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Overview of IDI and online marketing


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An overview of IDI's services, strategy, and how online marketing works.

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Overview of IDI and online marketing

  1. 1. What is the Value of Online Marketing? 1
  2. 2. • What services does IDI offer? • What does Integrated Digital Integrations (IDI) do? • What types of companies does IDI help? • What is the definition of online marketing? • What is the difference between online and traditional marketing? • What are the major types of online marketing and what business value do they add? • What is SEO? • What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEO? • What is SEA? • What are the advantages and disadvantages of SEA? • What is SMM? • What business value can using social media add? • What is IDI’s core marketing strategy? • How do we measure success? • What makes IDI unique? 2
  3. 3. What services does IDI offer? Online Marketing Strategy Creation SEO (content marketing, blogging, etc.) SEA (Google ads) SMM (social media, paid & unpaid) B2B marketing and networking via LinkedIn In House Employee Online Marketing Training Wordpress Website Development Consulting Cooperation for Field Sales & Other Non-online marketing Translations & Proofreading B2B marketing and networking via LinkedIn HR (labor contracts, local employment law, recruitment in all European region) Company Creation in Germany Data Privacy & Legal Issues (GDPR for online) 3rd party tax consultant for issues such as corporate, personnel, VAT & import/export
  4. 4. What does Integrated Digital Innovations Do? Analyse Potential Creation of individualized online marketing strategy Align with company goals Implementation Review and optimization 4
  5. 5. What types of companies does IDI help? Start Ups: Mid Size Companies: Larger Companies: • That are new to online marketing and need help getting started • That need guidance with creating with marketing budgets • That require management or employee training in online marketing or budgeting • That are growing and need help expanding on their current marketing strategy • Businesses with solely physical locations who would like to start online marketing • That are interested in expanding to new markets • That would like to rebrand or create a subsidiary • That would like to introduce products/services to a new market • That have an established marketing department, but require specialized knowledge 5
  6. 6. Definition of Online Marketing The implementation of marketing and sales using entirely digital methods to sell products or services, regardless of location, i.e. beyond domestic borders and fitting with the demands of that foreign market. 6
  7. 7. Online vs. Traditional Marketing Traditional Marketing • Required on-site information to determine target market • Limited access to international markets • Higher efforts to implement campaigns with multiple languages Online Marketing • Digitals tools make determining target market simple • International markets are much easier to access • Can easily implement multi-language and multi-nationality campaigns easily • Find better niche in current market due to increased consumer knowledge and awareness • Customer metrics tracking in real time • Increase rate and possibility of access to potential customers 7
  8. 8. The 3 Types of Online Marketing and the Values that Online Marketing Adds • Steady increase in organic ranking • Increased online presence enhances brand awareness • 24/7 content marketingSEO • Jumpstarts brand awareness and traffic to website and social media profiles • Reaches highly specific niche demographic • Easily promotes E-Commerce products SEA • Enhances total brand awareness • Generates leads to website • Creates inspiration for product/service purchases • Underlines customer loyalty post-purchase SMM 8
  9. 9. SEO SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Types of SEO What is SEO? Every time you search something on Google, the search algorithm displays results based on the keywords you wrote. SEO involves the process of adding content to your website so that it ranks higher up in these results. SEO On page Website Content Blogging Off Page Affiliate Marketing (posting your content on others’ websites or vice versa) 9
  10. 10. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) The goal of SEO is to: • Appear in the top ten search results • Rank within a niche market to avoid big competitors by choosing specific keywords Keywords typed into Google Paid advertising (not SEO) First organic ranking (SEO) Meta Data 10
  11. 11. Examples of SEO On Page SEO: A Great Example from Top SEO Expert Moz 11
  12. 12. Advantages and Disadvantages of SEO -Long term content that markets 24/7 -Creates relevant content that can be used on all online marketing channels -Heavily enhances brand awareness -Can reach niche demographic better -No continual payments to paid ads -Can take over 6 months before top ten ranking is achieved -If in a saturated market, finding proper keywords can be difficult due to bigger competitors -Can’t calculate exact ROI 12
  13. 13. SEA (Search Engine Advertising) Advertising on Google Organic ranking (unpaid) Google Search Network (paid) 13
  14. 14. Advantages and Disadvantages of SEA -Good for selling products with seasonal sales -Can target exact niche demographic -Heavily enhances brand awareness -Uses SEO’s keyword structuring premise to rank on Google,.i.e. use of keywords to sell products/services -Can calculate exact conversion rate -Good for new websites to gain starter traffic -If selling products in a saturated markets, pay per click (PPC) rates can be expensive -Ads can only be run for the duration placed and then expire once budget is met, so the budget needs to be continuously renewed and the ads re- implemented 14
  15. 15. SMM (Social Media Marketing) Youtube Facebook LinkedIn Instagram IDI’s Most Popular Channels 15
  16. 16. Business Value of Social Media Channels • Provides educational or informational content to inspire initial interest in product or service • Networking and groups around product/service • Great in connection with blogging • Effective targeting possibilities based on interests and behavior • Provides photo-based content to inspire product/service purchased based on brand awareness • Enhances customer loyalty through continual engagement • Effective targeting possibilities based on interests and behavior • Used for networking and B2B business • Good for promoting company info and values • Acts as continually updated company portfolio • Great for educational and informational blogging • Showcases tutorials and how to videos to spark initial consumer interest • Ideal for vlogging (video based blogs) • Video creation can enhance also online marketing platforms • Can be used in combination with SEO & SEA Facebook Instagram LinkedIn Youtube 16
  17. 17. IDI’s Online Marketing Strategy IDI’s Core Online Marketing Strategy SEO Paid Social Media Ads Total SEO Tactics Google Ads All of IDI’s strategies are based on SEO because… • All search algorithms work on the same premise as SEO, i.e. using keywords to determine what results appear • Paid ads on social media and Google contain a PPC (pay per click) rate based on relevant keywords, so researching and implementing them functions the same way as SEO • Using SEO as the backbone across entire online marketing campaign solidifies success of all methods used • It enhances brand awareness in a clear manner for customers when similar search terms are used 17
  18. 18. How We Measure Success SEO • Steady increase in organic ranking • Increase in domain authority on long- term basis • Increase in leads from on page and off page SEO tactics (blogs, content, affiliate marketing) SEA • Increase in leads, impressions, and or conversion rate • ROI • Profits earned during sales • Added value to total brand awareness SMM • Steady increase in likes, follows, shares • Maintain or increase in engagement rate • When using paid ads, increase in conversion rate • Added value to total brand awareness 18
  19. 19. What Makes IDI Unique • Every business is unique, so it’s online marketing strategy should also represent this uniqueness • Using specific methods appropriate to each business increases marketing efficiency Customized online marketing strategies • We provide multi-language online marketing to foreign markets and new target demographics, as well as help with pricing • Guidance with legal issues surrounding that foreign market Guidance with foreign markets and cross-border marketing • Search algorithms function the same as SEO (keyword relevance) • Using similar keywords for all methods increases chance for overall success • Enhances brand awareness for customers when similar search terms are used Online strategies based on the premise of SEO • Help with entering new foreign markets and subsequent legal issues • Guidance with total business plan in relation to marketing • Development of start ups, rebranding or subsidiary creation Holistic consultancy: more than just online marketing 19
  20. 20. We are happy to answer any further questions at: info@integrateddigitalin +49 1522 238 2629 20