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Europe In Crises: Is Nationalism The Solution?


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Analysis of the role of nationalism in the Euro crises.

Published in: News & Politics
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Europe In Crises: Is Nationalism The Solution?

  1. 1. Jason Cates 2012
  2. 2. 1. My Perspective2. European Crises3. Pan-nationalism4. German Control5. British Isolation6. Europe‟s Future7. Is Nationalism the Answer Jason Cates 2012
  3. 3.  Born in the UK Pro-European More European than British Relate to the mentalities of ◦ Sweden - View on Life ◦ Netherlands - Liberal Values ◦ Germany - Prudence ◦ United Kingdom – Liberal Economics Jason Cates 2012
  4. 4. Jason Cates 2012(The New York Times, 2011a)
  5. 5. Jason Cates 2012(The New York Times, 2011b)
  6. 6. Jason Cates 2012(The Economist, 2011)
  7. 7.  Political pan-nationalism has been aspired to since the Middle Ages Shift to cultural pan-nationalism after WW2 Growth of Nationalist far-right groups such as the French National Front ◦ Growing Eurosceptisism and segregation in an uncertain world Jason Cates 2012
  8. 8.  Fiscal Union ◦ Impose German Style budget discipline ◦ Allow the EU to veto national budgets  Does not favour Eurobonds ◦ German taxpayer backing the debts of the south  Merkel vetoed most of the suggestions made by France, Spain and Italy(BBC, 2011a) Jason Cates 2012
  9. 9.  UK and Czechs refused to join fiscal compact  Concern that London will be hit harder by increasing financial regulation  Financial Transaction Tax ◦ 80% of EU total will be paid by the UK  Agree with Budget discipline, but fear European and German control  Calling for a greater liberalisation of markets aimed at boosting growth(BBC, 2012) Jason Cates 2012
  10. 10.  Schengen Accord ◦ France wants reform or it will leave ◦ Due to the rise in African immigration through Italy  Eurozone ◦ Currently in turmoil, large debts & no growth  German Style budget discipline rules in 1997 ◦ Broken first by Germany and France in early 2000‟s ◦ Germany broke the rules 4 times in 9 years ◦ France broke the rules 3 times(BBC, 2011a) (BBC, 2011b)(BBC, 2011c) (BBC, 2011e) Jason Cates 2012
  11. 11. Jason Cates 2012
  12. 12. Multispeed EuropeEU countries integratedin all areas (blue)EU countries withexceptions (green)Non-EU countriesintegrated in theSingle Market andSchengen (green-yellow) Jason Cates 2012
  13. 13.  The 17 Eurozone countries led by Germany driving decision-making  With the 10 euro "outs" not even in the room ◦ UK, Sweden, Denmark, Bulgaria, Poland, Hungary, R omania, Czech Republic, Lithuania & Latvia  “Fear the euro 17 could decide on issues affecting the 27 such as banking, resource allocation and the EU budget”(BBC, 2011d) Jason Cates 2012
  14. 14.  Unity in Diversity ◦ What makes Europe unique Si tu veux, tu peux Balanced nationalism: ◦ Balanced, open and honest If you want, you can Cultural pan-nationalism will develop over time Jason Cates 2012
  15. 15. Jason Cates 2012
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