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Cloud Predictions 2015 - What To Expect?


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Here are some interesting cloud computing predictions for 2015 from 451 Research, IDC, IO, and Dell.

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Cloud Predictions 2015 - What To Expect?

  1. 1. Cloud Predictions 2015: What to Expect?
  2. 2. Here are some predictions by IDC, Dell, 451 Research and IO for Cloud Computing in 2015.
  3. 3. 1. Better Law Enforcement For Cloud There were many data leak incidents within U.S. military and Sony last year. IDC states that this time around 65% of organizations will look for better data privacy legislation.
  4. 4. 2. Open Source Technologies Will See Growth IDC suggests that by 2017 about 20% of organizations will incorporate sources which have an open framework.
  5. 5. According to IDC, by 2017, one-third of all major IT organizations will support and work on automation techniques. 3. IT Automation Services Leap Forward
  6. 6. The growth in the IaaS offerings over the last three years was very constant, whereas researchers suggests that over the course of next 2 years they will be redesigned, rebranded or phased out. 4. Downfall in IaaS Offerings
  7. 7. IO suggests that a massive consolidation process among data centers, cloud service providers and colocation will emerge in the next 2 years. 5. Cloud Service Providers Consolidation
  8. 8. IO predicts that almost 90% of applications in 2015 will run on “Hybrid Cloud”. More cloud service providers would upgrade their services to hybrid cloud. 6. Hybrid Solutions will Advance
  9. 9. Alibaba which offered first IPO last year, will become the biggest company by 2015, which represents definitive move of data centers to Asia. 7. Asia - The New Center for Data Centers
  10. 10. According to 451 Research, the expenses on securing data on cloud will increase rapidly over the next two years. Researchers predict, there might be new security methods coming up as well. 8. Security Cost on Cloud will Increase
  11. 11. Dell predicts that private players in cloud technology will bring in more cost efficient and stable processes into action. They will become an attractive option in future. 9. Private Cloud Players will Strengthen
  12. 12. According to Dell, with most of the organizations outsourcing their businesses, they will require very little tech support and could then easily focus on the IT resources they are left with. 10. Minimum IT Specialization
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