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Interin report


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Interin report

  2. 2.  For market research could be used two alternatives:  We may make searches on sites like ClickBank or PayDotCom, these places are listed suppliers and affiliates around the world, so that we can see what our competitors and prices that are handled.  The other tool is google adwords, this tool will help us find the occurrence of a set of terms and how to use those words to attract attention and promote the product better.
  3. 3.  We must create the website as a blog of the device, this site will show as a blog about the product, the recent discoveries in the field of medical devices, etc. Create a facebook account that is a complement to the device page in this page we will post photos and web links associated with the prototype device Create a YouTube channel where promotional videos and videos placed on specific features physical prototype and prototype web.
  4. 4.  We must create a group of health visitors to go to each hospital and sell the site and physical prototyping, these visitors were backed by the website of the device. We must create an open group on linkedin this group must have the company logo, in this group should stimulate discussion about the web prototype devices physical and medical records. After creating the group is invited to our contacts and will link to the blog that was created previously.
  5. 5.  We must create webinar that explains the advances and advantages of the prototypes, also talks with experts about the benefits of the systems in these groups were mentioned webinar facebook and linkedin. A page to create webinar is or roduct.asp?contentID=25833
  6. 6.  We need a strategic alliance with the Colombian government, because this technology can be taked more seriously if there is a law or something that requires the use by the public health system. The approach won’t be easy, but management should be performed. We also require providers of electronic devices such as bracelets, cards and implantable chips. These providers can be hired directly from China which is where you can get very good price for huge volume orders, for example:     
  7. 7.  When we will develop the final project we’ll require a partnership with a software development firm, to develop the information system that will hold all medical records in the online platform and can be accessed through different mobile devices: these companies could be local or foreign:  PSL  Tata  ParqueSoft  Insitu  Also we can hire freelancers worldwide using portals like
  8. 8.  For sales and marketing of the product is necessary to recognize that those responsible for making decisions are: • Medical Directors • Committees of Medical History • Center Directors, EPS and IPSs • Personal Health: Head Nurses • Therapists • Dentists
  9. 9.  Sales may be delayed because they will always love the show and pilot testing of the product in place and regulatory agencies for approval. For sale Health Registration is required, by the INVIMA, which will support the sale of the product in the industry. The main sales strategy is the safety and expectation of an alternative in the market for managing medical records, providing additional services such as patient monitoring and statistics of it. The price is also essential, however if the legislation is amended, it could make its use mandatory for example in the management of accounting. You must create the need. Prototypes will be designed according to customer needs and the institution, to manage prices.
  10. 10.  In the medical field is a widely used, selling additional service, such as invitations to conferences and updates and a raffle of various items for the home. This too, is intended as a strategy to sell the product. For sale, it is necessary to make an impact and that the design of both the device and information system should be as friendly to management. Therefore it is very important in the sales plan defining the initial amount to produce, from prototype demonstration must be to the customer. The sale of the product requires professionals in the field to serve the market, ie a person must be competent in the area of ​health. The sales plan can be designed from registration with the health authority to start the marketing phase, lasting two years.
  11. 11.  How will you distribute your product? Our product will be distributed throught HealthCare institutions (HCI). Are there distribution partners you need to contact? Yes, HealthCare institutions. Is your distribution through the web? No, there are distributed throught HCI How much will setting up distribution channels cost you? None cost. Should you sell the product directly or through a third party or retailer? Throught a tirad party. What is the best way to reach your customers? HealthCare Minister, Goverment. Who can you talk with to learn the best way to set up distribution for your company? Health Care Minister.
  12. 12.  For patients: $30-50 US Software: $500- $1000 US Maintenance: $100 US
  13. 13.  Clients can pay:  By internet (Health Care Institutions)  By credit card  By saving card  By money  By check  By telephone  By cellphone