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www.cnlsoftware.comCNL Software Case StudyCity of Atlanta - Safe CityDecember 2012
City of AtlantaThe City of Atlanta has a population of over 420,000. It isthe cultural and economic center of the Atlanta ...
To protect citizens, commerce and infrastructure, the Cityneeded to be confident that the tools and technologiesselected h...
Dave Wilkinson, President and CEO, Atlanta Police Foundationcommented “We are leveraging the private sector investmentin c...
www.cnlsoftware.comCopyright © 2012 CNL Software. All rights reserved. IPSecurityCenter is a trademark of CNL Software. Al...
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CNL Software PSIM Presentation Case Study - Atlanta Safe City


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The City of Atlanta has a population of over 420,000. It is
the cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitan
area, which is home to more than five MILLION people and
is the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States.
Additionally, Atlanta is one of the United States’ leading
tourist destinations, both for American residents and those
visiting the U.S. from abroad. In 2010, the City was the
seventh-most visited city in the United States with over 35
MILLION visitors per year.

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CNL Software PSIM Presentation Case Study - Atlanta Safe City

  1. 1. www.cnlsoftware.comCNL Software Case StudyCity of Atlanta - Safe CityDecember 2012
  2. 2. City of AtlantaThe City of Atlanta has a population of over 420,000. It isthe cultural and economic center of the Atlanta metropolitanarea, which is home to more than five MILLION people andis the ninth largest metropolitan area in the United States.Additionally, Atlanta is one of the United States’ leadingtourist destinations, both for American residents and thosevisiting the U.S. from abroad. In 2010, the City was theseventh-most visited city in the United States with over 35MILLION visitors per year.Protecting CitizensEnsuring the safety and security of citizens and visitors is keyto the success and progress of any city. This is especially truefor Atlanta, one of the most multi-cultural cities in the U.S.,which is attracting investment from across the globe. As withany large city, Atlanta is becoming more reliant on the use ofvisual intelligence to enable improved situational awareness,which helps to identify and resolve security incidents fasterand more incisively.Over the years, the City of Atlanta has invested in a numberof surveillance systems to provide law enforcement andother public safety professionals with visual intelligence, wellbefore first responders arrive on scene. Recently, the Cityupgraded aging analog cameras to digital, and moved fromleased line to wireless backhaul. Historically, these systemshad all operated independently and had been located acrossa wide geography.Operation ShieldGovernment agencies across the U.S. are working hard toincrease collaboration on public safety efforts to achievebetter efficiency and effectiveness in leveraging publicsecurity assets.Oneofthemostcosteffectivemethodstoincreasetheamountand quality of intelligence available to government agenciesis to deploy a centralized camera integration center. Atlantaapproached this challenge by launching Operation Shield in2007, through the Atlanta Security Council. Operation Shieldis a three-pronged security program designed to leverageexisting infrastructure (cameras and radio communications)through engaging the private sector and various governmentagencies. The most recent development in Operation Shieldhas been the establishment of a centralized Video IntegrationCenter (VIC) by the City of Atlanta Police Department. The VICis a rapidly-developing surveillance network which provides24/7 real time crime prevention, emergency preparednessand heightened response capability throughout the City.City of Atlanta - Safe CityDecember 2012 Confidential © 2012 CNL Software Page 1Dave Wilkinson, President & CEO of the Atlanta PoliceFoundation commented, “The Atlanta Police Department hasa plan in place to utilize technology in its mission to reducecrime. Atlanta has launched Operation Shield which will notonly leverage cameras, but also data and video analytics tobetter fight crime bringing the crime numbers down evenlower than their 30 year low of today.”Operation Shield’s three-pronged success formula; videointegration, COMNET (radio network for private security tocommunicatewithAPDinrealtime),andtextalertsisenablingVIC stakeholders to effectively bridge communication gapsbetween the Atlanta Police Department, participatingagencies and entities and the City’s business community.A Next Generation SolutionGrant Hawkins, Vice President of Programs & StrategicProjects, Atlanta Police Foundation explained “The OperationShield team visited numerous cities throughout the UnitedStates and was able to note best practices, lessons learned,and be exposed to the latest technology in action. Thisresearch and planning gave Operation Shield’s leadershipthe tools and knowledge to design and build a system thatbrings together key aspects of the best video integrationprojects from around the United States to the Atlanta PoliceDepartment with best in class tools and technologies toreduce crime and respond to emergency situations.”Facts and Figures• 2,000 police officers• 8,376 square miles• 36,241 Victims of Crime 2011• 35 MILLION visitors per year• 420,000 residents in the City limits• Over Five MILLION resident in Metropolitan area• 9th largest metro area in the U.S.
  3. 3. To protect citizens, commerce and infrastructure, the Cityneeded to be confident that the tools and technologiesselected had been proven within the Safe City framework.They selected CNL Software’s IPSecurityCenter as thecommand and control platform as it was deployed in thelargest and most complex Safe City projects in the world.IPSecurityCenter works by connecting the diverse range ofsystems into the operating platform, ensuring operators donot need to learn the underlying technology, allowing themto focus on the situations that are occurring. The systemhas given the Atlanta Police Department the capabilityto integrate public and private video systems, video withcomputer aided dispatch (CAD), into an integrated suite ofemergency dispatch applications allowing call takers anddispatchers to manage incident information more efficiently.Public/Private PartnershipsThe Atlanta Police Department and the Atlanta PoliceFoundation have accomplished their vision to developone of the United States’ strongest public-private sectorpartnerships. Atlanta is becoming the model city for public/private sector partnerships providing significant benefitsto the citizens and visitors of the area. City leadership hasleveraged the partnerships to deliver a sound foundation forOperation Shield and is poised to expand its current state tobecome the standard for Safe City projects across the nation.In addition to providing funding and competencies, theAtlanta Police Foundation has been instrumental in facilitatingthe resolution of one of the biggest challenges faced whenestablishing the Video Integration Center: addressing thesize and scale of the integration which is driven by thedisparate and legacy nature of video systems across the City,other governmental entities, and the private sector. UsingIPSecurityCenter, cameras owned by organizations usingproprietary technologies, can be targeted for integration. Forexample, the City’s Metro Atlanta Rail and Transit Authority(MARTA) operates more than 1,300 cameras, which werepreviously only accessible in the MARTA command center.Likewise, Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, the world’sbusiest airport, had its own proprietary camera systems,which will also be connected, to the Video Integration Center.Similarly, and as is typical across the nation, the GeorgiaDepartment of Transportation (GDOT) spent millions ofdollars deploying a statewide camera system which only fedinformation into the GDOT Traffic Control Center. The City ofAtlanta is also home to two of the State’s largest universitiesand 7 colleges, each with their own security systems.As part of their vision, the City also wanted to integrate alarge number of private cameras located in the City, fromsources ranging from the CNN Center and Coca-Cola to theDecember 2012 Confidential © 2012 CNL Software Page 2City of Atlanta - Safe CityPublix Supermarkets and the sizeable number of Fortune500 companies located in the City – further increasing thecomplexity of bringing all of these systems into one commonplatform.Increased Situational AwarenessOnce connected to the IPSecurityCenter platform, a commonset of controls will be available for all video sources, enablingoperators to seamlessly move from a camera located on adowntown street to one located in a shopping mall to onelocated in a bus station, allowing operators to observeincidents as they unfold. Increasing the partnership withother agencies, the Video Integration Center will be able toinstantly distribute and share this intelligence to all relevantstakeholders enabling rapid responses following incidents.Through development of one common operating platform,the City of Atlanta is able to work with various agencies,entities and develop protocols for preventing, detecting, andresponding to unfolding events. The information sharingnetwork provides a new approach to a safer city.Increasing EfficienciesCrime, by its nature, has significant costs to any city - Itscosts are far greater than the direct costs associated withpolicing. Some of the key cost reductions resulting from theIPSecurityCenter solution include reducing policing coststhrough greater efficiency, reduced overall crime levels,increased incarceration rates and faster prosecution throughthe courts and legal system.IPSecurityCenter also offers other involved agenciessignificant capital cost savings because, by tapping into theVIC, they do not need to bring their own infrastructure tolevels of tools and technologies now provided by the VIC.The ability to access video from private enterprise furthersthe attractiveness of the return on investment for the system.
  4. 4. Dave Wilkinson, President and CEO, Atlanta Police Foundationcommented “We are leveraging the private sector investmentin cameras and infrastructure – making Operation Shield aunique model - allowing the Atlanta Police Department, ata substantially lower cost, to keep citizens and visitors safe.”Intelligence Driven PolicingOperation Shield’s future continues to grow with APD’sdeployment of an Integrated Predictive Policing (IPP) Model,which is transforming policing across the United States.Predictive policing models are the newest tools for lawenforcement using advanced technological tools and dataanalysis to take proactive measures to “pre-empt” crime. Bycombining Video Integration, multi-agency crime data andpublic records with other analytic technologies, OperationShield effectively provides crime reduction and accountability,while serving as a force multiplier and increasing resourceefficiency.IPSecurityCenter is enabling Atlanta to implement the IPPmodel. It would not be viable to manage the vast amount ofvideo coming into the VIC without IPSecurityCenter’s abilityto intelligently catalogue, map and visualize the right videoat the right time with data elements already on file. Oneunique feature of this system is its ability to integrate manyof the newest social media analytics. Officers and Detectivesidentify emerging crime trends and are able to predict wherecrimes are likely to occur by using social media analysis, datamining techniques and other advanced analytics to identifytrends, major actors, associates, and elements of crimes.Following an incident, when seconds count most, thesystem provides exceptional connectivity tools allowingcamera images to be rapidly referenced against analyticsand data providing a clear picture to responders. Armedwith immediate situational awareness, operators are able torespond to incidents with greater accuracy and can ensurethe most appropriate response to combat threats, crime andanything that can jeopardize the safety of citizens, commerceand infrastructure.Police Commanders can more effectively manage resourcesand deploy patrol officers in areas with emerging crimetrends and stop crime before it impacts a community.Commanders issue crime-fighting strategies based on ananalysis of crime patterns, enabling officers to multiplytheir capabilities through an expansive array of innovativetechnologies including sensors, video cameras, license platereaders, automatic vehicle location, geo-spatial correlationand facial recognition technology.December 2012 Confidential © 2012 CNL Software Page 3City of Atlanta - Safe CityVisualization and ReportsEvery agency has its own need for management informationand reporting. The system provides an enterprise levelreporting engine, automating and delivering effectivereports and statistics on overall system performance, deviceavailability, operational effectiveness and any of the SOPsdefined by the City.IPSecurityCenter delivers a custom dashboard solution fusingdisparate security technologies into one common platform.This results in reduced training time and greater operationalefficiency for the officers, police department and the City.Citywide integrated data is presented geo-spatially on theOperation Shield dashboard. This common operating viewprovides domain awareness and a real time visual of theCity’s crime trends.More than Crime ReductionAs with any enterprise level system, there is a constant needto increase the system, in terms of the number of users,geographic coverage and new functionality. IPSecurityCenterallowsaneasymigrationpathtoincorporatenewtechnologiessuch as gunshot detection systems, tracking systems andsmart video (like LPR) and analytics – all helping to enablegreater intelligence driven policing.IPSecurityCenter offers integration capability allowing Atlantato lead the way in intelligent policing. It provides the Citywith the framework needed to reach both public and privatesystems, which is required to realize the City’s vision forpublic-private partnerships in the foreseeable future. Soonit will also allow Atlanta to make material improvements inareas of public safety other than crime, such as flood plainmonitoring and fire and other emergency services, makingAtlanta a Safer City.
  5. 5. www.cnlsoftware.comCopyright © 2012 CNL Software. All rights reserved. IPSecurityCenter is a trademark of CNL Software. All other trademarks and registered trademarks are the property of their respective owners.Contact UsCNL Software USA11715 Fox Road, Suite 400-190Indianapolis, IN 46236 USATel: +1.317.522.0313CNL Software UKCNL House, Lower Guildford RoadKnaphill, Surrey, GU21 2EP, UKTel: +44 (0)1483 480088Email : info@cnlsoftware.comWeb www.cnlsoftware.comMCS/102/1212About CNL SoftwareCNL Software is a world leader and global providerof Physical Security Information Management (PSIM)software, designed for complete Integrated SituationManagement. Our award winning PSIM technology isdeployed to secure major cities, critical infrastructure andglobal commerce. CNL’s software sits at the heart of someof the largest, most complex and ground-breaking securityintegration projects in the world. Our work with leadingorganizations is helping to shape the future of security byoffering thought leadership on key issues such as assetprotection, energy reduction, process compliance andbusiness advantage in converged physical environments.About IPSecurityCenterTMIPSecurityCenter is the ultimate PSIM software basedintegration and management platform. It connects andmanages disparate building and security technologiessuch as video surveillance, life critical systems, radar,analytics, HVAC, PIDS, GPS tracking and GIS mapping.Through aggregating intelligence from these systems, itallows organizations to react faster and more preciselyto incidents. IPSecurityCenter provides operators withreal-time Situational Awareness through a CommonOperating Picture (COP) and following an alert, alarm orevent presents step by step process guidance, ensuringcomplete compliance to security policies.