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Attribution Case Study - Online Retailer


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When it comes to maintaining your position as one of America’s top ten retailers, digital marketing plays a critical role – especially in a highly competitive marketplace in which online retail sales reached over $40 billion in FY 2012 alone. But managing
complex online marketing campaigns effectively across different business groups, channels, and product lines is no easy task.

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Attribution Case Study - Online Retailer

  1. 1. Online Retailer A Leader in Forrester’s Interactive AttributionCASE STUDY Wave™ 2Q 2012Top 10 Retailer RealizesIncremental RevenueThrough Attribution When it comes to maintaining your position as one of America’s top ten retailers,BACKGROUND digital marketing plays a critical role – especially in a highly competitive marketplace in which online retail sales reached over $40 billion in FY 2012 alone. But managingOne of America’s top ten broadline complex online marketing campaigns effectively across different business groups,retailers - operating over 3,000 retail channels, and product lines is no easy task.stores in the US and offering more than45 different brands - is taking action to Tracking Online Campaigns Holistically Is Challengingstrengthen its connection to consumers This leading national retailer faced two big challenges. First, there were many differentby strategically investing in online groups across the organization running their own online marketing campaignsmedia attribution. for individual product lines. The company had no way to track these campaigns holistically. Second, the retailer needed a way to accurately measure the impact“The reports we received and performance that various marketing channels and campaigns have on driving sales. This included understanding the true lift that display advertising had on otherfrom Adometry helped us types of online marketing. With marketing campaigns running for 20 different product categories and a dozen business units across display, search, e-mail and affiliateunderstand in actionable and sites, being able to measure these effectively would help the retailer determinesimple terms the complex which channels deserved credit for conversions and sales so it could improve futureinteractions of our campaigns. campaign investments.Moving from measuring Using Tags to Improve Insights into Online Behaviorour performance based on For all of its campaigns across the organization, the retailer tracked its cross-channellast-click has improved our marketing events and conversions. The Adometry Ad Tag was deployed throughROI in a number of ways the ad server and used to collect display impressions bought by various businessby implementing frequency units on sites such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!. This same Ad Tag was usedcapping recommendations, to synchronize with TARGUSinfo audience segments, as well as provide verificationeliminating overlap, and re- data that identified ads below the fold or never seen. The Adometry Page Tag was employed to collect all of the clicks landing on the retailer’s pages from channelsallocating our ad spend to the ” including display, paid search, organic search, e-mail, affiliates, and others. The Pagebest performing sites. Tag was also used to collect retail sales events such as conversions, complete with- Director, Online Media Analytics their associated item product categories and revenue.
  2. 2. Uncovering Actionable Insights in the Data Significant Tangible BenefitsTo help it analyze and make sense of the enormous volume of These are a few of the significant benefits Adometry provided thiscross-channel campaign data collected by its tags, the retailer online retailer:turned to Adometry Attribute™ – one of the industry’s most • Discontinuing sites with poor ad viewability – one sitepowerful and sophisticated attribution solutions. Adometry Attribute displayed over 7 million impressions; however, over 95% of themis designed to give online marketers an accurate view of their entire were below the fold and 80% were never seen. By exposingcampaign ecosystem so they can determine how to better invest this poor performing traffic source, the company recognizedand optimize their advertising dollars in the future. By uncovering substantial savings. And as bonus benefit, this also provided theinsights through attribution and improving performance through retailer with a way to use these insights to negotiate better ratesoptimization, the retailer was able to correlate and increase revenue with the ad supplier.resulting from online purchases. With ad spend touch points ina variety of marketing channels, it was able to improve new key • Frequency capping – Adometry Attribute showed how theperformance indicators (KPIs), such as attributed conversions, retailer’s re-targeting initiatives eventually reached a saturationcost per attributed conversion, attributed revenue, and return on ad point, leading to wasted ad spend. By delivering new frequencyspend (ROAS). capping recommendations for individual re-targeting campaigns, Adometry Attribute was able to save approximately 15% onA major finding that Adometry Attribute uncovered for the retailer monthly ad spend on some of the top buys. With the re-was an overlap between different marketing channels. Over 50% investment of the savings generated by limiting the number ofof the conversions were from visitors that saw ads on two or more times an ad was displayed on one particular site, the advertiserchannels. This helped the retailer understand that it needed to recognized over $200,000 in incremental revenue in one month.ensure that all marketing and product groups within the company • Optimization recommendations – Attribute uncoveredrunning online media campaigns work together so that they could significant lifts that display advertising had other ad channels.invest more efficiently. The data indicated that on average if a user saw an ad prior to search, s/he was 15-30% more likely to convert. Additionally,Furthermore, through its integration with data provider since the monthly budget was held at the same level, AdometryTARGUSinfo, Adometry Attribute identified the audience segments recommended changes within display that generated over a 40%that converted best so the retailer could implement better audience lift in conversions and a 29% drop in eCPA. With almost $200 oftargeting initiatives in the future. For example, it discovered a three- revenue per converted user, the revenue impact from incrementalfold spread between the highest and lowest targeted segments in conversions to the bottom line was millions of dollars.their propensity to convert. This insight showed a large opportunityfor selectively buying audiences in the future that have conversion One of the biggest overall takeaways for the retailer was therates significantly above their current averages. impetus that attribution provided for the various departments across the company to work together. Adometry Attribute helped the marketers in each group understand the role that display plays on all of the channels. As a result, the retailer is now tracking its ad spend much more holistically and globally, resulting in improved ad performance, communication and team efficiency. About Adometry Founded in 2005, Adometry, Inc. provides ad verification and cross-channel attribution intelligence, plus auditing and scoring metrics, to optimize results for the world’s leading online advertisers, publishers, and ad networks. Through its SaaS-based advanced analytics, Adometry processes and analyzes tens-of-billions of impressions and advertisingAdometry, Inc. transactions per month to identify the true consumer purchase-decision journey and to maximize marketing ROI.4301 Westbank Dr. Adometry combines a scientifically proven methodology with a flexible and easy to implement solution to generateBuilding A, Ste. 100 results in as little as two weeks. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Adometry is privately held and backed by SierraAustin, TX 78746 Ventures, Austin Ventures, Shasta Ventures and Stanford University. For more information, visit www.adometry.com1-866-512-5425 Copyright 2012. Adometry and Click Forensics are registered trademarks of Adometry, Inc. Adometry Attribute, Adometry Validate, and TagScan trademarks of Adometry, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 0612