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Social media & Social change


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Social media & Social change lecture: Anonymous, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Mass surveillance, Gabriella Coleman, Chelsea Manning, Paolo Gerbaudo, Technopolitics, Social Media, Occupy Movement, 15m Movement, Arab Spring, Blogging, Transparency, Real Democracy, Lina Ben Mhenni, Ethan Zuckerman, Jeremie Zimmermann, Marga Padilla, Felix Guattari, Mass Self-Communication, Javier Toret, Wikileaks, Paul Mason, Globalrevolution, Hacker Ethics...

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Social media & Social change

  1. 1. social media & social change adrià rodríguez
  2. 2. WHY IT’S KICKING OFF EVERYWHERE!? The networked character of modern society makes country-specific unrest predictions pointless. There is, in reality, one political entity that matters. Right now it is more unequal than it’s ever been; its core economic model is destroyed; the consent of its citizens to be governed is eroded. It is the world. Paul Mason
  3. 3. Number of world protests by main grievance/demand 2006-2013
  4. 4. The logics of contagion and the protests worldwide from 2010 to 2013 Social media call Concrete event Others (social unrest)
  5. 5. Occupy movement map
  6. 6. Occupy movement motto “We are the 99%”
  7. 7. Wealth unequality in USA
  8. 8. Chelsea Manning
  9. 9. Edward Snowden
  10. 10. Today hackers have become more politicized because of Anonymous, WikiLeaks, Snowden, and the Pirate Party. We’ll keep seeing forms of hacktivism, whether they take the shape of Guy Fawkes masks or not. Gabriella Coleman
  11. 11. When states are opaque for citizens and citizens are transparent for states we call it surveillance.When states are transparent for citizens and citizens are opaque for states we call it democracy. Jeremie Zimmerman
  12. 12. What do you think about... Have you ever used any privacy or encription system for protecting you and your information? What is your opinion about the possibility of governments and big corporation to take our data? Do you think it is necessary? Do you think it is fare?
  14. 14. We can hope for a transformation of mass-media power that will overcome contemporary subjectivity, and for the beginning of a post-media era of collective-individual reappropriation and an interactive use of machines of information, communication, intelligence, art and culture. NEW PUBLIC SPHERE Felix Guattari
  15. 15. The whole world tracking #occupywallstreet upheaval on 17.09.2011
  16. 16. front pages newspapers 11-13 May 2011 front pages newspapers 16-18 May 2011 Front page coverage of the 15m movement in Spain
  17. 17. The Streisand Effect
  18. 18. CLICKTIVISM? OR TECHNOPOLITICS Internet use grows a 20% during the emergence of the #15m and the occupation of the squares all around Spain in 2011. This increase is mainly on the use of Facebook and Twitter. Technopolitics is not clicktivism nor cyberactivism. Technopolitics is not just the mere use of the Internet and social networks, but a new paradigm of political organization, affection, communication and struggling through and within the net. Technopolitics is not about Internet itself but about the capacity of Internet to increase the political potentialities of the hiperconected multitudes, to increase capacities of cooperation and affection between brains/bodies through the Internet tools. Technopolitics paradigm is not homogenic, there are differences between countries and regions: differences on digital divide, internet cultures, and digital alphabetization.
  19. 19. Destituent & constituent yellings Min 5’10’’
  20. 20. Social media use is not characterized by absolute horizontality, but is rather accompanied by the rise of new forms of soft leadership. The term “choreo- graphy” is a metaphor to render the idea that at the time of social media protest activity is not as spontaneous and disorganised as it might appear at first sight. Rather, by using social media, acting as Facebook admins or popular movement tweeps, contemporary digital activists come to act as chore- graphers or soft leaders of sorts - Paolo Gerbaudo HORIZONTALITY? OR DISTRIBUTED LEADERSHIP Paolo Gerbaudo
  21. 21. Decentralized/temporary/coreographical leadership
  22. 22. Networked communities are neither closed nor exclusive. You can connect and disconnect yourself. You can even connect and disconect yourself to different communities. Internet is abundance, not scarcity. You can have multiple identities. This experience can help us to imagine more open and flexible forms of political participation. Marga Padilla
  23. 23. Not everyone in the world is in the Internet, but everyone in the Internet is in the world - @Ciudadano_zero0 FICTION VS. REAL?
  24. 24. Lina Ben Mhenni
  25. 25. Egyptian revolution: the network and the square
  26. 26. STATE #Control #Surveillance MARKET #Selling data from prosumers (datamining) #Selling brands and products to prosumers Privacy, encription, transparency Free culture, open data and free software P2P Autonomous platforms and media, but.... > + WE/ GLOBAL CITIZENS/ 99% #Democracy #Rights DEMOCRACY & NETWORKS
  27. 27. It’s very hard for a repressive government to shut down a system that most people are using for perfectly innocuous needs - Ethan Zuckerman on the Cute Cat Theory
  28. 28. What do you think about... Have you ever used any social network for “political” or social purposes? Do you think social media is good for self-organizing among people? To do so, do you consider it might be necessary to have social platforms not controlled by governments or big corporations?
  29. 29. Images, videos and data from > Datanalysis research group IN3 (UOC University) >“Kairós. The reinvention of the democracy in the Mediterranean”documentary > Outliers Collective Special thanks to Javier Toret Paolo Gerbaudo Hector Huerga Lali Sandiumenge Pablo Aragón Lilia Weslaty Bernardo Gutiérrez Juan Linares Nuria Vila Ruben Martínez December 2015