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Peta Lies


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PETA tells some whoppers in this one.

As per No Kill Nation:
"According to my source, the addressee of this letter, after doing a little background check on the dog in this story- SPIRIT, he found that yes; Spirit did in fact pass away. However P.E.T.A. must have forgot one important point or maybe they are just so full of themselves, they assumed no one would doubt their word, or even check, apparently. Not too bright on their part. MDAS (Miami-Dade) was the shelter who adopted Spirit to the rescue group who had the contact info my source used to find out Spirit’s real story; the truth. A couple of phone calls later, it was discovered according to my source, that Spirit passed 4 years later, not 3yrs, and of unrelated cancer issues while her beloved upper-middle-class, professional family surrounded her while she wearily closed her eyes for the last time. Not in a filthy hoarder's home as PETA falsely reported and spin in their [weak] effort of trying to accuse the No Kill movement of hoarding."

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