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Travels Way Blog Presentation

  1. 1. Internet Marketing Recommendatio nAdrian Burey07/25/2012MKTG 404 1M
  2. 2. • Blog topic and why it was selected• Persona• List of blog posts titles• Social Media• Summary
  3. 3. • TravelDestinations fortravel seekers• Gain moreinformation onfuture travel spots• Easy to find• Interest
  4. 4. • Name: Adrian Burey• Age: 19 years old• Occupation: Business student at Humber College• Interest: Business & Traveling
  5. 5. • elsWay/431372223560519•• HXxxj3o- EN9H665FeAYXjA?feature=mhee•
  6. 6. Google Analytics• 103 visitors• Close to 5:30 avg time spent per visitTwitter• 17 Followers• Over 5 TweetsFacebook• 20 LikesPinterest• 2 Followers
  7. 7. • Blog• Facebook• Twitter• YouTube• Pinterest
  8. 8. Few channels Isubscribed to. 4 Subscribers over the 3 month period of time. Videos that I would use to promote my blog.
  9. 9. A pin board to exposemy blog, and buildawareness
  10. 10. Stumble Upon by far was my #1 source, followed by Reddit.
  11. 11. • Website• Blog• SEO• PPC & Display Ads• Social Media• Affiliate Marketing• PR• Email Marketing• Mobile Marketing
  12. 12. In terms ofhaving awebsite forthis blog, Idon’t plan onhaving one.
  13. 13. The changes I wouldmake is includingmore ads on my blog,and also changing thebackground/template.
  14. 14. 1st page from searching the keyword TravelsWayBlog was onthe 2nd pagefromsearchingthe titlename,PreefferedTravelDestnations
  15. 15. These are some of thePPC & Display Adsthat I would use topromote my blog.
  16. 16. Engaging individuals tovisit my blog, by focusingon these social medianetworking sites.
  17. 17. Offering referral benefitssuch as giving consumersa 5% discount on flighttickets for referring 25 newvisitors to the site.
  18. 18. Toronto, ON - Travels Way provides readers withexciting, and intriguing information about preferredtravel sites via our blog. Weve been providinginformation since early June. Each week, I provideinformation on a different site and why its a preferredtravel destination such as the fun things to do whiletraveling, and the historical landmarks to see.The importance of this blog primarily was for myInternet Marketing class in school. But recentlyreceiving feedback from one of my viewers, afterlooking upon one of my travel sites. He was intrigued,and excited to visit Dubai.In my internet marketing class, we were given thedecision amongst ourselves of what topic we desiredto write up, and focus in on. Personally, I thought itwas a nice idea to write about.Travels Way, established last month June of 2012,strives to meet their readers needs, and provideefficient information about travel sites.###Person Name: Adrian BureyE-mail: travelsway@hotmail.comWebsite:
  19. 19. An example of thenewsletter that was sentout. It primarily was usedto gain more awareness,and insight on what myblog is about.
  20. 20. Apps that contain games,information, and the latestupdates/posts on my blog via theapp.
  21. 21. Travels Way By: Adrian Burey 07/25/2012 MKTG 404 1M