10 ways to improve online sales


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Using video is an easy way to combat the restrictions of smartphones, as a small screen is no barrier to video and the consumption of your message.

There are so many factors that influence your choice of SEO support but first an foremost it has to be based on the support and value you feel you are getting from them, whether you are doing it yourself from free advice and tools or having somebody else do it for you; SEO services should be meeting or exceeding you expectations.


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10 ways to improve online sales

  1. 1. TEN WAYS TO IMPROVE ONLINE SALES You have got people to your website, now all you need to do is get them to buy, so use these proven ways to move people from being a prospect to becoming a customer.
  2. 2. ONE VISITORS ARE PEOPLE Remember you are selling to people, even if they work for and buy on behalf of a company, so think of them this way and you will immediately see changes.
  3. 3. TWO MAKE A BOLD CLAIM People are looking for major improvements so be bold, but make sure what you do or offer delivers on them.
  4. 4. THREE HEADLINES Ask any good copywriter and they will tell you just how important the headline is, without a good one people will just not read on or take action.
  5. 5. FOUR OFFER A SOLUTION Never offer part of the solution, always offer a way to get from where somebody is now to where they want to get to, as this makes commitment form them easier.
  6. 6. FIVE BENEFITS Don’t just promote features, focus on the benefits as people buy for emotional reasons.
  7. 7. SIX OFFER VALUE Don’t be afraid to sell things for what the value they offer, not just a price because cost should never be a barrier and value is always a great way to position what you do.
  8. 8. SEVEN ADDED VALUE Give people more than they initially expected, it’s what all the great internet “superstars” do. So think about bonuses as a way to convert the people who are just “not sure”.
  9. 9. EIGHT SPEED Society is now a place where we expect things to happen “now’ and any form of delay in getting what you offer in to the hands of a customer is a reason for them not to buy, so even if you have to ship something to them, give them something digitally to keep them happy.
  10. 10. NINE SOCIAL PROOF If people don’t take your word for it then maybe somebody just like them can convince them; this is why reviews and testimonials are a fantastic way to close business online.
  11. 11. TEN GUARANTEES Alway, yes ALWAYS, give the best possible guarantees and support to what you do and offer, it takes so much doubt away form your prospect’s mind.
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