Head hunters' secrets (that all job seekers should know)


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The job market will continue to be viciously competitive and it is being played with new rules. LinkedIn, social media, infographics and multimedia résumés have changed the way jobseekers much approach the job market. Learn the behind-the-scene secrets of headhunters and you can leapfrog and move ahead of the competition.

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Head hunters' secrets (that all job seekers should know)

  2. 2. AboutMe Entrepreneur, Author, Public Speaker and Job Hunting Coach 2013 Leading HR Entrepreneur award recipient
  3. 3. Media Appearance
  4. 4. Publication
  5. 5. Publication
  6. 6. What is a Headhunter
  7. 7. What they do
  8. 8. A better explaination
  9. 9. Types of headhunter Functional Sectorial Level
  10. 10. functional
  11. 11. sectorial
  12. 12. level
  13. 13. Mode of operations Needs Analysis Gather information about company’s business and culture, to have a clear idea of the job requirements for the position being searched Interview key stakeholders or hiring managers to understand the job profile Define the profile of the candidates to be shortlisted for the position 1 to 2 hours work hours Search and Shortlist Search the market using professional tools and instruments to shortlist the most suitable candidates Interview shortlisted candidates to assess suitability of candidates for the job in question 6 to 8 work hours Presentation and Final Selection Present shortlisted candidates to clients for their consideration. Send in comprehensive resumes of each candidate presented Arrange interviews Assist in closure on recruiting the candidate 2 to 3 work hours On-boarding and guarantee period Ensure smooth on-boarding of candidate with client Provide constant follow up with new candidate Provide guarantee period for successful permanent hires 1 to 2 work hours
  14. 14. How they make money 25% x = Salary Package
  15. 15. Top Biller income $150,000 to $500,000 per annum
  16. 16. What is useful for jobseeker?
  17. 17. Choose the right headhunter INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY MARKETING FINANCE Evolution Recruitment Font Kerry Consulting Henderson Scott EMR Marks Sattin Greythorn The Talent Business Aston Carter
  18. 18. And Get ontotheir radar
  19. 19. Find Out Where they mine for candidate
  20. 20. Trivia Where else will you MINE for candidateif you are a headhunter
  21. 21. Quickest and Easiest would be:
  22. 22. IF I wantto find an accountant
  23. 23. Plus some unconventionalmeans
  24. 24. Goes to show importanceof online presence
  25. 25. So you need to rank highin LinkedIN
  26. 26. Make sure your profile is at All-Star level • Your Industry and Location • An up-to-date Current Position (with a description) • Two Past Positions • Your Education • Your Skills (minimum of 3) • A Profile Photo • At least 50 Connections
  27. 27. Connectionsis an on-goingtask
  28. 28. Connect withme and ride on my network
  29. 29. So much for inboundtraffic,how about outbound?
  30. 30. Most headhunters use Applicant tracking system (ATS)
  31. 31. It tells the headhunter whichresume to read
  32. 32. You need to beat the AI to get past it
  33. 33. Use jobscan
  34. 34. Fill in your resume and target job description
  35. 35. And know the right keywords to stuff
  36. 36. Next up is knowhow they read resume
  37. 37. Average time headhunterstake to read a resume? 00 : 06
  38. 38. Align your resume to maximizetheir readership 1. Name 2. Current title and name of company 3. Current position start and end date 4. Previous title and name of company 5. Previous position start and end date 6. Education details
  39. 39. Add design element todisrupt
  40. 40. And Finally
  41. 41. Be their BFF
  42. 42. Help them succeed so they will help you
  43. 43. refer candidates to them
  44. 44. Share with theminsider/hiringinformation
  45. 45. Before we go
  46. 46. Continue the learning on careerladder
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