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The Impossible Brief / The Museum of Man


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My entry to Saatchi's Impossible Brief question

Published in: News & Politics
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The Impossible Brief / The Museum of Man

  1. 1. rough a glass, darkly / e Museum of Man Aditya Anupkumar
  2. 2. e idea •  Build the Museum of Man in Jerusalem •  It will be independent of the peace process •  It will be about the future, not the past Aditya Anupkumar
  3. 3. e insight, the hypothesis •  Blood ows through all our veins, it tells us we are alive •  It tells the story of humanity – of our humanity •  It tells the story of human legacy – what binds us to our past, and sets us on our future paths •  Blood has been the epicenter of both incredible compassion and incredible con ict, throughout history •  A blood-oath is just about the strongest form of pledge someone can make •  It is something we would not readily break Aditya Anupkumar
  4. 4. e execution •  e museum will accept one drop of blood from each other •  e giving of blood signi es an oath •  An oath, to never partake in violence again •  It signi es the belief that any blood that could have been shed in ones’ name already has been, voluntarily – and that it has been shed in the name of peace, not war •  e blood, and the names will be saved for posterity Aditya Anupkumar
  5. 5. e hope •  e museum will be a landmark dedicated to the promise of peace •  e hope is, that anyone, from anywhere in the World be able to come to Jerusalem, and make their pledge •  at Jerusalem will no longer be a landmark of religion, but of a fundamental belief in human goodness •  It is not panacea to the Israeli-Palestinian con ict, but it will certainly go a long way in making the World a little less violent, by creating the promises of a little more hope Aditya Anupkumar