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Adrian phoenix academy banquet details slide final 091012


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Adrian phoenix academy banquet details slide final 091012

  1. 1. Phoenix Academy‘Where have all the students gone?’
  2. 2. Martin Luther University of Wurttemberg "I am afraid that the schools will prove the very gates of hell, unless they diligently labour inexplaining the Holy Scriptures and engraving them in the heart of the youth". Martin Luther, 1483 to 1546 Württemberg Eisenach, Germany
  3. 3. Phoenix Academy 2010 student currently studying at Kingston University" No I am not finding University a pressure. The only thing I have to remember is to spell using English spelling and not American, but of course I can do both. Oh, and the other thing is, I really didntappreciate being pushed at school by the teachers to finish my PACEs, but now I’m at University I understand and appreciate what you all did. Thank You." Neisha Padmore
  4. 4. A 2011 general certificate student who left and went on to college “ what is funny is how the students don’t seem to be able to complete work on time. I have just handed in one of my first essays, the lecturer said1,000 words, I was about 400 over so I went to him and asked how critical is the word count?”“Oh” he replied, “I only ask for 1,000 as most of the students cannot get anywhere near that number, I am happy with anything up to 2000"
  5. 5. Phoenix Academy Student 2011"I wish the accounts course I did in Phoenix Academy had been as easy as the accounts course I am now doing as part of my University course" Jamaal Rowe, studying at Canterbury University
  6. 6. An ACE student currently studying at Liverpool Hope University" I am studying a Degree in English and what surprised me was that I was the only person who knew how to breakdown an English sentence into its grammatical parts. Running my own mini tutorials in my University accommodation for my University friends they all asked me how on earth do you know how to do this?’ I said I went to an ACE school and I learnt this kind of English when I was 13 years old. I could not believe that no one else could do this" ACE student, Emma Crago, studying at Liverpool Hope Univeristy
  7. 7. A PHOENIX ACADEMY STUDENT“When you have been to a school using the ACE system a fundamental element that you learn is how to manage your study time and how to complete work within a given period. I am finding that my work gets completed whereas lots of other students seem to have problems completing work and bringing it in on time. We all have the same amount of time, and I think some of them are possibly brighter than me, but what they lack is the discipline that has been put into me over the years to complete the work on time.”
  8. 8. Conversation with one of our students“A friend asked me if I could help her with her GCSE maths as she had to take an exam. I was very surprised when I looked at her work, I helped her and showed her how to work some things out. I then asked if I could take a copy of the work home. She agreed and explained that it was an old practice paper used for GSCE exams. I showed it to my younger sister, who was 13 at the time, and I asked her if she could do this math? She said, ‘ yes of course, I am doing this work now.’ The 13 year old student was on PACE 1083. The ICCE General Certificate begins at PACE 1085.
  9. 9. Jamaal RoweJamaal left PhoenixAcademy in 2011 havingobtained the ICCEIntermediate qualification.This gave him entry intoCanterbury University wherehe is now studying for aDegree in Business Studies,Accounts and allied subjects.
  10. 10. Mellissa RichmondMelissa left PhoenixAcademy in 2012 havingobtained the ICCEAdvanced qualification.She has gone onto BrunelUniversity to studymedicine.
  11. 11. Vanessa AmadiVanessa left PhoenixAcademy having obtained anICCE General certificate.She went on to take anAccess Course and is nowstudying for a Degree inEnglish at the LondonUniversity.
  12. 12. Neisha PadmoreNeisha Left PhoenixAcademy in 2009 with anICCE Intermediatequalification.This enabled her to enterKingston University whereshe is completing herDegree in Accounts.
  13. 13. Jonathan ReubenJonathan has started atWaltham Forest Collegedoing a level 3 course inICT. He is currently in theprocess of completing hisICCE Foundation Certificateat Phoenix Academy.
  14. 14. Rashid AlcendorRashid has started atWaltham Forest Collegedoing a level 3 course inICT. He is currently in theprocess of completing hisICCE FoundationCertificate at PhoenixAcademy.
  15. 15. Jourdelle BennettJourdelle left PhoenixAcademy in 2010 with theICCE FoundationCertificate. He has goneon to business college andnow works as an estateagent.
  16. 16. Malachi KellyMalachi left PhoenixAcademy havingobtained the ICCEGeneral qualification. Henow attends City ofWestminster Collegewhere he is in his secondyear of a FoundationDegree in Photography.
  17. 17. Samuel KellySamuel left PhoenixAcademy having obtainedthe ICCE Generalqualification. He went on toThe Institute where heobtained a Diploma inGuitar.
  18. 18. Ellis MortimerEllis left Phoenix Academyhaving obtained the ICCEGeneral qualification. Hethen went onto TheInstitute, college of musicwhere he completed aDiploma in Guitar. He isnow doing a bridgingmodule to begin his Degreein Music next year.