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This ensured a smart approach to data collection. Using                                   Adometry also revealed other ins...
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LasikPlus Case Study


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With 1.2 million+ procedures since 1991, the company is known for its modern and
innovative laser vision corrective procedures. So it’s no surprise the company relies
on science and data to inform many of its business decisions — especially marketing related decisions.

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LasikPlus Case Study

  1. 1. A Leader in Forrester’s Interactive AttributionCASE STUDY Wave™ 2Q 2012Quantifying Resultsis Good for Business With 1.2 million+ procedures since 1991, the company is known for its modern andBACKGROUND innovative laser vision corrective procedures. So it’s no surprise the company relies on science and data to inform many of its business decisions — especially marketing-LCA-Vision Inc., a leading provider of related decisions.laser vision correction services, ownsand operates 55 LasikPlus vision Using measurement to communicate business valuecenters nationally, covering 41 markets LasikPlus wanted to shift a significant amount of its advertising budget from traditionalin 26 states. to digital media to increase sales and provide a way to evaluate and manage their digital marketing mix across all channels. The advertising team knew they needed to invest more in digital advertising, but they’d first have to prove to senior management ADOMETRY PRODUCTS AND that the change would increase conversions. SERVICES USED Moving from last-event to data-driven methodology • Adometry Attribute™ LasikPlus utilizes a data-driven sales and marketing model, but it was still evaluating • Adometry Validate™ online advertising effectiveness using the “Last Event” model. This was limiting • Learn more at www.adometry.com its understanding of which media were actually driving conversions. Using this antiquated measurement approach, all conversion credit went to search and the business was reporting zero conversions attributed to display. A better methodology“ We needed to quantify the impactof what display was doing for us or we was needed to track all advertising touch-points, assign unbiased conversion credit based on each point’s propensity to convert and report the data in a manner that waswere going to lose it… This [project] accurate and actionable.gave me data and real evidence thatdisplay does more than what was Understanding breeds opportunityreflected in a cost-per analysis. - VP Marketing , ” Empower MediaMarketing, LasikPlus’ media agency of record, implemented Adometry’s ad verification platform to make this much-needed measurement shift. This platform collects viewability data and ensures reporting accuracy down to the placement and creative level. Next, working with Adometry’s client services and research teams, LasikPlus’ media assets and goals were clearly defined to ensure data analysis was aligned with the company’s business goals.
  2. 2. This ensured a smart approach to data collection. Using Adometry also revealed other insights that helped LasikPlusAdometry’s tag-based attribution platform, Adometry Attribute, optimize its campaigns:data across organic search, paid search and display campaigns • Over ½ of all display ads on a certain network appeared belowwere merged into a larger, more descriptive dataset. With validated the fold or off-screen, leading to a lower conversion rate andattribution data being captured from all three channels, LasikPlus higher eCPA.had granular event-level data on all digital advertising channels to • Identified the best performing local planned markets and theget a big picture view of their marketing efforts. actualized DMA performance data, showing where LasikPlus adsA blind spot becomes a wealth of insight were actually seen.The immediate benefit of implementing Adometry’s data-driven • Detailed funnel stage analysis on all three channels and their roleattribution platform was a shift of credit away from paid and organic in driving conversions.search, toward display. This more accurately reflects the impactof LasikPlus’ display campaigns. Drilling down into the attributiondata, a number of insights were then discovered. THE IMPACT OF DISPLAYTo start, more than half of all display conversions resulted from • Display provided a lift of 80% in conversion rate whencross-channel paths. In fact, paid-search campaigns saw an assisting paid search events.80 percent lift in conversion rates when combined with display • Display-assisted search in general (both paid & organic),compared to paid-search alone. Display also had the most cost users were 1.5x more likely to convert than with searcheffective eCPA at $444.69, and while that’s not the norm, it is a sign events alone.that display is a critical component when combined with Search. • Half of all display conversions resulted fromThis reinforced that display earns its allocated budget when it cross-channel touch points.comes to driving conversions.After analyzing attributed paid-search conversions, it becameapparent that branded ads were 3 times more likely to result in aconversion and at a very low eCPA of $45.40, while non-brandedads had an eCPA of $488.81, but accounted for almost 5x asmany conversions. Branded Non-Branded Search Ads Search Ads eCPA $45.40 $488.81 % of Total Conversions 17.50% 82.50% Conversion Rates 4.3% 1.80% About Adometry Adometry, Inc. redefines marketing analytics by combining and interpreting previously silo-ed sources of big data to generate actions that improve return on advertising spend and increase sales. Through its SaaS-based attribution platform, Adometry processes tens-of-billions of marketing touch points from online and offline media channels forAdometry, Inc. some of the world’s largest advertisers to identify the true consumer purchase journey. Adometry’s scientifically proven4301 Westbank Dr. methodology and flexible, easy-to-implement solution generates the industry’s most accurate insights, in the shortestBuilding A, Ste. 100 amount of time. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by Austin Ventures, SierraAustin, TX 78746 Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information, visit www.adometry.com1-866-512-5425 Copyright 2013. Adometry and Click Forensics are registered trademarks of Adometry, Inc. Adometry Attribute and Attribute Catalyst Framework areinfo@adometry.com trademarks of Adometry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 0313