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Viral marketing and a few campaigns

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  • professor in December 1996 – article for a magazine fast company.a venture capitalist in 1997 to describe
  • A million clip views
  • circulated in lakhs
  • through creating situations were people could drive one of the cars for free if they agreed to talk about it with their friends.
  • A viral message presented as \"clues\", such as graffiti appearing in cities with key viral words, is often used to direct people to search out the presented \"mystery\".
  • Viral Marketing

    1. 1. definition … “Giving people a reason to talk about your products and services, and making it easier for that conversation to take place. It is the art and science of building active, mutually beneficial consumer-to-consumer and consumer-to-marketer communications.”
    2. 2. 76% people are ‘more 87 % of Internet accessing comfortable’ with a Indians still trust product if recommendations from others recommended by a over any other kind of friend. advertising, making word-of- mouth advertising the most - Reader’s Digest 2004 powerful tool in the industry. - AC Neilson global survey - 2006 word-of-mouth by a friend carry twice as much weight in making a purchase decision compared to any information from mass advertising. GFK – one of the leading market research firms in Germany - 2006
    3. 3. subsets … Buzz marketing Viral marketing
    4. 4. Importance (marketer’s point of view) • Information overload • Skepticism • connectivity
    6. 6. AXE EFFECT
    7. 7. 3M
    8. 8. Viral marketing …
    9. 9. definition … • Any strategy that encourages individuals to pass on a marketing message to others, creating the potential for exponential growth in the message's exposure and influence. Viral marketing is a self-propagating marketing technique. It is spread from person to person across the Internet. Jeffery Rayport - Harvard Business School Steve Jurvetson - Hotmail's e-mail practice of advertising.
    10. 10. Viral videos have expanded from a negligible piece of the 91 percent of internet users advertising pie to a 100 to 150 pass on viral messages to million dollars industry atleast one friend -research estimates - Jupiter communication (e- marketing strategies) 83 percent of youth 55 percent of viral visit a majority of video views are a websites because of result of links sent from friends recommendations
    11. 11. Campaign seeding  “Seeding” is the act of planting the campaign with the initial group who will then go on to spread the campaign to others. • Email • Online Forums (Google groups) • Social Networks (, • IM (MSN, Google) • Blogs  Word of mouth is a decaying function.  Viral marketing is a compounding function.
    12. 12. Playing by the element of a niche or  exclusive. Attached a tag at the bottom of every  email sent out to others - quot;Get Your Private, Free Email at Absolutely no money spent on ” marketing Hotmail spent a mere $50,000  Only a few selected members were  allowed to register 12 million people signed up in the first  year and a half. The only way to sign up for the service  was through a referral sent by an existing member Hotmail had over 2,70,000 new  accounts being established each day Resulted in bidding for gmail invites on  ebay
    13. 13. Reasons for growth • Great reach • Low costs - Pyramids can be built in a day, not years. • High efficiency- exponential growth • High credibility – eg. hotmail, gmail • Cuts through the clutter of traditional advertising • Not an interruptive technique
    14. 14. Ooops .. Brand Control no control over the content – eg Sony Playstation Uncharted Growth Spam Threats Lost in the crowd – security threat
    15. 15. Types of viral’s Pass-along A message at the bottom of an e-mail or forward that prompts the reader to pass it. The success of this method depends on how interesting or exciting or believable the message is.  Simple emails- Mazda campagin  Face book applications  Snapfish photo sharing  AA insurance services campaign- argue- mate  Viral videos
    16. 16. Cadbury’s Gorilla campaign for Cadburys The spot was viewed almost 5,00,000 times on YouTube the week after its release. Resulted in a 9 % rise in sales of Dairy Milk chocolate bars
    17. 17. Thakur ka inteqaam :@
    18. 18. Incentivised viral  Offering rewards for providing someone's address.  Matchstick was hired by Ford Canada to help launch the Zephyr line of cars  India Samsung X series of Notebook PCs. The campaign sought to increase brand awareness through an online contest.  This campaign managed to pull 50,000 participants to the site and delivered very good results.
    19. 19. Bluffmaster • You have won a staggering $100,000. • Net result: A total of 30,000 users participated in this campaign, and sent it to another 78,000 people.
    20. 20. Undercover A.K.A Stealth Marketing A viral message presented as quot;cluesquot;, such as graffiti appearing in cities with key viral words to direct people to search out the presented quot;mysteryquot;. Jassi Jasi koi nahi- “Waiting for Jassi” - banners People going to malls chanting “Jassi Jassi”. Dighen Verma Iris- halo gaming.
    21. 21. the Batman story …
    22. 22. SMS trail … … VANILLA COKE Wakau campaign. 4,40,000 SMS responses in four weeks XBOX users could win wireless keyboard and mouse by forwarding the SMS with the XBOX offer to their friends.
    23. 23. References • e marketing strategies – Frank Fiore • e marketing excellence - P R Smith and Dave Chaffea • The Anatomy of a Buzz – Emauel Rossen • www.advertising - Alastair Cambell • ( word of mouth marketing association)