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This slide is for the talk I gave at, Bangalore, India at Fedora Mini Conf.

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  1. 1. Fedora Students Contributing Fedora KDE Netbook RemixPresented by Aditya PatawariFedora Ambassador, Packager and Netbook Remix Maintainer This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.
  2. 2. Topics1. Fedora Students Contributing a. What is FSC? b. Why should I go for it? c. How to succeed in FSC?2. Fedora KDE Netbook Remix a. Why was it required? b. Problems Faced c. Friends of a Contributor
  3. 3. Fedora Students Contributing a. k. a.Fedora Summer Coding
  4. 4. What is FSC?Program to encourage student contributionOpportunity for students to collaborateTo get more code released under GPL andother compatible licensesTo share the spirit of freedom
  5. 5. Why FSC?Chance to work on large code basesYou own what you doCollaborate with professionalsNon – Coding projects like Musicians GuideWork on upstream projectsT-shirt, certificate and Monies ;-)
  6. 6. How To Get In?Know your interests and strongholdDo some researchTalk to peopleJoin mailing lists and discussPrepare to be grilled and neglected DONT GIVE UP!
  7. 7. Fedora KDE Netbook Remix
  8. 8. The NeedSomething which is Netbook CentricLesser irrelevant apps like k3bNavigation made easyLess menus and more searches
  9. 9. What We Built 5
  10. 10. Problems Faced How to enable the Netbook Workspace? Too many apps in a single package like kdemultimedia Community opinion on package splitting
  11. 11. Friends of a Contributor IRC Mailing lists Discussion Groups Search Engine Your Mentor
  12. 12. Questions?