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Drupal debugging tips


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Drupal debugging tips

  1. 1. DRUPAL DEBUGGING TIPS ==== DRUPAL DEBUGGING ==== 1. Access all available variables in page.tpl.php using devel module <?php dpm(get_defined_vars()); ?> 2. Inspect function calls <?php dpm(debug_backtrace()); ?> or just use <?php ddebug_backtrace(); ?> 3.) Use the debug() just like dpm() or dsm() in devel $label, $print_r); - FULL OPTIONS: debug($data, resource = <?php debug($form); ?> 4.) Development Tools (Logging) - 5.) How to debug and troubleshoot (sitebuilders) General advice - Clear caches - Check for Watchdog log messages - Look at the source code of the web page (Firebug) - Look at the data in the database If a module doesn't show up on the Module List - Check permission on the module's directory and files - Make sure the .module file exists - Make sure there aren't multiple copies of the .module file in sites/all/modules If a module doesn't seem to - Make sure you know what - Make sure the module is - Make sure the module is - Make sure any necessary - Lastly Clear the caches be doing anything the module is supposed to do installed (exists in sites/all/modules) enabled in the Module List sub-modules are enabled If a module doesn't seem to be doing the right thing - Make sure you have the right version of the module If content isn't showing up or you're denied access to it - Check permissions - Rebuild the node access table: administer > content management > post settings D7 - /admin/reports/status/rebuild If content isn't updating after you changed something - Clear caches Adolfo G. Nasol 09195951276
  2. 2. DRUPAL DEBUGGING TIPS References: - 6.) How to debug and troubleshoot (module developers) General advice - Check for PHP errors - Print some debugging information * drupal_set_message * watchdog * print * print_r * * - Print a backtrace * devel module -- drush vset devel_error_handler 2 * * If a module doesn't seem to be doing anything - Make sure all hook functions have the right name (<module name>_<hook name>) - Context > Debug reaction If you are having problem with Javascript - Use alert() or console.log() References - - SimpleTest -- - - Adolfo G. Nasol 09195951276