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VeraSage Symposium 2017


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My VeraSage Fellow DET Talk at the 2017 VeraSage Symposium held in Allen, TX November 10-12. It covers value pricing tools/techniques based of the work of Baron Neinbach, plus a method of assisting prospective customers through a preliminary valuation of your offerings before you put in the effort of designing options to present.

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VeraSage Symposium 2017

  1. 1. VERASAGE SYMPOSIUM 2017 Adrian G. Simmons
  2. 2. Variations on The Neinbach
  3. 3. BARRON JOSEPHVON NEINBACH Option A Option B Option C Pump fist Hope for Walk away
  4. 4. THETWELVE-BACH Option A Option B Option C Value Pump fist Hope for Walk away
  5. 5. Change Request Value Pump fist Hope for Walk away THE FOUR-BACH
  6. 6. Purchase Value Walk away Hope for Pump fist THE FOUR-BACH REVERSE
  7. 7. Assisted Valuation
  8. 8. Adapted from Blair Enns, Ron Baker, Mahan Khalsa 1 2 3 4 (Summary of end result(s) you hope to accomplish with our help alongside) (If we’ve done our job, what will be the indicator(s) that it worked?) (If we could guarantee these things, what would be the financial impact?) (Based on similar circumstances, I think I can come back to you with options from [high, based on guaranteed value] to [low, based on walk away]. Should I put together for you?)
  9. 9. VERASAGE SYMPOSIUM 2017 www. AdrianGSimmons .com