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The Evolution Of Advanced Attribution


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Marketing attribution is a proven winner when it comes to managing large cross-channel campaigns. With so many variables influencing the consumer's purchase journey, it's a necessity to suss out the credit each touch-point is due. This hasn't gone unnoticed to CMOs or marketing departments and in the last few years a multitude of vendors have emerged, each with their own of flavor of attribution. Many of these attribution models worked great when there were fewer media outlets but fall to pieces with today's ever-expanding variety of channels. Last-click attribution dates back almost 10 years ago when there weren't massive amounts of data available or the infrastructure to handle it. With big-data comes big opportunity, but to take full advantage of all your data you first need the proper model.
Attribution modeling isn't a one-sentence concept though and frankly, it's easy to get lost in the details. This is complicated science, modeling a very dynamic landscape and wouldn’t be Internet marketing if the game didn't completely change every two or three years, right?
Everyone knows that marketing is equal parts art and science, and since Adometry provides the best attribution science available we thought a little art would be in order too.

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The Evolution Of Advanced Attribution

  1. 1. THE OF ADVANCED The Rise of Data-Driven Attribution AND CHANNELS YOU CAN MEASURE Online advertising has revolutionized our marketing world in the last ten years, and for good reason; it offers incomparable amounts of data to track effectiveness and ROI. Until recently only a handful of channels were available and tracking them wasn’t nearly as difficult. Times have changed though… 1875 1897 1920 1944 1967 1989 2012 1875 “CATALOGUE” DIRECT MAIL 1920 MODERN PRINT ADVERTISING 1922 RADIO 1941 TV EMAIL 1978 AFFILIATE MARKETING 1989 ONLINE DISPLAY 1995 ORGANIC SEARCH 1998 COMPARISON SHOPPING 1998 MOBILE & MOBILE SEARCH 2001 PPC 2002 SOCIAL 2003 ONLINE VIDEO 2005 Marketing is a metrics-driven business at heart, and any data-rich channel will continue to win a bigger budget simply because it offers more accurate insights. Your marketing efforts arent limited to a single channel though, so let’s look at the big picture. By combining all available channel data you start to get a holistic view of your marketing efforts, letting you see the forest for the trees. Paid Search E Email Display Organic Search Affiliate Mobile Video Social Mobile Search Offline $ $ Comparison Shopping Direct Mail DATA MINE ENTER HERE Attribution Models At A Glance AGENCIES SAY IMPORTANT THE MOST FACTOR ENABLING EFFECTIVE Big data is only useful when you can make sense of it, and companies are always seeking a better CROSS-CHANNEL approach to mine their data for actionable information. The first attribution models were simple and MARKETING IS... usually focused on only a few channels. 15% 36% SINGLE SIMPLE ATTRIBUTION A CLEARLY CUSTOMER DEFINED VIEW STRATEGY 16% OTHER JOINED-UP TECHNOLOGY AND SYSTEMS All credit goes to Last Click the last click All credit goes to First Click the first click 54 of marketers who still use Last channel to show Post View an ad gets the credit LAST CLICK AT T R I B U T I O N As digital channels proliferated and analogue channels became digitized, fractional attribution models emerged that attempted to divvy up the credit. But then there were even more channels, and no longer just impressions and clicks, but also likes, tweets, bumps and c(K)lout. FRACTIONAL ATTRIBUTION TO ASSIGN CREDIT TO Attempts to share the YOUR INTERACTIVE Equal Weights credit for 1 click across MARKETING CHANNELS complete path CONTRACTS OR PARTNERS OACH DO PPR Allocates credit across YO A path based on past 44% Custom Credit WHAT U USE experience, or maybe NONE a hunch 30% 9% FIRST OTHER OR LAST CLICK 17% First and last touches EVEN- U-Curve get the credit WEIGHTED A new model was needed that accounted for all touch-points across all channels, one that would work equally well for any business by relying on its own data. Advanced Attribution had finally arrived. ADVANCED ATTRIBUTION Algorithmic Let the data decide where Attribution to assign credit. Frequency capping allowed an online retailer to save 15% in monthly ad-spend, and when reallocated elsewhere they realized an additional $200,000 in incremental revenue $200,000 Data Driven Advanced Attribution At Adometry®, we let the data decide. Adometry AttributeTM uses advanced algorithmic attribution modeling, allowing the data to determine the credit due based on all available inputs. Adometry uses a WHICH bottom-up approach to attribution by first assigning fractional credit at the most granular impression OFFLINE INTEGRATE INTO CHANNELS level. Weights are then combined by grouping such as placement, site or channel as reporting DO YOU DIGITAL MARKETING? granularity is decreased, allowing the data to point out the hidden correlations and insights within 53% 53% 30% 28% 25% 23% 0 your marketing efforts. COMPONENTS OF ADOMETRY ATTRIBUTE TELEMARKETING NEWSPAPERS ADVERTISING DIRECT MAIL TELEVISION OUTDOOR RADIO Capture The Complete Click-Stream Combine tags and ad server logs to capture more data and dramatically increase modeling accuracy. Cross-Channel Insights & Optimization Advanced attribution allows you to view your marketing efforts holistically, understand the nuanced connections and optimize accordingly with dramatic savings. WHAT TYPES OF MOBILE ADVERTISING Funnel Stage Analysis IS YOUR Accurately assign any touch-point to its funnel stage and COMPANY ENGAGED IN discover the true conversion paths your customers take. Frequency Capping MOBILE SEARCH MARKETING 35% Know exactly when you’ve saturated your market and when to PUSH NOTIFICATIONS pull back without risking lost conversions. 27% MOBILE DISPLAY ADVERTISING (BANNERS) ADVERTISING ON APPS 25% Exclusive Reach 22% LOCATION-BASED TARGETING Advanced verification and cross-channel analytics show you MOBILE DISPLAY ADVERTISING 22% exactly who you’re reaching on any level of granularity, from (VIDEO) 12% placement up to channel, and where the overlap is. Audience Data Leverage geographic and demographic data, audience segmentation, purchasing intent and more at any level of your marketing campaigns. Scenario Planning & Media Modeling Plan your campaigns with data-driven models to maximize ROI. Complete Data Integration THE MOST PROMINENT CHALLENGES Merge all data sources for seamless integration and plug in your media plans for instant execution. CMOs FOR 1 Data Explosion 2 Social Media 3 Growth of channel and device choices Since all events – converting and non-converting – on a path are evaluated, Attribute provides more 4 Shifting Consumer Demographics accurate attribution results than any other model. How Does Advanced Attribution Improve Marketing? With the right attribution model, BIG DATA can yield BIG INSIGHTS. Adometry Attribute can ingest any data stream to build a comprehensive, bottom-up attribution model allowing you to 59%OF COMPANIES SAY THAT LESSCOLLECTED DATA THAN HALF run more agile and profitable campaigns. OF IS USEFUL BENEFITS OF ADOMETRY ATTRIBUTION Intelligently Measure Value And Reallocate Performance Of Budget Your Channels Adjust Measure How $$ $ Affiliate Payments One Channel Affects Another Revise CPA Make Campaign $ Figures (Cost Changes In-Flight Per Action) Get a Bigger Reduce Time $ Budget With To Conversion ONE OF THE WORLD’S Accountability LARGEST AUTOMAKERS IS USING ADVANCED ATTRIBUTION Improved Deduplicate TO INCREASE THE NUMBER OF CONVERTED USERS BY OVER Campaign Conversions Timing Across Channels 40% Advanced attribution starts at the event level and analyzes both converting and non-converting paths across all channels. With extremely accurate event-level attribution, the model is then scaled up to give you an accurate and complete view of you marketing efforts. Instead of arbitrarily weighing touch-points, Attribute uses the data to decide where the credit is due. 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