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Entrepreneurial course 251213 no 2


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Part two of and entrepreneurial course to inspire young people to become one.

Published in: Business, Education, Spiritual
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Entrepreneurial course 251213 no 2

  1. 1. Entrepreneurial Course 2. Who and What I am
  2. 2. Who and What I am • To do anything well we need to understand ourselves. There are a few people who are ‘big headed’ they think they know everything. But most people are not like that most people think of the things that they do wrong. They underestimate what they can do they suffer from inferiority and they actually need other to come alongside them and say ‘you are OK’ • To know who we are we need to understand what has produced us, and I don’t just mean our Parents.
  3. 3. What produces us? • Family • History • Education • Traditions • Religion – or better still Faith • Yes some Genes • Our environment • Our friend / peers • Our heroes • Our language And probably some things that I have missed Let’s us look at some of the above and discuss them
  4. 4. The powerful influence of Values / Morals / A compass for life The need to Question All the above / Previous slide
  5. 5. The need to ask 1 2 3 4 Why am I here? What Is My purpose? What Can I do? What Should I do?
  6. 6. The need to choose: Who shall I follow? Who / where shall I get my Values from What do I believe about my creation - because that will influence the way I think about myself Who will I allow to be influencing me / friends Hero’s, mentors
  7. 7. THEN WE ARE READY TO ASK What is inside you? Adrian Hawkes Monday, 25th December 2013 For Phoenix Academy 2014