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Corporate presentation


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Corporate presentation

  1. 1. Corporate Presentation Spring 2014 1
  2. 2. Forward Looking Statements Some of the statements contained in this presentation are forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements are not historical facts and are subject to a number of risks and uncertainties beyond the Company's control, including, but not exclusively, statements regarding potential mineralization, exploration results, completion of work program and studies, and future plans and objectives of the Company. Resource exploration, development and operations are highly speculative, characterized by a number of significant risks, which even a combination of careful evaluation, experience and knowledge may not eliminate, including, among other things, unprofitable efforts resulting not only from the failure to discover mineral resources but from finding mineral deposits which, though present, are insufficient in quantity and quality to return a profit from production. Qualified Person: Mr Stephen R Maynard, M.S., C.P.G., has acted as the qualified person as defined in National Instrument 43-101 for this disclosure and supervised the preparation of the technical information in this release. Guerrero Gold Belt Global Resources taken from Goldcorp Website December 31, 2012 and Torex Gold Website, August 2012. 2
  3. 3. Strong Foundation for Growth Proven Mine Finders • • Discovered over 200 million ounces Silver & 8 million ounces Gold Involved in two takeovers - $424M West Timmins Mining merger (Lake Shore Gold) $140M Underworld Resources (Kinross Gold Corp.) Strong Institutional Ownership • • • 50% owned by financial institutions 10% Lowell Copper (JDL:TSX.V) 20% owned by management & directors First Mover Advantage • • First explorer into the Southern Guerrero Gold Belt (“GGB”) Large land position in the 31M oz Au “GGB” (Goldcorp, Torex, Newstrike, Cayden) Exploration Focused • Exploration expenditures constitute 80% of total expenses, only 11% is overhead • $0.25M working capital with no debt 3
  4. 4. Proven Mine Finders What? Who? Role at Minaurum Goldcorp 8 million oz Los Filos Gold Deposit Discovered by David M Jones Director, Senior Geologist, Property Vendor Kinross 2 million oz Buckhorn Gold Deposit David M Jones, part of team credited with discovery Director, Senior Geologist, Property Vendor Excellon Resources Platosa Silver Mine Discovered by Dr. Peter Megaw Director, Consulting Geologist, Property Vendor MAG Silver Discovered by Dr. Peter Megaw 200 million oz Silver Juanicipio Deposit Director, Consulting Geologist, Property Vendor BHP Billiton 2.9MT copper, 7 million oz Gold OK Tedi Mine Underworld Resources $142 million takeover by Kinross Discovered by Gerald Rayner Senior Consulting Geologist Co-founded by Michael Williams Chairman West Timmins Mining $424 million merger with Lake Shore Gold Dr. Peter Megaw was property vendor Director, Consulting Geologist, Property Vendor 4
  5. 5. Accomplished Management Team Darrell Rader, BBA, President, CEO & Director Mining and exploration financer and operator. Served as manager of Corporate Development for Energold Drilling and IMPACT Silver Corp. (2003-2010) during which Energold expanded from 2 drill rigs to over 80 and had 22 consecutive profitable quarters. IMPACT Silver moved from early stage explorer into a profitable silver producer in Mexico. Stephen Maynard, M.S., Vice President Exploration Exploration geologist for over 30 years and worked with geological teams that discovered the 1.5-million-ounce gold Efemcukuru deposit in Turkey and Metallica Resources' 3million-ounce gold Cerro de San Pedro deposit in Mexico. Cale Moodie, CA, Chief Financial Officer Previously served as the CFO of both Underworld Resources prior to its acquisition by Kinross Gold and Sierra Geothermal prior to its acquisition by Ram Power. 5 Board of Directors: Michael Williams, Chairman David M. Jones, M.S. Peter Megaw, Ph.D. Richard Brissenden, CA. Lawrence Talbot , LLB Stephan Zimmermann, Ph.D.
  6. 6. Share Structure Lowell Copper 10% Retail 20% Institutions 50% Management 20% Symbol Shares Issued MGG:TSX.V 82,100,496 Options 3,300,000 Warrants 28,753,400 Fully Diluted 52 Week: Hi/Low Current Price: Market Cap Working Capital 6 114,153,896 C$0.20/ C$0.03 $0.125 $10M $0.25M
  7. 7. Project Portfolio – 4 Drill Ready Projects The 31M Oz Guerrero Gold Belt 7
  8. 8. What is the Guerrero Gold Belt? • The Guerrero Gold Belt (GGB) is becoming a world class district for gold mineral exploration with over 31 million ounces discovered in the last two decades within a 40 km trend. • Geological characteristics of an emerging mining district – BIG: Not one off deposits but multiple deposits that are unified by common geological characteristics – SYSTEMATIC: Processes that formed the deposits are part of the same geological system • If Big and Systematic, then you have a reasonable predictability and higher probability of discovery 8
  9. 9. First Mover into GGB South David M. Jones, Senior Geologist & Property Vendor for Minaurum Gold Inc. developed the exploration model that resulted in many of the Guerrero Gold Belt “GGB” discoveries. GGB now totals over 31 million ounces. Mining Companies Operating in the Guerrero Gold Belt Company Hectares Reserve (Au) Resource (Au) Market Cap Goldcorp Inc. No 9,000 7.7M oz 5.8M oz n/a Osisko Mining Corp. No 1,000,000 Torex Gold Yes 29,000 11.2M oz $691M Newstrike Capital Yes 88,000 2.2M oz $82M Alamos Gold Yes 15,000 1.6M oz n/a Cayden Resources Yes 17,000 80,000 oz $54M Minaurum Gold Yes 7,300 $10M Citation Resources 9 Primary Project Yes 38,000 $3M n/a
  10. 10. Major Mines & Deposits in “GGB” MGG Project: Vuelcos del Destino Project covers Intrusive complexes similar to current GGB Deposits Belt has very good infrastructure with paved roads, electricity and nearby cities. 10
  11. 11. Vuelcos del Destino – GGB Project • • Geology is identical to that of the Los Filos and Bermejal deposits • Extensive target areas identified by mapping, geochemical sampling, and airborne geophysics • Mapping and detailed sampling are currently underway for the purposes of drill target identification • 11 20 kilometers from Goldcorp’s Los Filos Mine Project Drill permitting underway for 7,500m drill program
  12. 12. Vuelcos del Destino – GGB Project Los Filos mineralized intrusion sample displayed next to in-situ Vuelcos intrusion 12
  13. 13. Vuelcos del Destino – GGB Project Coincident stream sediment geochemistry and VTEM aeromagnetic anomalies are consistent with Guerrero Gold Belt style mineralization 1 km 13
  14. 14. Mineral Discoveries Aurena - Gold Adelita - Copper 4,534 hectares Mineralized trend: 3.5km by 1km 8,449 hectares Drill Defined Target 2 drill defined Gold Zones First Zone: 1.8 km long Gold zone at depth and open along strike Second Zone: Near surface and open in three directions Copper porphyry measuring 3km by 1km 2012 drill assays: 105.2 metres of 1.03% Copper: including 41.9 m of 2.21% Copper; 0.93 g/t Gold and 77.5 g/t Silver & 201.4 metres of 0.52% Copper. Mineral Grade & Size Prograde gold skarn mineralization, typical deposits grade 6-8 g/t Au and total between 2-10 M oz Au Recent newly discovered mineralized skarn across 75m Exploration 19 holes drilled; 7,000m drill program completed 2,500m drill program completed Project District Scale Gold Skarn 14
  15. 15. Aurena - Gold in Soils Phase One 7,000m drilling complete Current Exploration Drilling Phase Two Drill program pending Gold mineralization remains open to the west, northwest, north, and at depth. 2nd phase drilling program will focus on delineating the extent of mineralization Hole AURC-11-001 From (m) 160.50 including AURC-11-002 AURC-11-005 39.50 0.00 4.50 including and AURC-11-007 34.50 and 125.20 including 15 7.66 1.14 29.05 2.22 1.99 19.15 43.50 13.50 48.00 40.50 2.75 2.83 27.60 48.00 4.50 28.50 8.50 47.16 29.05 8.45 Interval Au (g/t) (m) 20.50 1.45 173.50 47.16 44.33 including AURC-11-006 181.00 165.00 including To (m) 2.60 1.01 9.00 19.50 6.00 1.24 1.64 0.84 149.00 23.80 0.99 134.00 147.50 15.00 1.33
  16. 16. Adelita - Copper Porphyry/Skarn • • Strong Copper-Gold-Silver mineralization from surface to 300m depth at Cerro Grande • Mezquital target, 2km west of Cerro Grande is large porphyry system measuring over 20km2 • 16 Discovery holes (not true width): – 105.2 metres of 1.03% Copper including 41.9 m of 2.21% Copper; 0.93 g/t Gold and 77.5 g/t Silver – 201.4 metres of 0.52% Copper Directly adjacent to Pan American Silver’s Alamo Dorado mine
  17. 17. Project Pipeline Santa Marta Copper-Gold New VMS District Discovery in underexplored southern Oaxaca • Under option to Lowell Copper (JDL:TSX.V) to acquire up to 70% interest with exploration expenditures of $6M over 3 years and completion of a prefeasibility study in 5 years to earn 70% • Lowell is founded by J. David Lowell who has discovered 15 large scale mine discoveries including the Toromocho and La Escondida copper deposits • VMS Expert Dr. James Franklin noted that based on his visual inspection, “Santa Marta appears to be a major massive sulfide deposit…It has all of the classic 17 features of highly productive deposits…” Quartz-grain and clay-rich rock (white) on northwest side of pit, with iron-oxide crust cap, interpreted as leached sulfiderich rock (massive sulfide). Could be an exhalative silica cap on a VMS system. Iron-oxide crust extends 700m to north on ridge top.
  18. 18. Santa Marta – Copper Gold VMS District • 700m strike length of exposed massive gossan with a small historical pit. Mine active in late 1960s, produced 50k-70k tons of oxide copper ore; mine sampling averaged 1.7% copper over 33 meters, with up to 2.0 g/t gold and 37 g/t silver • Geological setting similar to San Nicolas and is a Noranda-like sequence • Recent sampling returned 1.1% Cu over 25m in oxidized rock. Surface sampling yielded up to 1.96 g/t Gold and 11.54% Copper • A Mine-era sample of hand-sorted mineralization reportedly contained 8.1% copper, 5.0 g/t Au, and 645 g/t Ag 18 Santa Marta Mine and dumps in middle, looking southsouth east. Ridge in foreground is covered by lateritelike iron-oxide crust which commonly runs more than 0.1% Cu.
  19. 19. Santa Marta – Copper Gold VMS District • Two drill targets: • Stringer Zone- exposed both laterally and vertically for several hundred metres along strike, mined historically • Massive Oxide-Silica zone – overlies stringer zone, traced for over 700m with average thickness between 75-100m • 2,500m approximate drill program planned totaling 13 holes for Spring 2014 19
  20. 20. Upcoming News Catalysts • Vuelcos del Destino gold project – 7,500m drilling program announcement once drill permits are complete – Located 19km from Goldcorp’s Los Filos Mine • Adelita copper-gold project & Aurena gold project – Advance projects further via potential joint venture option agreements – Additional surface work is planned at both projects • Santa Marta Project – Complete permitting with ongoing surface work for planned drill program in Spring 2014, funded by Lowell Copper 20
  21. 21. Contact Us Investor Relations Manager Sunny Pannu Tel: 778 330 0994 Email: Website: Visit our YouTube Channel 21