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High Perfromance Leadership


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The ultimate leadership and management program, also available as a nationally recognised Cert IV in Frontline Management.

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High Perfromance Leadership

  1. 1. BRIAN TRACYTRAINING p o msHIGH ERF R ANCE LEADER HIModule 1 Module 5Beco ing a eader he or ula for Strategic lanningThe more of a leader you become on the inside, the more In business you can’t plan enough before you starteffective you become in all your leadership activities on the planning. The mark of a good leader and business personoutside. In this module, you will learn the seven essential is someone who understands how to do this the rightqualities of effective leaders in every area of endeavour. way. In this module, you are going to learn a method thatWith these qualities you will accomplish more and faster resembles the combination to a lock. Once you have thethan ever before. Capitalize on the potential you have numbers in the right order, you can open the lock. Onceinside, become a leader and see your company soar! you have the right keys in the right sequence to strategic planning, you can apply them to any product, service orModule 2 situation in your organization.Strategie for ffective eader hipSuccessful businesses require outstanding leadership. Module 6There are specific ways of thinking and acting that are ow xcellent eader eadcommon to successful leaders in every type of business Learn how to inspire your people to perform at high levelsorganization. By asking provocative and uncomfortable of productivity all the time. Being a great leader is morequestions, you begin to think deeper and more accurately than just telling people what to do. The very best leadersthan the people around you. This module will teach you are those who can elicit extraordinary performance fromhow to bank on your strengths to think and strategize just ordinary people. Your ability to get the very most out oflike the best leaders in every situation. the people who report to you is a key measure of your effectiveness as an executive. In this Module, you will learnModule 3 how to manage your personal style in such a way that you ntrepreneurial hinking get the very best out of each person who reports to you.Learn some of the best methods for thinking and actingpracticed by the most creative and entrepreneurial Module 7managers and leaders in every business. These skills will ey unction of Managergive you the direction, clarity and focus you need to take Being an exceptional manager is a difficult and demandingyour business to the next level! In this module, you learn position. However, there are a few key areas that, oncesome of the key skills of thinking and acting practiced mastered, can make the job a lot easier. In this module,by the most creative and entrepreneurial managers and you learn the key result areas of every manager and howleaders in every business. By applying these skills, you you can begin increasing your effectiveness in every areacan revitalize your entire organization. of your management activities. To be a better manager doesn’t mean you have to alter your whole approach andModule 4 style, instead you’ll learn how to make little adjustmentsMilitary rinciple of Strategy that will yield big results.Knowing how to strategize often isn’t enough. As a greatleader, you must also know how and when to apply your Module 8strategies. The art of military strategy is taught to leaders ielding a inning eain every military academy to prepare them for the most Winning teams are better than the rest because they havecritical of all leadership responsibilities. These principles the best coaches who know how to showcase their starapply to your products and services, your business and performers. The same can be said for managers withyour competition, every single day. In this module, you will successful teams. Learn what you can do to highlight thelearn how to apply some of the most important principles star qualities of your team members and how to motivateof strategy to everything you do. them to perform, get results, and achieve victory in the workplace and marketplace.P: 07 3888 5010 - - © 2010. Brian Tracy Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd
  2. 2. HIGH ERF R ANCE LEADER HIModule 9 Module 13Building eak erfor ance ea reat lace to orkAll work is done by teams. Your ability to assemble and Top managers are those who create an environment wheremanage a high performance team of motivated individuals peak performance takes place. As a manager, you’re ableis the key to your value and effectiveness as an executive to double the productivity of your people by adjusting theirat every stage of your career. Just as you use a recipe to working climate. This module teaches you how your officeprepare a dish in the kitchen, there is a specific recipe that can also be a “great place to work” and your employeeshas been proven to work in assembling a self-directed will feel valued and great about the work they do. You’ll bework team. Learn how to identify personality types and amazed how the quality and quantity of work will improvebuild teams where everyone compliments each other. after you implement these simple strategies. You willIn this module, you will learn how to get the very most out learn the most important ideas ever discovered to helpof your team and out of each person on that team. you to create a high trust environment of your own where peak performance takes place every single day.Module 10 o unicate with ower Module 14Your success in business and in the world of work is Motivating eople for Maxi u e ultlargely determined by your ability to communicate Your ability to motivate your people to higher levels ofeffectively with other people. This module will show you performance and effectiveness can multiply your capabilityhow eliciting extraordinary performance from ordinary as an executive. By motivating people continuously andpeople is the key to success in leadership. You will learn correctly you can dramatically improve performance andthe most important interpersonal skills ever discovered results. Learn the most popular, powerful and effectivefor motivating and inspiring people to perform at their very motivational methods and tools, and how you can applybest as individuals and as members of an effective team. them to every person who ever reports to you, as well as to yourself in the achievement of your own personal and business goals.Module 11 he u to er i lway ightNo matter what industry you’re in, without customers Module 15you’re dead in the water. etting the Be t ut of ther As a manager, your job is to get the highest return onIn this module, you will learn the central role of the human capital invested in your enterprise. Of all assets,customer and how you can structure and organize all your only people can be made to appreciate and to perform atbusiness activities to achieve the very highest levels of ever higher levels for the organization. In this module,customer satisfaction imaginable. When you know how to you will learn how to immediately improve employeegive exceptional service, your clients will continue to buy performance and to keep your people working at highfrom you and ignore the competition. levels of motivation, performance and productivity over time.Module 12Meeting Manage ent Magic Module 16Every meeting you have requires an investment of he Manager, oach and onfidantmanagerial time and energy. Your ability to use the tool Being a manager means more than just telling yourof management meetings effectively can do more to employees what to do. The best managers know how tomultiply and leverage your results and effectiveness than coach their people when they’re struggling and be thereperhaps any other skill. The meeting is the essential tool for them through tough times. People cannot grow withoutof management. Virtually everything you accomplish you honest, objective feedback and instruction from someoneachieve in interactions with one or more people, either who can look at their performance and tell them exactlyin large formal meetings or in one-on-one meetings in how they are doing. In this module you will learn how topassing. give timely and accurate coaching and counselling to eachIn this module, you will learn how to be far more effective of your staff members on a regular basis. Your people arein every meeting you hold. You will learn how to get to the your most precious resource. Learn how to take care ofpoint faster, get more accomplished and assure greater them, and they’ll do the same for you!results after the meeting than ever before.P: 07 3888 5010 - - © 2010. Brian Tracy Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd
  3. 3. HIGH ERF R ANCE LEADER HIModule 17 Module 20Boo ting ployee erfor ance et the Mo t out of our elfMotivating your employees is one of the most important You have amazing potential and abilities that you couldparts of being a manager. The best employees today never use if you worked full blast on yourself for the restare more demanding and more in demand than ever of your life. Your goal must be to get the very most and thebefore. But, they are indispensable to your success and very best out of yourself - for yourself, your company andto the success of your company. So how do you keep them your family. This module will teach you how to discover allhappy? This is the answer: Learning how to create a peak of the untouched potential energy you have inside and turnperformance environment for them will earn their loyalty it into usable energy to fuel your life and business. Youand commitment to you and your company more than will learn proven ideas that you can apply immediately toany other factor. After this module, you’ll know how to become a more valuable and effective person in everythingcommunicate with your employees in a way that will get you do. Be the best person you can be everyday and yourthe results you’re looking for. business will perform at it’s best, too!Module 18 Module 21Beco ing a Ma ter of hange Setting your rioritieIn business and life, everything changes quickly. To be All of the most productive and highest achieving mensuccessful, you must be able to react quickly when things and women are described by others as being “very welldon’t go exactly as planned. It’s a fact, the more change you organized.” The key to your success in management iscan handle, the more successful you will be. Top producers your ability to analyze your work, select your highest-valuehave to deal with plans being altered, products modified tasks, concentrate single-mindedly on doing the one mostand rescheduled meetings constantly-but what makes important thing, and stay with it until it’s complete. Whenthem successful is their ability to roll with the punches. you’re proficient at setting priorities and executing themIn this module you will learn a series of proven methods, there is little you can’t do. In this module, you will learn thetechniques and strategies used by highly effective menand women in every area of life to manage the forces of simplest and most powerful techniques ever discovered tochange. You will learn how to get control of every aspect help you set clear priorities on your work, every hour ofof your life and turn change to your advantage sooner than every day, and then focus on your most valuable task. Thisyou ever thought possible! will enable you to get more done in a shorter period of time, and make a greater contribution than ever before.Module 19Seven Secret of Managerial Succe Module 22Learn how to be a highly effective manager using these he ur uit of er onal xcellenceseven secrets. Motivate your employees, keep them Are you happy with your life? Does your job bring youhappy and increase their productivity and profitability! By satisfaction and fulfilment? Are you on a path towardsinvesting time and energy into learning how to be a better achieving your goals? If you’re not, it’s okay. In fact, mostmanager, your team and fellow employees will also benefit people don’t realize their true potential to attain their goalsand grow. Everything you do to enhance your ability to do and dreams. In this module, you will learn some of the keyyour job in an excellent fashion improves your life and thinking tools and strategies practiced by the happiest andwork in some way. In this module you will learn how to most successful people in every area of life. By practicingtake time to analyse, decide and take effective action in some of these ideas, you can dramatically improve theevery area of your work life to achieve more and betterresults than the average person. By learning the seven quality and quantity of what you do and accomplish.secrets to managerial success you’ll get more done fasterand easier than ever before! Module 23 egotiating Strategie and actic Your ability to negotiate well on your own behalf can have a major impact on improving the quality of your life and work. Luckily, the ability to negotiate is a learned skill, like riding a bicycle or typing. In this module you will be given the tools you need to feel confident in negotiations and consistently close deals the way you want them. With excellent negotiating skills, you can save or gain hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars for yourself, your company and your family in the weeks, months and years ahead.P: 07 3888 5010 - - © 2010. Brian Tracy Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd
  4. 4. HIGH ERF R ANCE LEADER HIModule 24 Module 28Balancing our otal ife n pecting hat ou xpectTop performers lead balanced lifestyles. Achieving balance No one is born with management skills, these skills arebetween your life and work is one of the most important all learned. Your ability to supervise others can be greatlymeasures of how well you are doing as a person and as improved by learning what other excellent managers havean executive. The fact is that you have far too much to do, discovered over the years and by applying these principles and ideas to your interactions with your subordinates.every single day, and too little time in which to do it. In this Learn how the most successful managers lead their staffmodule, you are going to learn a series of proven principles and motivate them to perform at their best all the time.and techniques that you can use, starting immediately, to This module will show you how to be flexible and utiliseget your life in balance. different mental tools and skills to get the most and the best out of your people. You’ll get an insight into the mostModule 25 effective way to get the most out of your employees thanSuperior Selection Skill ever before.Almost all of your successes as an executive will be as aresult of your having chosen the right people for the right Module 29jobs - people with the right talents, personality, skills and ow to Solve very ro leability. Choosing the right people for your team is crucial Life is a continuous succession of problems. Everythingto your success. Learn how to weed through the applicants you do, all day long, revolves around your ability to solveto find the best possible candidates for the job every time. problems effectively. Your entire success as a manager isThe better you become at finding and deploying the right determined by your ability to solve problems effectively andpeople, the more effective you will be as an executive and well. Learn how to look upon problems as the essential,the greater will be your contribution to your company. defining skill area of your work. Build upon your natural business instincts and learn how to identify potential problems and their solutions.Module 26 oping with ifficult eople Module 30Firing members of your staff who aren’t producing results Making the Be t eci ionis a difficult and stressful time for everyone. However, your Consider the different outcomes after you’ve made aability to “deselect” those who are not capable of doing the good decision and a bad one. Do you notice that almostjob in a competent and timely fashion is equally essential every time you’ve made a bad decision, something badto your success as a manager. In this module, you will comes out of it-and vice versa? Poor decisions lie at thelearn some simple ideas you can use to deselect people root of virtually every failure. Excellent decisions are thewho are not capable of making a contribution that exceeds foundation of virtually every great success. In this module,their cost. This is an absolutely essential management you will learn how to make better decisions, faster thanskill that you can then use competently for the rest of your perhaps ever before. Making the right choices for yourbusiness career. business is the best way to ensure it’s quick and lasting success!Module 27 elegation- he ey to everageNowadays, all phenomenal business people are proficientat delegation. Delegation is an art and science. It is a skillthat you can learn through practice. And like any skill,you become better and better at delegation the more youdo it. Learn how to think about the process of delegatingeffectively to others. As you become an excellent delegator,you will become more and more valuable to yourself andyour organization.For more details about any of our development programs contact:XSellerate Performance SolutionsLevel 18, 333 Ann Street Brisbane QLD 4000P: 07 3888 5010 Mob: 0447 777 011W: E: © 2010. Brian Tracy Australia New Zealand Pty Ltd