Needs assessment adriana g hernandez


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Needs Assessment Process

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Needs assessment adriana g hernandez

  1. 1. STaR ChartNeeds Assessment Veterans MS March 2012 Adriana G. Hernandez, Librarian
  2. 2. Steps Met with O. D. Castillo to discuss what we were going to do. Decided on the Key Areas Each wrote questions Met to revise questions O. D. Castillo typed in questions into Survey Monkey
  3. 3. Steps Proofread questions and made changes Sent e-mail to 11 teachers with link to survey Met again to go over results
  4. 4. Areas of ConcernKey Area of Survey Question RationaleConcernI. Teaching Are you integrating technology We wanted to know what was& Learning into your content area? I no, holding them back so we can what’s holding you back? address the issue in the action plan. Do you know the Technology We wanted to know if teachers Application TEKS for your knew the TA TEKS, because if grade Level? they didn’t know them, how can we expect them to teach them? List the technology tools you We wanted to know what was use in your classroom on a being used so we figure out regular basis. (Excel, Word, Prezi) which tools we should address.
  5. 5. Areas of ConcernKey Area of Survey Question RationaleConcernII. Educator Have you attended any of the We wanted to know ifPreparation & technology training provided by the people were actuallyDevelopment district? If so, how many hours taking time to learn on have you accumulated? their own. Have you created web-based We wanted to know if lessons? If yes, write a brief teachers were actually description of lesson. If no, explain doing this and if not, what is holding you back? why. Again, to address it in the action plan.
  6. 6. Areas of ConcernKey Area of Survey Question RationaleConcernIII. If you are having technology We wanted to know ifLeadership, issues, do you know what to do? people knew what to doAdministration (Who to call, how to submit work if they had problems, so& Instructional order, etc.) Yes or no. If no, that we could teachSupport explain. them if they didn’t. Rank order the Professional We wanted to know how Development delivery system you teachers prefer to learn prefer. so that we could set up trainings the way they prefer.
  7. 7. Areas of ConcernKey Area of Survey Question RationaleConcernIV. Is your classroom set up correctly We wanted to know ifInfrastructure to enhance technology people had issues sofor integration? Yes or No. If no, that we could addressTechnology please explain. those first.
  8. 8. SurveyLink:
  9. 9. Results (10 out of 11 teachers responded) Q1: 8 yes/2 are trying Q2: 3 yes/6 no/ 1 skipped question Q3: 5 yes/5 no some examples: wiki, Scavenger Hunts, Prezi, Edmodo, Brainchild, Voki (no’s didn’t explain) Q4: Wiki 1, Prezi 3, Jing 1, Edmodo 3, Voki 1, Word 3, Excel 1, PPT 2, Eduphoria 1, Brainchild 1
  10. 10. Results (10 out of 11 teachers responded) Q5: 1st choice: no clear winner: content teams or teams/ 2nd choice content teams/ 3rd choice grade level/ 4th choice whole school setting Q6: 9 yes/ 1 no Q7: 9 yes/ 1 no Q4: 6 yes/ 4 no ( I don’t know to 24 hours)