Effects of Globalization to E-commerce


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Effects of Globalization to E-commerce

  1. 1. Adonis V. Garces
  2. 2.  Globalization is the integration of economies throughout the world, enabled by technological progress. Globalization manifests itself through changes in economy, cultures and technology.
  3. 3. !
  4. 4. We experience internationaltransactions dailyImports and exports reacheven remote areasTechnology and e-bizpromote tradeConsumers and companiespull markets closer
  5. 5. E-commerce is a businessthat takes placeelectronically, generallyover the Internet.It refers to the use of theInternet and Web totransact business betweenand among organizati0nsand individuals
  6. 6. Began in 1995 and grew at anannual rate of 16%Rapid growth led to marketbubbleWhile many companies failed,many survived with soaringrevenuesThe fastest growing form ofretail trade in the US, Europeand Asia
  7. 7.  ATM – only one watchman can handle the business Selling physical goods using websites e.g. flowers, cards, magazines, shoes, electronic items… Reserving a hotel room over the Internet A manufacturing plant orders electronic component from another plant within the company using the company’s intranet
  8. 8. Global ReachRichnessInteractivityInformation Density
  9. 9. The technology reachesacross national boundariesaround the world
  10. 10. Supports video, images,audio and text messages
  11. 11. The technology worksthrough interactionwith the user
  12. 12. Vast increase ininformation density – thetotal amount and quality ofinformation available to allmarket participants
  13. 13. B2C – sells products orprovides services to end user consumers
  14. 14. B2B – sells products orprovides services to other businesses
  15. 15. C2C – consumers interact with other consumers through online auctions
  16. 16.  Faster buying/selling procedures as well as easy to find products Buying/Selling 24/7/365 More reach to customers, there is no geographic limitations Low operational cost and better quality of services Customer can easily select products from different providers without moving around physically
  17. 17.  Educational
  18. 18.  Economical
  19. 19.  Technological
  20. 20.  Internet
  21. 21.  Communication Strategies
  22. 22.  Submarine Fiber Optics Cables
  23. 23.  Wireless Communications
  24. 24.  Copyright Law/Patents
  25. 25.  World Trade Agreements
  26. 26.  Legal/Ethical Norms ▪ International Criminal Courts ▪ International justice movements ▪ Raising awareness of global crime fighting efforts and cooperation ▪ The emergence of global administrative law
  27. 27.  Cars, computers, clothes, sporting goods, gifts, appliances, books, music, antiques, pharmaceuticals, travel, jewelry… the list is endless.
  28. 28.  Homes will have computer access in several places, allowing the whole family
  29. 29.  Globalization has a great effect on all aspects of human life such as educational, social, economical and even political. People around the world can now transact business with a wide selection of language and pricing of product and services with accurate foreign currencies conversion. There’s a significant increase in sales via the use of advanced technology.
  30. 30.  The effects of Globalization exert intense influences on the financial conditions as well as the industrial sector of a particular nation. Globalization widens the access to a diverse variety of foreign commodities for consumption of the customers, Technology is one of the leading factors in the evolution of globalization. Information technology is helping further develop globalization
  31. 31.  The cost efficiency of many technologies is increasing and these technologies are beginning to impact everyday life
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