MyMuesli - An Analysis


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Analysis of MyMuesli's brand positioning and technological advantage.

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MyMuesli - An Analysis

  1. 1. || Aditya Anupkumar /
 Andreas Kleinschmidt /
 Antonella Squadrito /
 Arturo Gutierrez /
 Giuseppe Bono / 
 Guilherme Costa ||!Information Technology 
and Innovation // 
Business Model Analysis! Group A1-C! Group A1-C!
  2. 2. What is! Group A1-C!
  3. 3. is a mass-customized service lettingusers prepare their ownmixes of organic Mueslifrom 80 possible organicingredient options.!These mixes are deliveredto consumers’ doorstepswithin four days.! Group A1-C!
  4. 4. Who is the customer?! Group A1-C!
  5. 5. We believe that the core user base is who John Gerzemacalls “Spend-Shifters”: value-oriented, Esteem!sophisticated consumers. ! Belonging!Maslow would perhaps have placedtheir need-state relationship in the Belonging andEsteem blocks of his pyramid.! * Spend Shift, 2010 / Y&R BAV Data!They crave a new, more ‘authentic’consumption. They’re technologicallyengaged, want their own spin on stuffthey do, and they want to live healthy.! Group A1-C!
  6. 6. What is the customer 
value proposition?! Group A1-C!
  7. 7. With 80 ingredients (clockwise, types offlavoring, types of nuts, types of fruits,types of grains/cereals) to choose from,you can have 566 quadrillion combinationsof organic Muesli via their service,allowing every single person to have aperfectly customized breakfast experience.!There is also something to be said withregards to the “signaling” that is inherentin using certain kinds of products andservices – you can’t deny that, beyond the‘goodness’ of the product, there is likely acase of communicating ‘discernment’inherent in buying it.! Group A1-C!
  8. 8. Another Model we could apply to understand what itis that delivers would be the Tetrad,which explores the impact of a given medium/practice on its surroundings. ! Authen1city   Simplicity  The impact is always four-fold – new media/practicesenhance – reverse – retrieve and obsolesce oldmedia/practices when they come into being.! MyMuesli.In the case of, we could posit that, in com  the breakfast experience, it enhances ‘Authenticity’,reverses ‘complexity and ritual’ to ‘Simplicity’, Ea1ng   Mass  retrieves ‘Eating Healthy’ and obsolesces ‘Mass Healthy   Consump1on  Consumption’ in the form of cereals.!This is a useful way of understanding the product’simpact on culture, and where future challenges mayarise from.! Group A1-C!
  9. 9. How do they provide it?! Group A1-C!
  10. 10. has a two-pronged strategy. !It’s consumer-facing side is one of ProductLeadership and Customer Intimacy. It delivershealthy food in beautiful packaging right to yourdoor. It also develops use-cases. So they have akick-start cereal, organic porridge, weight-losscereal, cereal designed for kids, Gluten-free, work-out cereals, biking cereals; all based on whatpeople have liked/bought/used the product for inthe past.!And they deliver this through OperationalExcellence, with a technological grounding thatallows them to mix 80 different kinds of ingredients(566 quadrillion variations, if you recall) and createand deliver the finished product to the user withinfour days, and they do so incredibly cost-effectively.! Group A1-C!
  11. 11. Why is this innovative?! Group A1-C!
  12. 12. taps into a major emerging cultural trend– that of mass-customization / bespoke services. Itharnesses the true spirit of Long Tail economics. Wherethe Long Tail posits that, no matter how unconventionalor arcane an offering, it will find a buyer; MyMuesli.comflips this on its head by building their technology andsupply-chain around fulfilling those very tastes, from themost obvious to the most arcane. !The graphic you see to the right is basically thepermutations and combinations of the mixes you canchoose, and the size of the circles indicates popularity.Something for everyone.!But it’s not just that. As we explored with the MaslowHierarchy and the Tetrad, the service also has animportant socio-psychological dimension – it generatesthat ring of perfection (YOUR perfect mix) combined withauthenticity and simplicity (healthy living).! Group A1-C!
  13. 13. What is the vulnerability in 
this business model?! Group A1-C!
  14. 14. To look at potential threats we explored Michael Porter’s Five Forces model. Oneassumption we are going to make is that the “Industry” in which MyMuesli.comoperates is “Organic and Healthy products” – so think of Whole Foods, Innocent,etc as potential competitors.!When we studied suppliers, we found, for example, that at one point Suppliers! New Entrants! had bought up ALL of the frozen strawberries in Germany to use intheir products. That is strong supply-chain management, and they would have toensure they remain in a strong position with suppliers (think about how Applekeep RAM prices down for themselves, for example – they use 60% of the RAMproduced in the World.)!We have already discussed customer needs and between Customer Needs andIndustry Competitors we believe that is well-placed.! Industry Competitors!The market is still very new, but for example we discovered an Australiancompetitor ( who started up two years after –so there is the possibility of competition, but in a still growing market, we believethere is room for more competition.!Which leaves us with Substitutes. A prolonged recession or other system shockscould make their broader user-base shrink as people cut back and search forcheaper alternatives, of which there are many. But when you consider that Substitutes! Customer Needs! has grown exponentially YoY since they were first created in 2007,they have so far shown themselves to be immune to the current crisis.! Group A1-C!
  15. 15. Is it sustainable?! Group A1-C!
  16. 16. We feel, based on our analysis, that MyMuesli is asustainable enterprise, certainly in the short run. Apart fromdeveloping use-cases for consumers, they have alsoexpanded their product lines carefully.!They now sell highly cost effective trial packs featuring anarray of mixes, so you can try out the various flavors andcombinations for the same amount of money. They also sellmix-and-go insta-packs, to expand where/how consumerscan consume the MyMuesli experience. And in the past yearthey have also started developing recipe guides, porridges,juices and coffee to make MyMuesli a much larger part ofpeoples’ food habits.!Perhaps most importantly, they have begun opening real-lifecafés. This is important because it allows MyMuesli totransform itself from an online-store-that-delivers-what-you-like, to a Disney Land of healthy eating.! Group A1-C!
  17. 17. made €2million+ in revenues its second year,and since then has made about €300,000 in profits p.a. * Spend Shift, 2010 / 
consistently, even as its workforce expanded from 3 people Y&R BAV Data!to 100+, and they expanded from Germany to Netherlands,the UK and Switzerland in this time.!We referred to “Spend-Shifters” as the potential consumerfor The report also highlights some of thepercentages of existing populations who exhibit similarbehavior.!So from the countries is not yet present in, wesee that Spend-Shifters constitute 55% in the US, 53% inFrance, 51% in Canada, 45% in Australia and Italy, 44% inSingapore, 41% in Brazil, 38% in Russia and Spain, 34% inIndia and Mexico, and 21% in China. !We acknowledge that not all these groups can afford to, and maybe more than just this mindsetconsumes it. !But if this is the mindset taps in to, we canagree they have much room for expansion.! Group A1-C!
  18. 18. We believe that the future for mass-customizedweb-to-real-life businesses is strong. We love,for example, projects like Quarterly.Co andKopi; which combine exploring ideas, foodsand so on, with an element of social curation.!And then there is the organic and natural foodsmovement, that has only grown and grown inthe past decade. !So to close, we believe is anincredibly fascinating project as it harnesseselements from both these major trends, andwe’re keen to seeing how it develops over thenext few years. (We’re all signed up on thewaiting list for when they launch in Spain. )! Group A1-C!
  19. 19. Fín! Group A1-C!