Location tracking and_allerting_apparatus_and_method


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my presentation regarding the possibility for tracking the hostages or people in danger....

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Location tracking and_allerting_apparatus_and_method

  1. 1. LOCATION TRACKING AND ALLERTING APPARARTUS AND METHOD Potharaju S R Aditya S.Sahithya M.S -Software Engineering M.S -Software Engineering Vellore Institute of Technology Vellore Institute of Technology Ph: +91-9789685001 Ph: +91-9786720112 aditya992005@gmail.com muthyamsahi185@yahoo.com Abstract a mobile terminal during periods ofThis invention describes a product that is emergency and for alerting friends, familyused during emergency incidents where the and other contacts of that user of thelocation of people can be used to track who status of that user. In the event of suddencould have been involved in the incident for emergencies arising such as terroristexample Industrial Accidents, Extreme incidents , major industrial accidents orWeather, Natural Disasters, Terrorist natural disasters , people naturally need toAttacks etc.The service locates people using be reassured that their friends and family aredevices they carry with them typically their safe. That is, either that they are not near themobile phone through GPS satellite. The site of the emergency or that, if they are inpeoples locations are compared to the the vicinity, that they are accounted for andlocation and radius of the incident and the safe.probability that they may have beeninvolved in the incident is determined Most people carry or have access to mobile(possible or low probability).People are communications devices, such as mobilealso automatically contacted by a variety of phones (cell phones), network PDAs and someans for example SMS to their mobile on and these can be used to inform theand they are asked to confirm their status. contacts of the mobile user that the user isTheir status is automatically updated and safe. However, in the event of majoravailable to people who they have linked incidents, telecommunication networks oftenthemselves to via the service. The present become overloaded. Thus, if a user findsinvention arose in an attempt to provide an himself in the vicinity of an emergencyimproved method for locating and tracking situation or may be a short distance outsideusers of mobile terminals and for alerting it, he is often not able to inform his friendstheir contacts with their status details. and family immediately that he is safe. Even if he is, he needs to call each separate contact individually and this also adds to the1. Introduction problem of congestion of the telecommunications networks.This invention relates to a method andapparatus for locating and tracking a user of
  2. 2. The present invention arose in an attempt to status using a messaging service. Thisprovide an improved method for locating information can then be used multiple timesand tracking users of mobile terminals and by all people who are associated with that person. This highly streamlinedfor alerting their contacts with their status communication leads to fast and efficientdetails feedback of everyones status to all interested parties. With previously proposed systems, each individual colleague, family2. Related Work member or other members must contact the user individually to determine his status. Essentially, the invention relates to a A person can use a number of methods tomethod of effectively locating a mobile sign up for the service and interact (forterminal (and therefore the user of the example: web, mobile, messaging, IVR, callmobile terminal) during an emergency or centre). They can then use any of theseother incident and of being able to establish methods to manage a group or groups ofwhether the user, based upon his position people that they are interested in knowingrelative to the incident, is likely to be safe or the status of during an emergency incident.not. If he is at sufficient distance from theincident or the incidents epicentre then a During an incident, the incident details aremessage is sent to a number of first been entered into the system. Thepredetermined contacts or other users in a system will use any one of a number ofgroup in effect stating that that user is OK. technologies to both locate appropriateThat is, he is at a sufficiently safe distance users and find their distance from theaway from the incident and so he is incident . These methods could be forunaffected by it. If the user is determined to example: personal GPRS based devices,be less than a predetermined distance from PDAs or smart cell phones equipped withthe incident epicentre, then the user may or GPS (global positioning service) receiversmay not be safe. In this instance, this new or other satellite positioning systems. Cellinnovative system automatically generates a phone infrastructure configured to report themessage and it is sent to the users mobile location of its customers cell phone toterminal requesting a response regarding the selected organisations and companies orstatus of the user. If the user responds with other location determining methods ora predefined message such as `Im OK` or technologies.similar, then the system is also arranged tosend an appropriate message to that The system will also contact people via oneparticular users predetermined contacts or more messaging service to confirm orindicating that despite of his proximity to determine their status. This can bethe incident he has confirmed that he is safe. prioritised based on their location and distance from the incident. The messaging This invention provides an effective way to can be for example: email, instantknow the status of friends, colleagues and messaging, mobile instance messaging, SMSfamily members during an emergency (short message service), MMS, paging,incident. Each person can be located just outgoing IVR, or other communicationonce using LBS (Location Based Services) service or technology.and are preferably just once or if necessarythey are asked more than once about their
  3. 3. Based on the location and the response, the product determines the status from the messages received and it is summarised and detailed information on each persons group is returned to each group member and or The product is designed only to give group owner. Further status information can information it has received and not to be requested via the messaging channel. generate false positives or negatives. The product has built in automatic testing procedures that are continually using all sub` components and report their status. The product uses standard techniques and safe mapping references to locate and track incidents and the distance of a person from an incident may calculated using the simple equation D= ( A2 B2) see FIG. 2, or otherwise. The product allows fast and Xi,yi accurate dissemination of information regarding the incident to key people and the general population 3.Location tracking System Architecture An embodiment using mobile phones, cell phone location via registered cell, and SMS messaging to contact people is shown in FIG Figure 1 3. A number of mobile terminals (shown in A the figure as cell phones 2) are connected to a telecommunications network via one or more cell towers. In the example shown, the Xi,yi first cell phone 1a is connected through a R B first base station (cell tower) 3a to a service provider 4. Two further cells phones 1b and D DdD A 1c are connected through a second base station 3b to the service provider 4. Cell phone 1c in this instance also is equipped with a GPS system 10 enabling its position to be tracked by using the GPS satellite system 11 for more accurate positioning. The mobile telephone communications network 4 is connected to an incident centre 5 over SMS (text) gateway 2 and an LBS Figure 2 (location base service) gateway 5. The
  4. 4. service centre 6 includes an incident Figure 3management and customer service unit 7, acustomer database 8, customer statustracking module 9, messaging and group The LBS (location based service gateway 5)module 10 and a location tracking module is used to estimate a persons location. The11.This is connected via the SMS gateway LBS in this realisation is based on theand LBS gateway to the telecommunications location of the cell that the cell phone isnetwork via firewalls12.The SMS currently registered to. Cell size effects themessaging gateway 2 is used to send and accuracy which can be down to 500 m in areceive messages. A desiccated number city centre or as much as 25 k in a rural( preferably a short code of 4 or 5 digits ) location. The accuracy is also returned byis used to receive SMS (short message the LBS gateway. The diagram also showservice) messages via the message gateway. that some devices can used GPS or assisted GPS to determine their positions more precisely. Operation of the product is described below Cell phone/GPS device using the mobile phone as the interface for Cell tower all interaction. All operations would also beGps satellite available via a Web interface and IVR or possibly a customer service agent. Firstly, a user registers as a new user of the product. A person SMSs their name to the Mobile telco short code. They are then welcomed to the system and asked to SMS in phone numbers of friends andfamily. SMS LBS gateway gateway Fire walls Customer Messaging Location service and groups tracking Customer Customer status database tracking
  5. 5. Figure 4 [0006] An emergency location and alerting service as in a) that also give status information to members of a group about other members of the group. [0007] An emergency location and alerting BRIEF DISCRIPTION OF DRAWINGS service as in a) where locations of the peopleFigure 1 Shows message sent to users of can be delivered in bulk from the mobiledifferent status. operators rather than one at a time onFigure 2 Shows the parameters used to calculate request.the distance of user from the incident [0008] An emergency location and alertingFigure 3 Shows incident location and alerting service as in a) were the incidents may havesystem. multiple locations that can be can be tracked and reported either together or separately.Figure 4 GPS Receiver [0009] An emergency location and alerting service as in a) where when a person adds an individual to their group they are also added4. Services to that persons group.[0001] An emergency location and alerting [0010] An emergency location and alertingservice that locates people and groups of service as in a) that also give statuspeople when an emergency incident occurs, information to members of a group aboutdetermining their status via their distance other members of the group.fromincident. [0011] An emergency location and alerting[0002] An emergency location and alerting service as in a) where information on theservice as in that also determines a persons incident is sent to all people in the system.likelihood of people be affected by the [0012] An emergency location and alertingincident using their location accuracy service as in a) where information on theinformation. incident is sent to selected people in the[0003] An emergency location and alerting system.service as in a) that also contact people via a [0013] The invention also extends to anymessaging system to determine their if they novel feature or novel combination ofwere involved in the incident. features herein disclosed.[0004] An emergency location and alertingservice as in a) that also determines apersons likelihood of being affected by theincident using this reply to a status request 4.1 Consent to join a User’s groupmessage. Each number SMSed in is then sent a text[0005] An emergency location and alerting message. If they are not users they are firstservice as in a) that also allows people to prompted to register by SMSing their nameselect groups of other people to be to the short code. When they are registeredmonitored. they are prompted to respond with "YES"
  6. 6. and a optional 4 digit security code to A user may send commands to the productconsent joining the group. The request is at any time via the web, phone, SMSreciprocal as the sender is also joined to the message or MMS message. Examples ofreceivers group. The security code is used to main commands are listed below. TABLE-determine which message a reply is U-00001 Command Notes First nameanswering when there are multiple out registers the sender as a new customer laststanding requests request received. name NNNNNNN asks this phone for The database 8 is used to store the consent to join your group Help send a listregistrations and grouping information for of these commands Help command sendeach user. When an incident occurs, help on one of these commands Who list allinformation about the incident is entered the people who can locate you (name andeither automatically via data feeds and or number) Group list all the people you canalert services or manually by operations locate (name and number) Stop suspends thestaff. The incident information is also user from the service Stop removes thisupdated at regular intervals as new number from your group NNNNNNN.information becomes available. The incident Preferably, the service commands can bemay, for example, be a bomb or other listed by sending the word "help". Alsoterrorist incident, a natural disaster, major requesting some one to join or leave yourfire or any other incident likely to affect an group is reciprocal so you are also removedarea of any size and where persons are likely or added to their group.to be concerned for the well-being of otherpersons in the vicinity. Service calls may be charged for by any existing billing service for example premium SMS, credit card or bank transfer.When an incident occurs all users are In one embodiment, they are billed viaoptionally sent a SMS message with PSMS (premium SMS). Each user is billedinformation about the incident asking them when they sign up and each month byto respond with information on whether they premium SMS text message.were involved in the incident. Their status isupdated depending on their reply. An example message is detailed below.Either all or only users who do not respond Note: Some of the text messages may bequickly have their location determined using over 160 characters and will require thethe LBS gateway and this is compared to the sending of "long text messages"; this is twolocation of the incident using the accuracy messages that are automatically re-combineddata, time date and the distance they could on the phone into one message.have travelled during this time. Their statusis determined. Regular status updatemessages are sent to users informing themof the status of the incident and their groupmembers.
  7. 7. Table U-00001command NotesFirst name Registers customer as newLast nameNNNNNNN ask this phone to consent to join your groupHelp send a list of these commandsWho list all the people who Can locate you5. REFERENCES: [1]http://calgary.rasc.ca Variation of Lati-tude and Longitude.[2]http://abcnews.go.com/Technology/AheadoftheCurve[3]http://terminus_location_track_implement.