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Denver Modernism Week 2018 Preview


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Enhancing your knowledge and appreciation of Denver's historic mid-century modern housing, architecture, and design.

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Denver Modernism Week 2018 Preview

  1. 1. Enhancing your knowledge and appreciation of Denver’s historic mid-century modern housing, architecture, and design. August 26th-27th 2017
  2. 2. Saturday All presentations are on the second floor of the Denver Modernism Show, unless otherwise noted. 11:30am What is the Mid-Century Modern Home? Atom Stevens, Historian A lot of us know it when we see it. We are familiar with many of the great examples of mid-century modern houses both in Denver and beyond. But do you know where this style came from? What defines a house as “mid-century modern?” 1:00pm Arapahoe Acres + Arapaho Hills Diane Wray Tomasso, Historic Preservation Consultant Arapahoe Acres and Arapaho Hills are among the most well known mid-century modern neighborhoods in the country. Historian Diane Wray will bring you the historical significance that placed both neighborhoods on the National Register of Historic Places, and their ongoing preservation challenge in the face of rising property values. 2:30pm Deza Estates: Mid-Mod Dream Homes on a Hill Lauren Weatherly, Northglenn Historic Commission Deza Estates is one of the best kept secrets in mid-century modern neighborhoods in the Denver area. Resident Lauren Weatherly reveals the location of this neighborhood of high-design mid-mod homes, its incredible terrain, and the mysteries around its construction, and the builder himself, along with their plight for historic preservation. 4:00pm The Rocky Mountain Cliff May Homes Atom Stevens, Neighborhood Historian Historian and resident Atom Stevens teaches about the incredible design of Cliff May and Chris Choate’s pre-fabricated ranch homes, and the story of the construction of 170 of them in Denver’s Harvey Park Neighborhood. 7:00pm The Bug Theatre 3654 Navajo St in Denver Doors open @ 6:30PM Movie Screening & Panel Discussion Featuring a pre-show panel discussion with local leaders in mid-century modern design and preservation Presenting the fascinating story of an ill-fated MCM home in “Windshield: A Vanished Vision.” Before the film will be a continuation of the discussion that began this summer at Denver Design Week, “Mid-Century Modern: Pop Culture or Enduringly Relevant Design?” with panelists Adrian Kinney, Peter Blank, and Jonas DiCaprio. Admission $10
  3. 3. Sunday All presentations are on the second floor of the Denver Modernism Show. 11:30am Design for Life, Design for Lifestyle: Distinctive Ecological Landscaping for Your Mid-Mod Home Dustin Wright, Designer While the design principles behind mid-century modern homes are clear and oft discussed, the principles of landscape design to compliment these homes can be less clear. In Colorado we love being outside and respect nature for what it adds to our lives, but how we embody that in our landscape can also be a challenge. Dustin answers both of these questions and guides the audience through a series of principles that will illustrate the basics of mid-century landscaping design, how we design it to reflect us, and how we bring an ecological approach to our work. Mid-century homes were designed to bring the outside in, but the landscape should be designed to bring your family out. 1:00pm Charles Deaton: Denver’s Futuristic Architect Diane Wray Tomasso, Historic Preservation Consultant Designer of the famous “Sleeper House” along I-70, and the Key Savings Bank (now Community Banks of Colorado) in downtown Englewood among other projects around the country, Deaton had a unique, futuristic style all of his own. Historian Diane Wray introduces you to Deaton, his work, and the need to preserve these important pieces of Colorado architecture. 2:30pm South Dahlia Lane: A Great Experiment in Community and Affordable Housing Dana Sednek, Neighborhood Historian & Archivist South Dahlia Lane, was built in the 1950s as the country’s first community of single-family housing using the cooperative model of financing, where the entire neighborhood of 32 houses shared a 40-year mortgage. The lead designer of the project was DU architecture professor and mid-century modern architect Eugene Sternberg. Resident Dana Sednek introduces you to the great story of this neighborhood, its unique street plan designed to encourage community, and the wonderful designs of its houses. is sponsored by:
  4. 4. Save the Date! August 19-26, 2018 We look forward to seeing you at Denver Modernism Week 2018! Denver is fortunate to have a tremendous variety of architectural styles, designs, and ideas represented throughout the city and suburbs. Among those is a collection of high-quality modern places, buildings, and homes from the 1950s and ‘60s (including some built in the ‘40s and ‘70s) which would today be referred to as “mid-century modern” architecture and design. Denver Modernism Week is a new annual event with the purpose of celebrating mid-century modern architecture and design with a focus on Denver. Lectures, presentations, tours, movie screenings and more will create awareness about the various buildings and places that exist here and discuss the ideas behind them in hopes to create pride in Denver’s mid-century modern places and buildings, inspire interest in the preservation of existing structures, and promote an interest in returning to the sort of idea-based architecture and design in new construction that makes mid-century modern buildings and objects so special. For our first years, the week will be designed to compliment the popular and long-running Denver Modernism Show, a convention that takes place every summer at the National Western Complex. The week will add the sort of content that enthusiasts of mid-century modern architecture and design have been hoping the show might provide. Our long-term vision is to establish a non-profit that will grow the event to something that attendees look forward to year-after-year, attract attendees both locally and nationally, and that will ultimately have a positive effect on the appreciation of quality modern design in Denver both in the context of the past and the future. Watch in the coming months for updates. Questions? Ask the Organizers: Adrian Kinney 303.219.0629 Atom Stevens 303.900.8220