select accompanying recipe3) Gather ingredients4) Prep items and cooking area5) Cook6) Serve
    3. 3. How My Wife Cooks Dinner Predetermined goal 1) Decide on the menu Predictive performance 2) Select accompanying recipe Set tools & resources 3) Gather ingredients 4) Prep items andEstablished process cooking area 5) Cook Efficient results 6) Serve Delighted end users Procedural Planning Approach1 2 3 4 5 6
    4. 4. How I Cook Dinner1) Explore the kitchen2) Assess available ingredients3) Propose possible menu4) Feedback5) Cook & sample6) Feedback7) Serve8) Feedback9) Craft recipe
    5. 5. How I Cook Dinner Ambiguous challenge 1) Explore the kitchen Unproven tools 2) Assess available ingredients 3) Propose possible Learn & improvise menu 4) Feedback Embrace surprises 5) Cook & sample Interaction 6) Feedback Embrace errors 7) Serve Iterate 8) Feedback Embrace change 9) Craft recipe Generate solutions Iterative Planning Approach 2 3 4 7 91 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 6 8
    6. 6. Our Journey TodayProgress over perfection1. Keep pen & paper handy2. Have fun3. Q&A at end4. Deck available via SlideShare Tweeting encouraged Share your thoughts & join the conversation! #CX2012 @adriandparker
    7. 7. POP QUIZ#CX2012 @adriandparker
    8. 8. Question #1List 3 brands that you , , , , , or to.#CX2012 @adriandparker
    9. 9. Think Like A ConsumerThey , , , , , and for thesame reasons we do.Why they actually engage: Why brands think they engage:1. Discount 61% 1. Learn New Products 73%2. Purchase 55% 2. General Info 71%3. Reviews/Ranking 53% 3. Submit Opinion 69%4. General Info 53% 4. Exclusive Info 68%5. Exclusive Info 52% 5. Reviews/Rankings 67%Source: Harvard Business Review May 2012 – To Keep Your Customers Keep It Simple #CX2012 @adriandparker
    10. 10. Think About Conversations Strategically GOAL: Enterprise-wide priorities Share of Voice GOAL: Awareness & Acquisition GOAL: Communities & Connections May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov #CX2012 @adriandparker
    11. 11. Question #2 23Why do customers yourcontent or talk about yourproduct?#CX2012 @adriandparker
    12. 12. Sharable Content Isn’t An Accident 4 Motivations To The Who, How Design for Delight #1 Product Involvement & Why of Word exceeded my expectations” “The product #2 Self Involvement 20% of Mouth “I want to show I know a lot about the 34% product” Ernest Dichter, 1966 21% #3 Other Involvement “I want to help others make good decisions” 25% #4 Message Involvement “The content is so humorous or informative that it deserves sharing”SOURCE: Ernest Dichter “How Word of Mouth Marketing Works” 1966 #CX2012 @adriandparker
    13. 13. Focus On Consumer Needs Not Brand Wants Delight Customers Thru Innovation Design for DelightKnow them &exceed their Think big andexpectations evaluate hard Spend more time talking to them than talking about them #CX2012 @adriandparker
    14. 14. CASE STUDY Off-Peak Content Engagement CHALLENGE HYPOTHESIS TACTICSDuring tax season Tax Simple messages of humor and •Source UGCProfessionals are hard to appreciation combined with •Create cartoon contentreach and engagement clear calls-to-action will ignite •Encourage sharing/spreadrequires a different Tax chatter.approach. •Facebook engagement increased 10X OUTCOMES #CX2012 @adriandparker
    15. 15. Question #3If you could choose anyone in the world topromote your brand, who would it be?#InsideIntuit#CX2012 @adriandparker
    16. 16. Our Biggest ChallengeCONSUMERSTRUSTTHESE FORMS OFMARKETING:1 Personal Referrals 90%2 Blogs/Forums 70%3 Brand Websites 70%4 Editorial Content 69%5 Brand Sponsorships 65%6 Television 62%Source: #CX2012 @adriandparker
    17. 17. Our Biggest Challenge BRANDS INVEST IN THESE FORMS OF MARKETING: 1 Circular 2 Television 3 Direct Mail 4 Search 5 Email 6 RadioSource: #CX2012 @adriandparker
    18. 18. Our Biggest Challenge BRANDS INVEST Awareness MARKETING: IN THESE FORMS OF 1 Circular 2 Television 3 Direct Mail Trust 4 Search 5 Email 6 RadioSource: #CX2012 @adriandparker
    19. 19. Fishing For Influence Social IMPACT Broadcasters PURPOSEAwareness & Bait: Access & Info Demonstrate BrandInfluence Leadership Mass InfluencersConsideration Showcase& Engagement Bait: Content/Innovation Innovation Potential InfluencersPurchase Content Bait: Shareable Content& Promote Participation #CX2012 @adriandparker
    20. 20. CASE STUDY Social Service in Action CHALLENGE HYPOTHESIS TACTICSCustomers engage across a If marketing partners with Sales •Dedicated Social Managersnumber of different channels & Support to filter, escalate and •Closer partnership with S3to find solutions for APD acknowledge customers across •Always-on social presencesoftware and they expect multiple channels, we can buildsupport on their terms. promoters. •Converted detractors into promoters. OUTCOMES •Drove 40% of web revenue during promo period. #CX2012 @adriandparker
    21. 21. Question #4Do you or this statement? All social has a ROI#CX2012 @adriandparker
    22. 22. Measuring ROI 3 Dimensions of Return On ImpactSTRATEGIC INNOVATION FINANCIALDrive the company vision Ignite ideas & learning Maximize high ROI tactics•NPS •Media coverage •Revenue/Conversion•Sentiment •Intent to purchase •Leads per $ spent•Mentions •Virality/Resonance •Customer Loyalty/LTV•Share of Voice •Consumer Insights •Cost Avoidance #CX2012 @adriandparker
    23. 23. B2B Framework For Channel Optimization Awareness ReachConsumer Journey Channel Strategy Pre-Assessment Interaction Action Engagement Priority Channels •Heavy adoption & awareness Post-Assessment Retention •Customizable to biz objectives •Tracking Ambassador TWN Advocacy #CX2012 @adriandparker
    24. 24. CASE STUDY Promoting Intuit Tax Online CHALLENGE HYPOTHESIS TACTICSNew cloud-based tax By focusing all social channels •Integrated online campaignsoftware, Intuit Tax Online, on a singular theme and •Tradeshow eventhas relatively low awareness creating an online event for •Social channel takeoverin emerging category. SaaS software, we can increase SOV 50%. •SOV increased 3X in 4 days OUTCOMES •Tax Online trials increased 24% and registrations 18% #CX2012 @adriandparker
    25. 25. Question #5You are leaving the house for 24hours & can only take one of theitems below with you. Which one? Wallet Keys Phone#CX2012 @adriandparker
    26. 26. What This Means To You Just ask your customers what’s most important: #1 #2 #3 Phone WalletSOURCE: Network World 2008 - 16% of workers across the world are Hyperconnected Keys #CX2012 @adriandparker
    27. 27. Social & Mobile Converge Percent of users who access each platform via a mobile device: % 50 % % 33 50SOURCE: Mobile Marketing Statistics – Smart Insights 2012 #CX2012 @adriandparker
    28. 28. SHOWCASE Thinking Mobile 1st Mobile Landing Pages •Responsive experience •Software Videos •Training & Demos •Social Conversation Feed Mobile Training •Software certification exam •Course training •Desktop/Mobile portability#CX2012 @adriandparker
    29. 29. SHOWCASE Thinking Mobile 1st Tablet Optimized •Customer training on the go •Training & Exams •Agile development Social Integration •Sharing of course completion •Software badges#CX2012 @adriandparker
    30. 30. Question #6Who is the Head of Social Mediafor your company? ? Customer#CX2012 @adriandparker
    31. 31. Building Your BlueprintINTUIT Employees Customer Shareholder Social, Mobile & Global DIVISION STRATEGY Social Center of Excellence Social Vision Grow Tax Measurement Sales Support PR Toolkit Lead Gen & Community & Media, Promoters, Grow Acquisition Customers Community Accounting Charter Governance Penetrate Base Roadmap Social/Mobile Mktg Education Accelerate Research Marketing Strategy Content & Tech Influencers Community Owned Assets Small Biz Vendors ecosystem #CX2012 @adriandparker
    32. 32. Plan Across Multiple Horizons 2011 2012 2013 2014 Learning & Channel Center of Customer-Centric Development Marketing Excellence Marketing Ancillary Function & Manage Creative, Multichannel Customer Alignment and X-Biz Specialized Execution Communities & Engagement Consultants & Enablers Integration Decentralized Coordinated Hub & Spoke HolisticSOURCE: Altimeter Group #CX2012 @adriandparker
    33. 33. Plan Across Multiple Horizons Sales & Support •Social Ambassadors •Empowered Staff 2011 2012 2013 2014 Product •Training Owned Assets •Optimize experience •Integrated Creative Learning Loop •Feedback & Channel Center of Customer-Centric •Shared Resources Development •Social Integration Marketing Excellence Marketing Ancillary Function & Manage Creative, Multichannel Customer Alignment and X-Biz Specialized Execution Communities & Engagement Consultants & Enablers Integration CUSTOMER Promoters Community •Users Helping Users •Media Coverage •Dedicated Resources •Ambassadors •Disruptive Promotions •Thought Leadership •Own The Conversation •Integrated Events Content Decentralized Coordinated Hub & Spoke Holistic •Quality Video •Mobile-enabled •Simple •Consumer & Biz GeneratedSOURCE: Altimeter Group #CX2012 @adriandparker
    34. 34. “#CX2012 @adriandparker Scott Cook
    35. 35. Social Library Strategy Business #CX2012 @adriandparker
    36. 36. Thank You. Let’s Stay Connected. @adriandparker adriandparker Adrian Parker #CX2012 @adriandparker