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Corporate Presentation


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Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Advanced Gold, Copper and Silver Exploration Mining Triangle, Nicaragua TSX.V: CXB January 2013
  2. 2. FORWARD LOOKING STATEMENTCertain statements in this document constitute “forward lookingstatements” which may not be based on historical fact. Such forward lookingstatements involve known and unknown risk, uncertainties and otherfactors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements ofthe Company, or industry results to be materially different from any futureresults, performance, or achievements expressed or implied by such forwardlooking statements. Such factors include, among others, the following: actualresults of exploration and development activities; the costs and timing ofthe development of new deposits; future prices of precious and base metals;accidents; risks inherent in mineral exploration; risks associated withdevelopment, construction and mining operations; restrictions on foreignownership; the Company’s history of operating losses and uncertaintyof future profitability; uncertainty of access to additional capital; andenvironmental liability claims and insurance. This presentation is not anoffer to purchase securities and does not constitute an offering documentunder Securities legislation.Mr. Gregory Smith, P.Geo, the President and CEO of the Company, is theQualified Person as defined by NI 43-101, and is responsible for the accuracyof the technical data and information.
  3. 3. 4 CALIBRE INVESTMENT HIGHLIGHTS CALIBREMINING.COM 5 Calibre’s Borosi Gold-Copper-Silver Project Mining Triangle of Northeast Nicaragua, Central America InvestMENT Highlights New Discovery: PRIMAVERA GOLD-COPPER PROJECT Stable Environment: PROLIFIC MINING DISTRICT » rimavera porphyry gold/copper discovery P » Stable government, with a political environment favorable » irty two drill holes completed totaling 13,414m Th to mining » iscovery drill hole (Jan. 2012): 261.7m grading 0.78 g/t Au, 0.30% Cu D » Prolific “Mining Triangle” has produced over 7.9M oz’s of gold » oint Venture with B2Gold. B2Gold(Nicaragua’s largest gold producer) J » Calibre and its partners control over 785 km of underexplored project 2 who earned a 51% interest in 322km2 of concessions by spending $8M area in the region » Extensive exploration program underway additional drilling in 2013 » Phase I 2013 Budget of $2.0M Team AND PARTNERS: Experienced, Successful » 25km2 porphyry gold/copper target area at Primavera » Calibre Mining Proven management with decades of mining and public company experience Established ProjectS: Proven PARTNERS » eatherstone Capital Strong history of success. Have created billions of F dollars in Shareholder Value » alibre 100%-owned NI 43-101 Compliant Inferred Resource totaling C 1,057,750 ozs Gold and 8,430,070 ozs Silver in three Gold-Silver Deposits » B2Gold Nicaragua’s largest gold producer with two mines and a strong portfolio of development assets » Calibre/Alder NI 43-101 Compliant Inferred Resource totaling 118,000 ozs Gold, 2.35 million ozs Silver, 108 million lbs Copper » Alder Resources Experienced management with focus on exploration in the Americas » alibre/B2Gold new discovery of the primavera gold/copper porphyry with C additional drilling in 2013
  4. 4. 6 CALIBRE TEAM CALIBREMINING.COM 7 EXPERIENCED Team PARTNERS Calibre Mining Corp B2Gold Greg Smith, P.Geo President CEO, Director Vancouver based gold producer led by Clive Johnson and Tom Garagan, » 25+ years exploration experience with both junior senior operations; with two gold mines in Nicaragua and a strong portfolio of development and » nvolved in successfully outlining 10+ million ounces of gold discoveries. I exploration assets in Nicaragua, Colombia, Uruguay and Namibia B2Gold was Paulo Santos, CA Chief Financial Officer founded in 2007 by the former executive and management team of Bema » 10+ years experience with public accounting, auditing, and regulatory Gold Corporation. compliance Edward Farrauto, CGA Director Alder Resources » 20+ years experience as CFO and director of public companies; Toronto-based junior exploration company with a focus on exploration for » Founder and director of several public companies; base and precious metals in the Americas. George Salamis Director » 20+ years exploration, development and operations experience; » resident CEO of Edgewater Exploration Ltd. P SHARE STRUCTURE Hon. John Reynolds, P.C. Director Issued Outstanding 187,910,918 » 35+ years experience in politics, former Member of Parliament, and a member of the Queen’s Privy Council for Canada; Options 16,105,000 Yamana Warrants 10,000,000 » Strategic Senior Advisor at McMillan LLP. B2Gold Warrants 10,000,000 Fully Diluted 224,015,918 Featherstone Capital Fully Diluted Cash Position $14,960,000 Douglas B. Forster, M.Sc., P.Geo Executive Chairman of the Calibre Board Working Capital ~$3,500,000 » President CEO of Featherstone Capital Inc. » 0+ years of resource project development, MA, equity finance and 3 SIGNIFICANT SHAREHOLDERS public company management; B2Gold Corp. 10.6% » Founder and director of numerous public companies; Management 10.0% Blayne Johnson Lead Director of Calibre Board » 25 years of capital markets experience; » Former VP of First Marathon Securities » hairman of Featherstone Capital Inc. C
  5. 5. 8 WORKING IN NICARAGUA CALIBREMINING.COM 9 BOROSI CONCESSION AREA Borosi Puerto Cabezas HONDURAS Concessions (Airport) Nicaragua: Stable, Under Explored Bonanza (Gold Mine) Riscos de Oro Mining Environment EL SALVADOR Siuna Rosita and Primavera » Democratic Republic with President Ortega elected to a new 5 year term in Nov. 2011 » Gold is Nicaragua’s No. 3 export NICARAGUA » Gold has helped Nicaragua’s economy grow by 4% annually in the past year, El Limon (Gold Mine) the highest rate in Central America B2GOLD CORP. » Annual gold production has more than doubled in the past 3 years La Libertad (Gold Mine) Pacific Ocean Managua B2GOLD CORP. » Supportive mining laws, including favourable tax regime Caribbean » 25 year exploration and 50 year exploitation permits Sea » Economist Intelligence Unit ranks Nicaragua as one of the safest countries Lake in Central America Nicaragua COSTA RICA 0 20 40 80 120 160km
  6. 6. 10 BOROSI CONCESSIONS AREA CALIBREMINING.COM 11 BOROSI GOLD, SILVER AND COPPER CALIBRE/B2Gold 1 PRIMAVERA CONCESSIONS – “Mining triangle” Gold-Copper 2 Minnesota Gold-Copper Borosi Concessions 100% CALIBRE 3 CERRO AEROPUERTO m Gold-Silver 5k 27 NICARAGUA Cerro Cola Blanca NI43-101 Inferred Resource Forest Reserve Managua 707,750 oz Au 3.14M oz Ag Riscos de Oro 7 Blag 4 LA LUNA Bonanza Gold-Silver Bonanza (Gold Mine) 5 Guapinol NI43-101 Inferred Resource 2.8M OZS PAST PRODUCTION 127,700 oz Au 1.74M oz Ag 2 Minnesota 4 5 RISCOS DE ORO La Luna Gold-Silver NI43-101 Inferred Resource Rosita 6 222,300 oz Au 4.14M oz Ag Santa Rita CALIBRE/ALDER RESOURCES Cerro Banacruz Forest Reserve 1 Primavera 6 Rosita Copper-Gold-Silver NI 43-101 Inferred Resource 108M lbs Cu Prospects 118,000 oz Au Montes de Oror 100% Calibre 2.35M oz Ag La Virgen Calibre-Alder Option Area 7 GuApinol Cerro Calibre-B2Gold Option Area Gold-Silver Siuna Aeropuerto 3 0 5 10 15 20km Historical Drilling LA LUZ (Gold Mine) 2.7M OZS PAST PRODUCTION
  7. 7. 12 PRIMAVERA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 13 AIRBORNE MAGnetic SURVEY PRIMAVERA GOLD/COPPER PROJECT PROJECT HIGHLIGHTS » Road accessible with national power grid located 1.2 km from the project, 8km from town of Rosita » Subdued topography with main land use being subsistence farming and ranching » Joint Venture with B2Gold: B2Gold have earned a 51% interest in Primavera, as well as 322 sq km of surrounding concessions, by spending $8M. B2Gold may elect, once earn-in is complete, to carry an individual prospect within the concession area through a Preliminary Feasibility Study for an additional 14% interest in the project » Updated Airborne geophysical survey completed over a large 5km by 5km interpreted intrusive/volcanic complex. Additional ground surveys underway » 32 drill holes completed totaling 13,414m » Extensive exploration program underway additional drilling in 2013 AIRBORNE RADIOMETRIC SURVEY » Primavera is geologically similar to Newcrest Mining Limited’s Cadia- Ridgeway porphyry gold/copper mine in NSW, Australia where underground and open pit reserves contain 23.6M oz Au and 8.3B lbs Cu* 0 2 Km*Newcrest Mining Limited website
  8. 8. 14 PRIMAVERA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 15 Borosi Concessions PRIMAVERA GOLD/COPPER PROJECT SOIL GEOCHEMISTRY 0km 20 40 GOLD IN SOIL GEOCHEMISTRY COPPER IN SOIL GEOCHEMISTRY TRENCH RESULTS HIGHLIGHTS Trench ID Interval (m) Gold (g/t) Copper (ppm) » ver 800 m by 300 m gold/copper soil geochemistry anomaly (open) O PRTR11-005 51.25 1.53 680 » dditional gold/copper soil geochem anomalies have been outlined in the A PRTR11-010 107.00 0.78 980 25km2 Primavera porphyry target area PRTR11-011 179.40 0.63 997 » renches returned long intervals of continuous gold/copper mineralization T PRTR11-012 58.00 0.70 1313 including 179.4m grading 0.63g/t Au and 997 ppm Cu PRTR11-013 49.50 0.25 1100 » hase I 2013 budget of $2.0M P PRTR11-014 51.70 0.42 1286
  9. 9. 16 PRIMAVERA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 17PRIMAVERA GOLD/COPPER PROJECT RESULTS Borosi Concessions PRIMAVERA DRILL PLAN» e higher grade Gold/copper porphyry mineralization has been intersected in drill Th holes over a 300m by 300m area and to a depth of 300m with mineralization comprised of quartz-magnetite-chalcopyrite-bornite veins and vein stockwork within broad zones of potassically and propylitically-altered intermediate volcanic and intrusive rocks 0km 20 40» rimavera is geologically similar to Newcrest Mining Limited’s Cadia-Ridgeway gold/ P copper mine (23.6M oz Au and 8.3B lbs Cu) PRIMAVERA SELECT DRILL RESULT HIGHLIGHTS* Drill Hole From To Length Gold Copper AuEq** (m) (m) (m) (g/t) (ppm) (g/t) PR-11-001 0.00 276.80 276.80 0.50 2,146 0.84 includes 0.00 103.00 103.00 0.85 3,240 1.36 PR-11-002 1.5 263.20 261.70 0.78 2,966 1.25 includes 1.5 209.00 207.50 0.89 3,378 1.42 includes 74.50 209.00 134.50 1.01 3,561 1.57 PR -11-003 4.00 327.20 323.20 0.41 1,843 0.70 includes 4.00 150.50 146.50 0.65 2,742 1.08 PR-12-005 207.50 372.50 165.00 0.31 1,713 0.58 PR-12-006 12.00 102.00 90.00 0.21 1,315 0.42 PR-12-007 7.70 255.00 247.30 0.22 1,097 0.39 includes 156.00 197.00 41.00 0.34 1,760 0.62 PR-12-008 107.65 280.00 172.35 0.48 2,401 0.86 includes 131.50 187.00 55.50 0.67 3,507 1.22 PR-12-10 79.00 94.40 15.40 0.59 4,325 1.27 PR-12-11 6.95 166.48 159.53 0.46 2,008 0.78 I ncludes 6.95 95.65 88.70 0.53 2,225 0.88 PR-12-013 24 46.5 22.5 0.44 2,090 0.77 PR-12-012 6 103 97 0.34 1,646 0.60 PR-12-016 0.00 201.35 201.35 0.77 3,567 1.34 includes 27.75 85.6 57.85 1.08 4,915 1.86 PR-12-023 0.00 455.80 455.80 0.20 1,138 0.39 PR-12-024 655.60 656.70 1.10 18.28 252 18.33 includes 673.00 674.50 1.50 11.95 2,373 12.33*Complete drill results available on Calibre Mining’s website**AuEq (g/t) Gold Equivalent calculated using 1,300/oz gold and $3.00/lb copper and metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns are assumed to be 100%Note: Holes 1-3 Jan. 20, 2012, Holes 4-10 April 16, 2012, holes 11-13 June 28, 2012 holes 14-32 Jan 2013
  10. 10. 18 PRIMAVERA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 19 Borosi Concessions PRIMAVERA GOLD/COPPER PROJECT DRILL HOLES PR11-002, PR12-008, PR12-011 DRILL HOLE PR12-008 0km 20 40 PR-12-011 PR-11-002 159.53m grading 0.46 261.70m grading 0.78 g/t Au, 0.20% Cu g/t Au, 0.30% Cu PR-12-008 247.35m grading 0.43 g/t Au, 0.21% Cu Au (g/t) Cu (%) PR11-002 INTERCEPTED: » 261.70m grading 0.78 g/t Au, 0.30% Cu » Continuos Gold-Copper Mineralization PR12-008 INTERCEPTED: » 247.35m grading 0.43 g/t Au, 0.21% Cu PR12-008 INTERCEPTED: including 172.35m grading 0.48 g/t Au, 0.24% Cu » 172.35m grading 0.48 g/t Au, 0.24% Cu PR12-011 PICTURED DRILL INTERCEPT ASSAYED » 159.53m grading 0.46 g/t Au, 0.20% Cu » .52m @ 0.59g/t Au and 0.29% Cu 5 including 88.7m grading 0.53 g/t Au, 0.22% Cu (Section 196.93m-202.45m of Hole PR12-008)*PR12-008/011 were analyzed at Inspectorate Labs in Vancouver
  11. 11. 20 PRIMAVERA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 21 PRIMAVERA PORPHYRY Gold/copper mineralization - DISTRICT POTENTIAL 2 25 Km Porphyry Gold/ Copper Target Area Porphyry SYSTEMS ARE KNOWN TO OCCUR IN CLUSTERS District Exploration Potential » Lidar Survey Completed » Updated airborne geophysical survey flown » Soil geochem grids expanded 0 2 Km » First pass IP survey completed
  12. 12. MINNESOTA PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 22 CALIBREMINING.COM 23 Borosi Concessions MINNESOTA PORPHYRY Gold/copper PROJECT 0km 20 40 GOLD IN SOIL GEOCHEMISTRY COPPER IN SOIL GEOCHEMISTRY INtrusive Rock INtrusive Rock Boundary Boundary TRENCH RESULTS HIGHLIGHTS » located 20 kilometres northwest of the Primavera gold-copper project Trench ID Interval (m) Gold (g/t) » successfully outlined porphyry-style mineralization delineated over 1.75km BRTR11-044 6.40 5.56 by 1.25km BRTR11-047 8.00 6.35 »5 00m by 250m gold and copper soil anomaly BRTR11-053 4.65 1.51 » 39.5 metres of face sampling of artisanal workings 3 BRTR11-054 6.00 2.12 BRTR11-057 12.80 1.27 » etailed geological mapping over 15 square kilometres and reconnaissance d geologic mapping over 52 square kilometres
  13. 13. 24 SELECTED PORPHYRY GOLD/COPPER DEPOSITS/MINES CALIBREMINING.COM 25 SELECTED PORPHYRY GOLD/COPPER DEPOSITS/MINES HONDURAS Deposit Tonnes Au Cu Au Eq. Contained Au Contained Cu (Mt) (g/t) (%) (g/t)* (Million ozs) (Billion lbs) Cerro Casale 1,200 0.59 0.22 0.94 23.1 5.78 Chapada 429 0.24 0.26 0.65 3.1 2.15 El Morro 537 0.49 0.52 1.31 8.2 6.08 PRIMAVERA Agua Rica 908 0.22 0.49 1.00 22.1 9.78 Porphyry Gold-Copper Project Maricung 269 0.70 0.00 0.70 6.0 0.00 Alumbrera 390 0.51 0.47 1.25 6.4 4.03 NICARAGUA Kemess South 109 0.71 0.23 1.07 2.5 0.56 Mt. Milligan 531 0.34 0.20 0.66 6.0 2.12 Cobra Panama 2,143 0.07 0.41 0.72 4.9 19.59 Caribbean Sea Cerro Colorado 1,400 0.08 0.78 1.31 3.5 24.00 Cadia-Ridgeway 1,290 0.58 0.30 1.06 23.6 8.30 Primavera** - 0.59 0.26 1.01 - - * Au Eq. (g/t): Gold Equivalent calculated using $1,300/oz gold and $3.00/lb copper and metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns COBRA PANAMA are assumed to be 100%. 19.6 B lbs Copper, 4.9M ozs Gold ** Weighted average grade of PR-11-001, PR- COSTA RICA 11-002, PR-11-003, PR-12-008, PR-12-016 and PR-12-023 Resource Information derived from Website Sources. Pacific Ocean PANAMA CERRO COLORADO 24.8 B lbs Copper, 3.5M ozs Gold
  14. 14. 26 RISCOS DE ORO PROJECT CALIBREMINING.COM 27 Borosi Concessions RISCOS DE ORO PROJECT DISTRICT POTENTIAL 0km 20 40 100% CALIBRE OWNED » ow Sulfidation Epithermal Gold-Silver Vein District L » omparable to nearby Bonanza Camp in geology, mineralization, and C structure (past production of +2.8 million ozs Au) » old – Silver System extends over 7 km from the El Paraiso and Murcielago G targets Northeast towards Riscos de Oro » ompleted 9,427m of resource delineation drilling at Riscos in 37 holes C with epithermal gold-silver intercepts including 7.69 g/t Au, 211.80 g/t Ag over 10.6m » istoric trenching at Murcielago adit 7.0 Km SW of Riscos returned H 12.4 g/t Au over 3.0 metres NI 43-101 GOLD/SILVER RESOURCE AT RISCOS DE ORO 100% CALIBRE OWNED Calibre Mining Corp. Inferred Resource (using a 0.6 g/t AuEq cutoff grade) Tonnes and Grade Total Ounces Zone Tonnes Grade Grade Grade Contained Au Contained Ag Contained (g/t) (Au g/t) (Aq g/t) (AuEq g/t) (ounces) (ounces) (ounces AuEq) Upper 1,539,000 2.45 64.42 3.46 121,200 3,188,000 Lower 620,000 5.07 47.87 5.82 101,000 954,000 Total 2,159,000 3.20 59.67 4.14 222,300 4,142,000 287,100 1. CIM definition standards were followed for the resource estimate.2. The 2012 resource models used Inverse Distance grade estimation within a three-dimensional block model with mineralized zones defined by wireframed solids.3. A base cutoff grade of 0.6 g/t AuEq was used for reporting resources with capping of silver grades at 591 g/t.4. A density of 2.65 g/cm3 was applied.5. Numbers may not add exactly due to rounding.6. Gold Equivalent (AuEq) calculated using $1264 /oz Au for gold and $19.78/oz Ag for silver and metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns are assumed to be 100%.7. Mineral Resources that are not mineral reserves do not have economic viability8. The quantity and grade of reported inferred resources in this estimation are uncertain in nature and there has been insufficient exploration to define these inferred resources as an indicated or measured mineral resource and it is uncertain if further exploration will result in upgrading them to an indicated or measured mineral resource category.
  15. 15. 28 CERRO AEROPUERTO AND LA LUNA PROJECTS CALIBREMINING.COM 29 NI 43-101 GOLD/SILVER RESOURCES CERRO AEROPUERTO, LA LUNA Riscos Borosi Concessions 100% CALIBRE OWNED Calibre Mining Corp. Inferred Resource (using a 0.6 g/t AuEq cutoff grade) 0km 20 40 Tonnes and Grade Total Ounces La Luz Mine Deposit Tonnes Gold Silver Au Eq1 Gold Silver Au Eq1 (g/t) (g/t) (g/t) (oz) (oz) (oz) Cerro Aeropuerto 6,052,000 3.64 16.16 3.89 707,750 3,144,500 757,000 La Luna 2,539,000 1.56 14.01 1.78 127,700 1,143,570 146,000 Risco 2,159,000 3.20 59.67 4.14 222,300 4,142,000 287,000 1,057,750 8,430,070 1,190,0001. * or Cerro Aeropuerto La Luna Gold Equivalent (Au Eq) calculated using gold price of US$1,058/oz and silver price F of US$16.57 /oz and for Riscos a gold price of US$1264/oz and silver price of US$19.78/oz. Assumes metallurgical recoveries and net smelter returns are to be 100%2. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have economic viability.3. A base cutoff grade of 0.6 g/t AuEq was used. Riscos estimate used a capping of silver grades at 591 g/t. a density of 2.65 g/cm3 was applied. Numbers may not add exactly due to rounding. CERRO AEROPUERTO DRILL HOLES NI 43-101 COPPER/GOLD/SILVER RESOURCES AT ROSITA Borosi Concessions Joint Venture with AlDer Resources Calibre Mining Corp. and Alder Resources Inferred Resource (using a 0.15% Copper cutoff grade) 0km 20 40 Tonnes and Grade Total Resources Deposit Tonnes Gold Silver Cu Gold Silver Cu (g/t) (g/t) (%) (oz) (oz) (lbs) Rosita Stock Piles 7,950,000 0.46 9.20 0.62 118,000 2.35M 108M1. Base case is reported at a 0.15% copper equivalent cut-off grade which incorporates consideration of mining and processingcost, recoveries, commodity prices and selling cost.2. Estimate assumes a long term copper price of US$2.90/lb, a gold price of US$1,200/oz and a silver price of US$24/oz.3. Rounding as required by NI 43-101 reporting guidelines may result in apparent summation differences.4. Tonnage and grade measurements are in metric units. Contained gold and silver ounces are reported as troy ounces, containedcopper pounds as imperial pounds.5. Mineral resources that are not mineral reserves do not have demonstrated economic viability. The estimate of mineral resourcesmay be materially affected by environmental, permitting, legal, title, taxation, sociopolitical, marketing, or other relevant issues.6. The quantity and grade of reported inferred mineral resources in this estimation are uncertain in nature and there has been LA LUNA DRILL HOLESinsufficient exploration to define these inferred mineral resources as indicated or measured mineral resources and it is uncertain iffurther exploration will result in upgrading them to indicated or measured mineral resources.
  16. 16. 30 CALIBRE/ALDER OPTION CALIBREMINING.COM 31 Borosi Concessions FORMER SANTA RITA COPPER-GOLD MINE CALIBRE/ALDER OPTION 0km 20 40 » ptioned to Alder Resources; Alder to spend C$4.0 million over the O next four years to earn a 65% stake in Calibre’s Rosita D Concession » osita D concession: 3,356 hectares - only 5% of Calibre’s concessions R in the Mining Triangle » istoric open pit Santa Rita copper-gold mine: total historic H production from skarn mineralization estimated at 305 M lbs of Cu, 177,737 ozs of Au, and 2,629,720 ozs of Ag from 5,924,572 tons of ore (Arengi, 2002) » n May 9, 2012 Alder Resources Announced a NI 43-101 Inferred O Resource estimate of 7.95 Mt averaging 0.62% Cu, 0.46 g/t Au, and 9.2g/t Ag. Containing 108 M lbs copper, 118,500 oz gold and 2.35 M oz of silver » igh grade copper/gold/silver zone identified 5.21% Cu, 4.40 g/t Au H » hase One exploration commenced, including 8,000 metres of P and 144g/t Ag over 12.1 metres with additional work ongoing diamond drilling. Results to date include: 8.0m grading 29.54 g/t Au and 8.0m grading 6.9 g/t Au (Alder news Release Sept 5, 2012)
  17. 17. 32 33 Summary EXPLORATION TIME LINE NEWS Flow » icaragua provides a favorable, stable, environment N for mining. 2013 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Exploration for Porphyry Calibre/B2Gold Option » alibre’s 100% owned gold-silver deposits host C Gold/Copper Systems 100% Calibre owned concessions inferred resources of 1,057,750 oz Au and 8,430,070 oz Ag (1,190,000 oz AuEq) Target Delineation Drilling Primavera / Calibre/B2Gold Rosita Copper Project / Calibre/Alder Resources Option »C alibre Mining, Featherstone Capital, B2Gold, and Data Review Riscos de Oro / Cerro Aeropuerto / La Luna / 100% Alder Resources are an established, experienced team Calibre who control over 785 km2 of underexplored territory Drill results from Santa Rita and Primavera + regional porphyry gold/ RESULTS in an area that has already produced more than 7.9M copper exploration and drill programs oz’s of gold. » ew porphyry gold-copper discovery at Primavera N with district potential. INFORMATION Mark Carruthers »B 2Gold has spend $8M to earn into a joint venture Manager, Investor Relations with Calibre Mining with an Phase I 2013 budget of (604) 681.9944 $2.0M approved Calibre Mining Corp. 1620 – 1066 West Hastings St. Vancouver, BC V6E 3X1 TSX.V: CXB
  18. 18. Calibre Mining Corp.1620 – 1066 West Hastings St.Vancouver, BC V6E 3X1TSX.V: