Rainedge 2011


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We are supporting work in Kenya so have put two PP Presentations here which I hope will help you to understand some of the need and the work there. I hope you enjoy, would be nice to hear from you.

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Rainedge 2011

  1. 1. RainedgeNakuru, Kenya
  2. 2. RainedgeRainedge is a Kenyan register charitysupported by NLM Trust (a UKregistered charity) that raises moneyto help children in Nakuru, Kenya. Ithelps fund the following projects:•Living Fountain Academy•Sure 24 boys home•Sure 24 feeding programme
  3. 3. Living Fountain AcademyRainedge Charity, supported the building of LivingFountain Academy. This Building now has asecond floor, providing room for an extra 50 +pupilsRainedge has helped to buy schoolbooks, resources and fund teachers to work atLiving Fountain Academy.It also enables individuals to sponsor a child. Themoney is use to pay school fees, buy schooluniforms and provide a cooked meal each day.
  4. 4. Sure 24 – boys homeRainedge also enables people to sponsor theorphans that live in Sure 24’s boys home. It hashelped the orphanage grow from supporting 14boys to now supporting 20+.There have been many improvements to thepremises, including a new kitchen, new toilets,a cow shed and a chicken run. Rainedge isconstantly raising money to assist this growth.Money has been raised to develop the activitiesthe available to the boys. Instruments have beendonated and the boys are loving them.
  5. 5. Sure 24 – feeding programmeEvery Saturday, Sure 24 provides a hot, nutritiousmeal to around 100 local children. Often this is theonly meal they will eat all week.The children spend the day at Sure 24, playinggames and having a real break from the povertythey live in.Rainedge raises much needed money to ensurethe feeding programme can happen every week.They help towards the cost of the food and makedonations of clothes and shoes and toys.
  6. 6. Why do the children in Kenya needour help?This is not an easy question to answer. It involveshistory, economics and disasters. What we do knowis that in Kenya there are children that :• Go hungry• That are not able to access free education.• That do not have adequate clothing.• That die needlessly of curable illnesses.• That have no hope of finding good work.• That simply have no hope.
  7. 7. How can you help?The best way to help isthrough regular childsponsorship. As a sponsoryou would receive a photo ofthe child you are sponsoringand an 6 monthly update onhow they are doing.You can also visit the projectsin Kenya, meet the childrenand meet the staff. See firsthand how the funds raisedare used and how lives arechanged.
  8. 8. RainedgeCare of: NLM Trust21 – 23 Bath RoadLondon N9 0JX02088876888