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Leadership and team management


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Communication to Abidjan US Embassy english club members and ENSEA english club members

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Leadership and team management

  1. 1. Leadership and Team Management US Embassy of Abidjan, English club March 2015 ATTA Adou Jean-Constant International Visitor 2014
  2. 2. Content • Who i am ? • My Understanding about Leadership • Requirements of a good team manager
  3. 3. Who I am ? •Name: ATTA Adou Jean-Constant • Academic level: – Masters degree in Art craft (History of Arts and Archeology) – Profesional Masters Library and Information Sciences: IT • Profesional level and Position: - Second cycle graduation of Library studies,
  4. 4. Who I am ? • Profesional level and Position: - Head of digital library and web site service (, - Trainer in the use and best practices of IT in libraries and archives center.
  5. 5. • Member of two profesional associations (APSID CI & ASIDERSCI), • USA International Visitor (IV) 2014: Department of State (IVLP-American Libraries), • • Member of the US Embassy of Abidjan english club • Central point of Libraries without borders – Campus of Côte d’Ivoire (BSF Campus-CI), march 2015 Who I am ?
  6. 6. atta_ci : Adou Jean Constant Atta : Who I am ?
  7. 7. My Understanding about leadership Leadership To lead To manage Leader
  8. 8. MindsetState  You are a link inside a system  You exist  You are useful to a/your community Feeling My Understanding about leadership
  9. 9.  Your ideas « bring grist to the mill »  Your actions « bring strengths to the table » President BARACK OBAMA: « Do not focus on my abilities to change things, rather believe in your capacities to change things » My Understanding about leadership
  10. 10. One day: My state, My Africa could, should and have to change, without violence. My Understanding about leadership
  11. 11. My Understanding about leadership Barack OBAMA: 26 years old
  12. 12. My Understanding about leadership Barack OBAMA: 26 years old
  13. 13. My Understanding about leadership
  14. 14. My Understanding about leadership From the stool […] To the armchair
  15. 15.  If i don’t do this or that, there will be a black out Will I be one day lack of activities ? My Understanding about leadership
  16. 16.  No more rest if you feel as leader # Work to die !! Leadership (wikipedia): « a process of social influence in which a person can enlist the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task » My Understanding about leadership
  17. 17.  Example to follow  Unique, an exception; My Understanding about leadership Expressing Leadership is being:  Special, particular,
  18. 18. What could i do ? What could be my contribution to impact my environment ? My Understanding about leadership
  19. 19.  Not only huge actions Whatever you undertake, be sure you have a: Outcomes (impacts)  Goal,  Objectives (actions = inputs), Never fear or give up responsibilities in association My Understanding about leadership
  20. 20.  Spirit,  will (develop your willpower),  Determination,  initiative, Optimism,  engagement,  Responsibility Self reputation My Understanding about leadership
  21. 21. As a conclusion about leadership
  22. 22. My requirements of a good team manager
  23. 23. The best team manager knows that it’s Together Everyone Achieves More My requirements of a good team manager
  24. 24.  Minimum of knowledge  Respectful  Lowly or Humble  Good connexions  Good reputation  Unifying person  Sharing others opinions  Knows When, Where, What and How talk to people My requirements of a good team manager
  25. 25.  Looking for the community credibility  Looking for good actions  Good practices of social networks  Not only the one to be seen  Giving the floor to others to express themselves My requirements of a good team manager
  26. 26. Even a small activity leads to actions which bring so many and important benefits to the world by the way of leadership managed by a good team leader My requirements of a good team manager