Learning to flow

Adrian Ho
Partner at Zeus Jones, Ltd.
Apr. 26, 2013

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Learning to flow

  1. 2640 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis Minnesota 55408 Learning to flow Colours of Water March 22, 2013
  2. Lao Tzu Image via: Tom@HK at The highest form of goodness is like water. Water knows how to benefit all things without striving with them.
  3. Life depends upon business. But does business support life?
  4. New science of water Science that serves people Connected to our everyday experience Holistic Interwoven into life
  5. New science of water New models in business Science that serves people Connected to our everyday experience Holistic Interwoven into life Businesses built around people Work connected to meaning Networked A living construct
  6. Is business learning how to flow?
  7. AIDA Model Developed by Elias St. Elmo Lewis 1898 States changed behaviour is a result of changed attitudes. Image via:
  8. Marlboro Man Image via:
  9. Cognitive dissonance Developed by Leon Festinger 1957. We change our attitudes to fit our behaviour rather than the other way around. Image via:
  10. Albert Otto Hirschman Economist who proposed that cognitive dissonance be employed as a strategy for behaviour change Image via:
  11. Facebook Developed an application that rewards the behaviour they want to create. Changed the way we think about the world. Image via:
  12. Companies are defined by what they do, not by what they say. Zeus Jones Proprietary and Confidential.  All rights reserved 2011. Image via: Thomas R. Bruce/
  13. Image via:
  14. The actions of business are shaped by the tools we use. The tools are shaped by the philosophies we hold.
  15. Brand Pyramid Designed to enable companies to be consistent and say the same thing everywhere.
  16. Brand Molecule Developed by John Grant 2006 Designed to enable companies to do a variety of coherent things
  17. Business performance directly tied to job satisfaction Over the past five years the average annual return on the Workplace Fund was 10.81%. The S&P Index for the same period was just 3.97% 100 Best Companies to work forParnassus Workplace Fund
  18. Job satisfaction not tied to income. Daniel Kahneman and Angus Deaton of Princeton studied effect of increasing income upon well being.
  19. Performance inversely correlated with bonuses In 2008 Dan Ariely at Duke University showed high bonuses universally led to worse performance on knowledge work.
  20. Job satisfaction most directly tied to work with meaning. Work with a purpose & autonomy.
  21. Companies are increasingly defining why they are in business. And being held to that description by people inside the company and outside. Image via:
  22. Image via:
  23. Image via:
  24. Zeus Jones
  25. Traditional Management Project Lead Permanent Top down For past performance Authority Reward Temporary Bottom up For current need Responsibility Training
  26. Valve Software Image via:
  27. Morning Star Image via:
  28. GE Appliance Park Image via:
  29. Paul Fairlie From York University in Canada has attempted to measure meaningful work within organisations. Found it is also correlated to physical health. Image via:
  30. It’s not just internally that traditional structures are dissolving.
  31. Customer satisfaction central to marketing efficiency All forms of advertising trusted by less than 50% of people This is on top of the fact that 99.99% of advertising fails to reach its intended audience.
  32. Blurring roles of customers Not merely source of income but can also help to generate new business. (Yes, yet another triangle)
  33. OKCupid Online dating site that uses member data to improve success rate of its members. Creates reports on dating that act as marketing
  34. Etsy A marketplace for arts and crafts Image via:
  35. Traditional attitudes towards competitors and competition are also changing.
  36. Innocentive Technical collaboration between companies like DuPont, Procter & Gamble, BASF, and Eli Lilly and Company
  37. GreenXchange Open source repository to share and license sustainable processes and IP.
  38. BMW and Toyota collaborate on fuel cells The two companies also agreed to collaborate on a fuel-cell system, lightweight technology and electric powertrains. Image via:
  39. Companies coming together around higher purpose and collaborating around a platform.
  40. Jean-Charles Rochet & Jean Tirole Named these kinds of relationships: multi-sided markets in 2002 Image via: via:
  41. Traditional markets Multi-sided markets Transaction-oriented Winner take all Linear scaled Individualistic High control Relationship-oriented Value ecosystems Network-effect Cooperative Lower cost
  42. Modern Business Developed by Zeus Jones 2009 Designed to connect employees to the mission of the company Designed to remove the barriers between customers and employees
  43. Obedience to authority experiment Stanley Milgram also documented the toll taken upon shock givers. Image via:
  44. Edward de Bono The job always changes you; you never change the job. Image via:
  45. Geoffrey West Physicist who has studied the maths of cities Image via:
  46. Cities scale sublinearly Cities grow sub-linearly and endure because they are networks Companies grow super-linearly and die because they are not.
  47. If profit is bound to work with meaning and companies are bound to customers and each other...
  48. Is business learning to flow and can it, one day, support the lives that depend upon it?
  49. 2640 Lyndale Ave S. Minneapolis Minnesota 55408 Thank you Colours of Water March 22, 2013