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Company ethos 301011


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Training for our own companies. Like to hear your comments.

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Company ethos 301011

  1. 1. Dictionary definition ‘ Underlyingsentiment that informs the beliefs orpractise of a group. The dominateassumptions of , the disposition of acommunity ,group or person
  2. 2. But before we look at that lets look atanother word.The Dictionary again: ‘done by aprofessional, an expert in their area’
  3. 3. When we use words we want to Communicate something Convey meaning Help someone understandThe problem is that we all hearthrough ourcultural, educational, familybias, life experience filter, whichchanges understandingsometimes drastically.
  4. 4. So for example supposing I wantto communicate to someone thatGod is a Father and Loves them,so I say “God loves you and wantto Be your Father”If they had a Father that misused them and beat themAnd now what is happening although they sort ofunderstand The word I used that is being filteredthrough to their mind By their grid of life experience,and it wouldn’t be surprising if Their reply was noThank you I don’t want to know!
  5. 5.  Someone recently attended oneof our training sessions and said‘oh dear that wasn’t training thatwas telling stories. So do you hear the ‘grid’ at workfrom that person, what is actuallygoing on is that they have apresuppositions of what trainingis, and because the delivery didnot fit the presupposition theymissed the great learning /training experience.
  6. 6.  Professional - if we mean by thatexpert, efficient, in our work,doing it well and right I am happythat we have a good ETHOS BUT – if we mean that we haveswallowed all the systems that areout the, we have not looked atthem critically, we have simplyaccepted that that is the way youare supposed to be and if you dothat you are a professional, thenthat should NOT be our ethos.
  7. 7. I went to South Africa during apartheid time.I was with a bunch of white peopleThey told me that it was impossible to go tothe area where either Indians where orZulus where or other tribes where. Theyhad lived their many, many year.But I went, why, because I was unwilling touncritically accept the perceived wisdom ofthe people there, in other words I was veryunprofessional.
  8. 8. When we first started PCC we bought ahouse, I was told that it was impossible tobuy the house using the financial methodsthat I was proposing, it was not possible Iwas told in the UK.However because I am unprofessional that isjust the way that we established thecompany with its first property!
  9. 9. Dictionary Again: ‘The educationinstruction or discipline of a personor thing that is being trained’
  10. 10. “Education Is Life” Dr Donald HowardEducatorWe can of course, and need to, learn from allthat is offered us, the schools, theuniversities, the training programmes, butwe also do not want to negate the learningthat life itself give us. Nor do we want todiminish that in others.
  11. 11.  It is about our company Ethos I dont want us to accept thesystems that are thereuncritically! If its good we want it But just because you weretaught it, told it, imbibedit, that everyone else does itthat way does not mean thatwe will accept it as part ofour ethos without anycritique
  12. 12.  What is really the bestfor our clients What really will helpthem to make the bestin life What really is it thatshould be done to givethem the bestpossibilities Even though thesystem says other wise Even though thetraining I have receivedtells me you don’t dothat Even if it means givingthem the mostexpensive thing I haveto give ... Me.
  13. 13. Adrian HawkesPCC & LTC Training30th October 2011