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Egd june-2012-presentation


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Egd june-2012-presentation

  2. 2. FORWAD LOOKING STATEMENTS This presentation contains certain forward-looking statements and information relating to Energold that are based on the beliefs of its management as well as assumptions made by and information currently available to Energold. When used in this document, the words “anticipate”, “believe”, “estimate”, “expect” and similar expressions, as they relate to the Company or its management, are intended to identify forward-looking statements. This presentation contains forward looking statements relating to, among other things, regulatory compliance, the sufficiency of current working capital, the estimated cost and availability of funding for the continued exploration and development of the Company’s exploration properties. Such statements reflect the current views of the Company with respect to future events and are subject to certain risks, uncertainties and assumptions. Many factors could cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements that may be expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements. George Gorzynski, P.Eng., a Qualified Person under the meaning of Canadian National Instrument 43-101,is responsible for the IMPACT Silver Corp. technical information in this presentation.2
  3. 3. OUR BUSINESS • Global Specialty Drilling Contractor Providing socially & environmentally sensitive drilling Energold’s Highly Mobile Surface Rig in Operation services to the international mining & energy sector. • Market Leaders in ‘Frontier Drilling’ Proprietary rig platform designed for drilling in remote and diverse sub terrain locations with limited infrastructure and/or sensitive environmental and social issues in the mining industry. • Global Footprint Operating 234 rigs in over 22 countries worldwide searching & mapping a broad spectrum of target resources. • Proven Track Record of Performance Driving compounded annual growth in revenues Durango, Mexico of over 25% over the last 6 years.3
  4. 4. OUR BUSINESS SEGMENTS Mining Energy Manufacturing Energold Drilling’s Significant presence in Dando Drilling UK main line of business the Canadian Oil Sands provides manufacturing, engineering, and Operating in 22 countries Bertram acquisition of maintenance of globally spanning broad 2011 added 129 rigs to next generation spectrum of minerals Energold and paved way multi-purpose rigs and resources into major industry Capabilities in Minimized Adds stability to water well drilling environmental impact operation cash flow and risk diversification from United Nations approved Frontier Drilling service pure metals vendor in Africa with Man Portable drills4
  5. 5. OUR TECHNOLOGY • Modular Component Design – Easy transport globally and within country with quick turnaround times between rig setups • Proprietary Technology – Depth capabilities of over 850m with ¼” more in core diameter using Thin Wall rod system – Competitive portable rigs only reach depths between 200–300m BTW • Rigs Built In-House – Ensures proprietary designs are not copied and we have the capability to drive further enhancements – Continual upgrades are implemented from input of field personnel5
  6. 6. WORLD WIDE OPERATIONS World-Wide Operations Energold has offices and/or operations in over 22 countries with complete jurisdictional compliance and logistical support. Contractor Of Choice Commence relationship on frontier program that historically follow the project through downstream stages of development. Current & historic client list includes most of the leading global mining companies. Rig Fleet Energold has increased its fleet size in response to demand by an average of 70% per year over the last 6 years with a current rig count of 234. Mobile rig platform can be more easily re-deployed more easily and cheaper than conventional rigs.6
  7. 7. GLOBAL PROJECT EXAMPLES Frontier Drilling Specialists Dominican Republic Albania Peru Guinea7
  8. 8. CUSTOMER PROFILE Energold’s clientele MAJORS includes a wide selection • Barrick Gold • BHP Billiton of mining companies. • Goldcorp • Grupo Mexico Existing clientele range • Rio Tinto from early stage junior • Newmont Mining explorers to well known, • Penoles • Vale mature producers spanning • AngloGold nearly every base and • Fresnillo precious metal commodity. • El Dorado Gold • Codelco JUNIORS • Grayd Resources (now Agnico-Eagle) • US Gold (now McEwan Mining) • Great Panther Silver • First Majestic Silver • Olympus Pacific Resources • Magellan8
  9. 9. FINANCIAL HIGHLIGHTS CDN$ (000’s) 2009 2010 Dec 31, 2011 Q1 2012 Revenue 23,719 54,591 133,482 $53,270 Net Earnings (1,951) 1,449 26,428 $892* EPS (0.06) 0.04 0.65 $0.02* Cash 18,460 28,225 $22,782 $37,215 Working Capital 46,319 61,461 $69,341 $93,905 * Note adjustment for Bonus Payment to Energold Energy $6,650,000 on meeting EBITDA targets of over $5 million. Annual payment capped at $10,500,000 Q1 2012 Q2 2011 % Change Revenue Mineral 25,944 21,381 21.3 Energy 25,453 N/A N/A Manufacturing 1,873 1,350 38.7 Total Revenue 53,270 22,731 134.3 • 3 Months Ended Mar 31, 2012 Traditional slower Q1 yet record revenue increases on both mineral and energy division with energy outpacing expectations • Gross margins at 32.1%, compared to 28.2% same period in 2011 resulting from additional expenses taken by clients on contracts • Drilling increased to 134,500 meters for Q1 2012 over 125,800 meters in 20119
  10. 10. FINANCIAL REFLECTS GROWTH EPS Growth* Rig Count Revenue Meters Drilled10
  11. 11. DIVERSIFIED GLOBAL GROWTH AND VALUE PRICED VS PEERS Rig Count Growth (2010-2011) Global Presence (Countries) Market Cap and Liquidity Revenue Growth (2010-2011)11
  12. 12. CORPORATE SUMMARY TRADING SYMBOL EGD : TSX.V SHARE PRICE $4.30 ISIN CA29268A1030 SHARES O/S 46 MILLION SHARES F/D 51 MILLION MARKET CAP $198 MILLION INSTITUTIONAL OWNERSHIP 25% MANAGEMENT OWNERSHIP 10% Fred Davidson – President, CEO and Director James Coleman, LLB – Chairman and Director Craig Geier – Chief Financial Officer H. Walter Sellmer – Director Michael J. Beley – Director Wayne Lenton – Director12
  13. 13. MINING INDUSTRY – POSITIVE OUTLOOK STRONG INDUSTRY FUNDAMENTALS • Historic high level of commodity prices • New sizable discoveries are increasingly difficult to find • Producers with record cash levels seeking to replenish reserves • Frontier drilling activity is focus of explorers for new discoveries Source: MEG, PriceWaterhouseCoopers13
  14. 14. ENERGOLD ENERGY BERTRAM INTERNATIONAL CORP. • Proven player in sizable oil sands market dating back to 1963 • Niche high margin market with tremendous growth prospects • Re-allocate drill fleet with Energold’s international network for higher margin • (Seismic & Specialty Rigs) Bertram TH60 • Oil Sands coring – smooth out Coring Rig Energold traditional slow mineral seasons (Q4/Q1) • Synergy from people – trained drillers in coring can transition to mineral drilling to sustain growth14
  15. 15. ENERGY INDUSTRY (OIL SANDS) OUTLOOK Top oil resource in the world • Oil sands accounts for 55% of Canada’s crude oil production and represents 97% Canada’s oil reserves1 Sizable exploration expected • Over $91 billion in invested from 1999-20082 • 2010-2020 period expected investments, re-investments, and revenues from operations of existing and constructing oil sands projects: $908 billion3 Market several times larger than mining & not as cyclical 1. Environmental Canada May 2011 Oil Sands Report 2. CERI – Canadian Energy Research Institute Aug 2011 Decade of Oil Sands Growth 2010-2020 3. Canada National Energy Board – Energy Oil Sands Assessment 200615
  16. 16. ENERGOLD MANUFACTURING DANDO INTERNATIONAL LTD. • Over 150 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of larger rigs Mineral Multipurpose • Maintenance, servicing, and sales of rigs to Waterwell third parties • Expertise in water well drilling to build a new services division that can leverage the existing Energold logistics Geotechnical16
  17. 17. MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY OUTLOOK • The manufacturing and equipment demand for mining and oil/gas industry is growing year over year at CAGR of 8%1 • Boart Longyear’s drilling products order backlog is up 27% Dec 2011 vs 20102 • Increased utilization rate by end of 2011 across industry – more use of wear & tear items, maintenance, and drill rig orders for manufacturers such as Dando subsidiary 1. Caterpillar Global 2012 Outlook 2. 2. Boart Longyear 2011 First Half Outlook17
  18. 18. SOCIAL & ENVIRONMENTAL • Positive SOCIAL Impact A social and environmental approach to any drilling program leads to a more – Employment opportunities provided successful outcome for all parties involved. to local communities – Helpers are trained in work-safety and acquire mechanical experience • Positive ENVIRONMENTAL Impact – Highly portable rigs leave a small environmental footprint – Jobs completed without cutting down trees or creating access roads • Third Party Recognition for Positive Approach – PDAC Environmental Excellence in Haiti Bridge Exploration Case Study (E3 Initiative) Infrastructure Project18
  19. 19. GROWTH STRATEGY: LEADING GLOBAL SPECIALTY DRILLER EXPANSION OF “CORE GROW ENERGY AND SEED AND EXPAND BUSINESS” MINERAL MANUFACTURING INTO NEW MARKETS DRILL FLEET DIVISIONS • 128 mineral drilling rigs • Capitalize on high growth • Grow Manufacturing as of April 2012 – solidify frontier regions such as service further and utilize existing markets South/Central America, capabilities for larger rigs Southeast Asia & Africa. for larger Energold clients • Continued growth of (multi-purpose rigs) frontier drilling and • Pursue additional ‘bolt- transitioning mature on’ acquisitions in target • Energold Energy division projects with larger regions. poised for strong growth as oil/gas demand conventional drills • Grow underground continues drilling services. • Organic Growth and • Grow new business lookout for acquisitions • Expand drilling services divisions water well such as multi-purpose drilling and • Continual technological and reverse circulation advancements in rig manufacturing (RC) design and capabilities.19 19
  20. 20. INVESTMENT HOLDINGS: IMPACT SILVER CORP. • IMPACT Silver Corp is a profitable silver producer in Mexico • ENERGOLD DRILLING CORP owns 6.87 million shares (11%~) SYMBOL IPT-TSX.V SHARE PRICE $1.30 • OPERATIONS MARKET CAP $91 M Three profitable, operating mines CASH $34 M at Royal Mines of Zacualpan • EXPLORATION Huge exploration potential in 623 sq km composed of two under-explored Silver districts • DEVELOPMENT Zacualpan Processing Plant Capire open pit mine scheduled for production20
  21. 21. IMPACT SILVER CORP. PROFITABLE GROWING PRODUCER Year Ended ($CDN) Dec 31st 2008 Dec 31st 2009 Dec 31st 2010 Dec 31st 2011 Silver Production (oz) 645,668 823,571 750,259 833,607 Revenue /production tonne sold $89.89 $109.51 $123.25 $171 CA$ direct cost/tonne produced $54.80 $60.39 $63.29 $70 30,000 25,000 Revenues Net Earnings 20,000 Operating Cash Flow CDN$ 000’s 15,000 10,000 5,000 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 -5,000 Year21
  22. 22. ANALYST COVERAGE Analyst Company Contacts Updates Michael Mills Beacon Securities 416-643-3871 June 1, 2012 Maggie Johnson Cormark 416-362-7485 June 1, 2012 Securities Peter Prattas Fraser Mackenzie 416-682-4243 Apr 28, 2012 Russell Stanley Jennings Capital 416-304-2198 May 7, 2012 Corp Kam Mangat Salman Partners 416-861-1270 May 4, 2012 Scott Parsons Toronto Dominion 416-307-9360 Apr 30, 2012 (TD)22
  23. 23. ENERGOLD STOCK CHART • Energold presents a compelling opportunity to invest in a broad range of commodities and projects worldwide • Share price linked to continued company and earnings growth • Strong balance sheet and increasing working capital23
  24. 24. Contact info Jerry Huang, Investor Relations 604.681.9501