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Published in: Engineering
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  1. 1. Adrian S. Reyes Current Address 600 S. Clyde Morris Blvd Box # 14-2449 Phone Number: 386-316-3666 Daytona Beach, FL OBJECTIVE To obtain an internship in theAerospaceIndustry EDUCATION Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University Daytona Beach, FL Bachelor of Science in AerospaceEngineering Expected Graduation: December 2016 Concentration: Aeronautics Minor: ComputerScience WORK EXPERIENCE Ramp Crew Member, Chicago Helicopter Experience May – July 2016  Fueled the helicopters and sampled the quality of the fuel used  Loaded people into the helicopters and conducted safety briefings Research Assistant, ‘Surfactant viscosities extension study’ under Dr. Birce Dikici May – July 2015  Worked on surfactants effects on water. Measured different characteristics such pressure, temperature, vortex area and viscosity PROJECTS Preliminary Design of a Business Jet: January 2016- April 2016  Designed a new twin engine aircraft meeting certain requirements.  Analyzed the takeoff and landing performance of the aircraft.  Worked on the development and operating costs to make the aircraft fit into the market. Hybrid Rocket Design and Construction (ERFSEDS): September 2013- April 2014  Worked on detail drawings of a hybrid rocket to participate in a state competition. Assisted in building/constructing the airframe (carbon fiber). Worked on the installation of the motor inside the airframe. Plane Design Project (CATIA) March 2013- April 2013  Modelling a commercial airplane using CATIA knowledge and skills such as dimensioning and assembly. 3D Wind Tunnel testing January 2015 – April 2015  Tested aerodynamic characteristics of aircrafts models and parts. LEADERSHIP President, International Student Programming Council: January – December 2014 o Liason between international admissionsoffice,other cultural organizationsand advisors. o Supervised board members and followup with their responsabilities. o Presidethe club and plan activities for international students. Mentor, International Student Programming Council: October 2013- August 2015 o Guide incomingstudents in their transition to collegelife. o Participatein workshops to promote the mentorship program. Recruitment Chair, Society Hispanic Professional Engineers January – April 2015 o Organized the events for the recruitment week at the beginningof the semester. o Helped the Social and Community Servicechair executed events for the rest of the semester. SKILLS  Engineering Software: Matlab,CATIA, Java, NASTRAN, XFOIL, Surfaces  MicrosoftOfficeSoftware: Word, Excel, PowerPoint  Languages: English (fluent), Spanish(Native) AWARDS Elected for the Emerging Leaders Program 2012-2013 out of the class of 2016: January 2013- April 2013 o Participated in workshops to improve leadership skills and met new people with different leadership skills. o Attended the Embry-Riddle Leadership Conference to enforce the knowledge adquiared. Honor Roll Spring 2016 INVOLVEMENT  ERFSEDS (Rocket Club): a club meant for aerospaceengineers who want to develop their skills and adquireknowledge about rockets and how they work.  ENDEC (Engineering Design Club): member of a club that develops projects involvingcircuitdesign breadboardsand soldering.Worked on basic circuits components.