Secret to a good Night's Sleep


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some secrets for a goodnight’s sleep to improve the quality of your sleep and ultimately the quality of your life. If we are well rested in the morning then our work efficiency too improved drastically.

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Secret to a good Night's Sleep

  1. 1. Call Us at: 1-800-993-1012 www.AdjustableBed.TV Secret to a Good Night's Sleep
  2. 2. Quality of life depends on the quality of good night's sleep. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  3. 3. Now a days new technique called Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is applied to balance body and bioenergy system which results in long lasting improved quality of sleep. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  4. 4. Listening to music or relaxation music CDs is of excellent aid I welcoming sleep. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  5. 5. It is good to avoid before bed snacks for it can change blood sugar levels drastically. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  6. 6. www.AdjustableBed.TV Complete darkness is helpful to sleep deeply.
  7. 7. Don’t watch TV before bed time it stimulates the brain increasing the thought activity. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  8. 8. Wearing socks helps if you have poor circulation of blood. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  9. 9. www.AdjustableBed.TV Reading spiritual or religious books can also help.
  10. 10. www.AdjustableBed.TV Using sun alarm clock is very beneficial.
  11. 11. www.AdjustableBed.TV Writing down the thoughts in a diary does help to relax.
  12. 12. Fixing a time to sleep at particular time daily is good. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  13. 13. Check the temperature of bedroom it should not be very hot or very cold. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  14. 14. www.AdjustableBed.TV Eat a high-protein snack several hours before bed. This can provide the L-tryptophan need to produce melatonin and serotonin
  15. 15. Avoid caffeine and alcohol it is harmful. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  16. 16. Take hot bath, shower, sauna before bed. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  17. 17. Don’t keep the clock in direct view of eyes while sleeping. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  18. 18. Exercise regularly. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  19. 19. Wear eye mask. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  20. 20. Use good quality of mattress and pillows. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  21. 21. Make use of adjustable bed to improve quality of sleep. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  22. 22. Invest in health with a good, affordable and remote operated adjustable bed. www.AdjustableBed.TV
  23. 23. Affordable Adjustable Beds As Seen On TV Call Us at: 1-800-993-1012 www.AdjustableBed.TV