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Red Light Jam


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Published in: Design
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Red Light Jam

  1. 1. To Grow is to achieve something
  2. 2. Lazyness is the challenge you have to overcomewhen you try to achieve your goal
  3. 3. You become lazy when you’re bored.
  4. 4. Most people are waiting in the traffic light The most boring thing to do is WAITING
  5. 5. Jakarta
  6. 6. Most people are waiting in the traffic light
  7. 7. Most people in Jakarta don’t stop at the right line & sometime they just passed the traffic light Uploaded as Video 1 (separate file)
  8. 8. Uploaded as Video 2 (separate
  9. 9. Red Light JamWe give service on the traffic light which consistof:1.Shelter (to reduce heat from the sunrays)2.People Entertainment (Utilize beggars to do aperformance art / entertainment roleplay. Theyput a “Don’t get bored from waiting”3.Apps
  10. 10. You’ll get the notification when you ‘re in our traffic light’s intersection People tend to use their phone when they stop at the traffic light. The QR code will be pasted on the road lamp, so when people capture it, they will be directed to the application installer
  12. 12. ANNOUNCEMENT This a speaker, which takes form of a bird. It will announce instruction to the people on the road. The instruction will be said in a high tone voice, says, “Perhatian, perhatian, kepada para pengendara, harap berhenti sebelum garis penyeberangan, dan silakan tunggu sampai lampu hijau berikutnya. Terima kasih.” (Attention, attention, please be noticed to all the road user, especially cars and motorcycles, to stop before the zebra cross, and please wait until the green light is turned on. Thank you)
  13. 13. OUR TEAM THE CHILDREN OF MR. PERFECTHaryo Satrio Aditya Arnoldi Astri Primasari Harris Syahjohan