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Thinking edited version (2)


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It is surprising that people who say they are Christians, when asked how does change you from your first point of becoming a Christian, they often do not know. They answer when asked with all sorts of 'spiritual' answers. But how do we change, what is the process of change. Scripture (The Bible) does actually tell us what is the process!

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Thinking edited version (2)

  1. 1. THINKINGWhy we think and act as we do –what makes us tick?
  2. 2. Or ‘Presuppositions’• Who are we?• Why are we like we are?• Why do we act like we act?• Where does it all come from?• What if it isn’t correct?• When should we check what we think?• Well, the Bible says it, doesn’t it?
  3. 3. So who are we?• Very complicated question.• Our culture persuades us to think in a certain way.• Culture is, of course, subject to change.• Some of the ways in which we think are far older than manyof us know.
  4. 4. Proverbs 23:7  For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. 
  5. 5. So where does our thinking come from?• I have said that it is much older than we often think• Often I hear people say things that they think are Biblical but are not• Often we have assumed wisdom which we think is Biblical but is not• Some of our understanding of Biblical things seems to have come from Harry Potter or the Da Vinci Code or the latest film or conspiracy theory book or even soap opera non-wisdom.• Actually much of our thinking comes from our occupation history – The Romans who brought with them Greek Culture which has remained in our thinking!
  6. 6. So how do we think- Greek or Hebrew?GreekNature is a self-generating forceoperating according toclosed system of lawsindependently of anyauthority but itself.Law of nature.HebrewCreation is generated byGod who made it for HISpurpose operatingaccording to laws designedand sustained by Himsubject to His authority.Law over nature.
  7. 7. GreekNature is God andGod is Nature. Allthat is, is natural.The Supernaturaldoes not exist.HebrewCreation is God’sHandiwork. God is notto be confused withwhat He has made. Heexisted prior to and isdistinct from that whichHe created. He issupernatural, inhabitingthe supernatural as wellas the natural createdworld.
  8. 8. GreekTheir gods arepersonal but limited; natureis unlimited yet impersonal.HebrewThe God of Abraham, Isaacand Jacob is unlimited, yetpersonal.Man is classifiedas an animal. Thedifference: man is arational animal. (Aristotle)Man is differentiated fromanimals and unique from allother living thing in that he is theonly creature made in thelikeness of God.
  9. 9. GreekMan’s value isdetermined by thesociety into whichhe is born.Truth is measuredby man’s intellectand reason.HebrewMan has intrinsic valuebecause he is created in theimage and likeness of God.He has a God-determinedworth, independent ofsociety’s opinion.Truth is measured by God,independently of man.
  10. 10. GreekReligion is a personalchoice; a private matter.There are many gods toworship and creeds tochoose.HebrewGod and His Word (Jesus) arenot dependent upon humanacceptance or rejection. Hisreality and man’s accountabilityto this reality stand, regardlessof human consent.
  11. 11. GreekMoral conduct isrelative to publicopinion and / orindividual conscience;values are relativeto the socialenvironmentHebrewMoral conduct is relativeonly to God’s word.Public opinion andindividual consciencehave no power to alterwhat God has declaredtrue or morally right
  12. 12. GreeksAsked, “Why must I do it?”Education is the imparting ofknowledge from one person toanother mouth to ear.Manual labour is viewed asvulgar and beneath one’s dignityOld age is fearedHebrewsAsked, “What must I do?”Education is the imparting of life,passing all you are one to another;mentoringManual labour is respected so muchso that Rabbis are expected to beproficient in a trade as well as the lawOld age is honoured
  13. 13. GreekReligious expressionis centred aroundrituals. Correct ritualreceives moreemphasis thanconduct. The godsdo not speak to suchissues as business,law, relationships,labour or familyHebrewReligious expressionis a commitment to away of life. God is asrelevant to what isdone during the restof the week as He isto behaviour on theSabbath. He speaksto all areas of life be itbusiness, law,relationships, labouror family.
  14. 14. GreekTo show yourselfthe rightful lord and ownerof your own person in allaspects of life is anexalted right. (Pericles)HebrewTo show yourself the rightfuland obedient servant ofGod, your maker and owneris joyful blessing, a privilegeand an obligationHuman Freedomis self-determinedHuman freedomis God-determined
  15. 15. GreekWisdom is foundfrom within.Know yourself(Socrates)Learn tocomprehendHebrewWisdom is foundfrom without (i.e. in God);foolishness is found within.Know GodLearn in order torevere (Abraham Heschel)
  16. 16. GreekHistory is viewedas a cycle. Aimlessrepetition: the same basicpattern of lifeand death with noparticular end ordestination in sight.HebrewHistory is viewed as goingsomewhere; like an arrow toits target. A straight lineconcept of history with Godworking His purposes in theearth, culminating in themessianic reign of theredeemer.
  17. 17. GreekThe gods are created inthe image and likenessof manMan has no mandatefrom any source aboveman himself.HebrewMan is created in theimage and likeness ofGodMan’s divine mandate isto care for creation andto rule responsibly overthe earth
  18. 18. • All action begins in the mind• All thought does not equal action• If the thinking is wrong, however,the action is bound to be wrongLOOK…
  19. 19. GODISNOWHEREWell what do you see?
  20. 20. So how can we changeour thinking?• First of all we have to examine it - our thinking, that is -and not just live according to our presuppositions• The whole tenor of change from scripture is about mindchange. God wants us to change our mind He says:• Romans 12:2 Dont be conformed to this world (allowthe world to squeeze you into its mould), but betransformed by the renewing of your mind, so that youmay prove what is the good, well-pleasing, and perfectwill of God.
  21. 21. And we need to continuethe processPhilippians 2:5 Have this in your mind, which was alsoin Christ JesusPhilippians 4:8 Finally, brothers, whatever things aretrue, whatever things are honourable, whatever thingsare just, whatever things are pure, whatever things arelovely, whatever things are of good report; if there is anyvirtue, and if there is any praise, think about thesethings.Proverbs 19:27 Cease, my son, to hear the instructionthat causeth to err from the words of knowledge.
  22. 22. • Put on the mind of Christ• Think about what is good• Be changed by the renewing of your mindChange the world bychanging its thinkingAdrian Hawkes14thMay 2009For Rainbow Churches open mic