Webinar: Top Reasons to Implement Windows Azure for your Business


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Michael McKeown, Sr. Solutions Architect at Aditi and Tommy Patterson, Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft share insights into “Five Reasons to Implement Windows Azure for your Business”.

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  • Precision agricultureAnalysis and value add for field sellerCurrent system does not allow geo special capability- GS is critical for precision. 3rd party vendor currently supports thisNot agile enough to change; and vendor cannot scale fast enough. Creating corporate and customer risk/ complaint. Customer decided to build own IP and productReduce 2 M costSome offices built their own product to customize systems to their needDifferent states have different regulations – hence the same product needs to support different state regulationsGlobal requirement is also dictating how farmers grow their produce. Minimal residual level and tracking back produce is a key emerging need for farmers. To increase the yield year on year, customers need precise recommendation. System helps WE sell more value added service to their end customers. Seasonality of product usage – spikes during summer; lows in winter.PCAs need to visit 30/40 farms a day and analyze, recommend.Write a rec in 120 secondsPrimary users are crop consultants who help sell more of Wilbur’s product to end customers.Recommendations, analysis, data collections – all this resides in the system.Hosting on Amazon; built using .net; Postgres SQL as backend; Node JS to integrate with 3rd part services. Soil survey webservice
  • Webinar: Top Reasons to Implement Windows Azure for your Business

    1. 1. WELCOME TO THE WEBINAR Top Reasons to Implement Windows Azure for your Business! #GoCloudWebinar #gocloudwebinar
    2. 2. Today’s Webinar #gocloudwebinar 1/ Tommy Patterson: Overview of the Microsoft Cloud 2/ Mike McKeown: Scenarios and Workloads on Windows Azure 3/ Q & A Follow the webinar with our Twitter hashtag: #GoCloudWebinar
    3. 3. About.Me – Mike McKeown  Senior Cloud Solutions Architect at Aditi Technologies  Two decades of Microsoft experience as Solutions Integration Engineer, Trainer, and Technical Evangelist!  Azure Cloud Course Author @ Pluralsight  MSJ and MSDN accomplished writer  Blog: http://www.michaelmckeown.com  Twitter: https://twitter.com/nwoekcm  Pluralsight: http://www.pluralsight.com/training/Courses/Find?highli ght=true&searchTerm=mckeown  Hot off the press: HADR MSDN paper and a very extensive and detailed whitepaper on “Top Business Reasons for Windows Azure.” #gocloudwebinar
    4. 4. About.Me – Tommy Patterson  17 Years IT Experience  Network Engineer, IT Manager, Consultant  Trained and consulted with thousands of IT Pros WW  Blogs: Virtuallycloud9.com blogs.technet.com/tommypatterson  Contact me: Tommy.Patterson@Microsoft.com #gocloudwebinar Get started now @ http://aka.ms/1azurenow
    5. 5. 1. What is Cloud 2. Strategic Opportunities 3. Potential Pitfalls 4. Don’t go IT alone
    6. 6. What is Cloud? #gocloudwebinar
    7. 7. Why consider the cloud? #gocloudwebinar
    8. 8. Why consider the cloud? #gocloudwebinar
    9. 9. New Strategic Opportunities #gocloudwebinar
    10. 10. Potential Pitfalls #gocloudwebinar
    11. 11. Don’t Go IT Alone #gocloudwebinar  Availability  Fault and update domains  Disaster recovery  Data backup  Performance  Security  Scalability  Failover  Network latency  Network address optimization  Monitoring  Deployment  Management  Provisioning and de-provisioning  Patching of VMs
    12. 12. #gocloudwebinar
    13. 13. How to successfully deploy key workloads on Azure Aditi has been guiding enterprises with their cloud journey since 2008!
    14. 14. BUSINESS CONTEXT The world‟s leading mobile phone OEM, entered into a key partnership with Microsoft for Windows Phone technology. Being Microsoft‟s top Phone OEM for Windows Mobile, they wanted to build and sell Windows Phones as a part of the Microsoft mobile strategy. USER CONTEXT CHALLENGES To create a Push Notification Service that could send messages to millions of devices within a minute. To create and host the service for each of the thousands of application vendors. ENGAGEMENT Aditi did a technical assessment of the environment and provided a detailed project plan and roadmap for Windows Azure implementation. We proposed an all Azure based solution, deploying portions of the solution on Azure data centers across the globe. Efficiently solved the problem of delivering more than one million messages in one minute, by employing a parallel processing patternSOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS SOLUTION SHOWCASE Effectively divided the work using Queues to maximize processing of a single Azure VM for sending message to the Microsoft Push Notification Service in 1 minute Windows Azure and Microsoft SQL Azure The client wanted to provide high value application properties (like ESPN, CNN, Disney, etc. ) a repeatable framework and service mechanism to efficiently push content updates to millions of Windows Phone users A web based “self-registration” platform was created for onboarding app vendors and an admin portal for Nokia‟s administrators of the service Delivering Millions of Push Notifications Using Cloud #gocloudwebinar
    15. 15. BUSINESS CONTEXT An industry leader in systems and service solutions for the hospitality industry, the client is a pioneer in creating solutions for hotels, restaurants, spa businesses to run their day-to- day operations. USER CONTEXT Their product is being used in more than 50,000 restaurants across the globe in more than 110 countries. KEY REQUIREMENT • Create a SaaS model to grow the number of customers Required a highly scalable and cost effective solution • Required User eXperience with touch screen • Decrease the maintenance overhead of the solution • Provide quick onboarding of new tenants (customers) • Provide a highly secured system SOLUTION • Created a multi-tenant Software as a Service (SaaS) application on Windows Azure Platform • Enhanced UX through WPF frontend with the support for different personas, like: • Customer: Touch base kiosk at the front desk • Manager: Intuitive application to manage end- to-end account system at the back office • Implemented Continuous Integration throughout the full project development lifecycle • Provided a full set of scripts in order to automated all the deployments and infrastructure configuration BENEFITS With the „zero-training‟ principle, the adoption rate on the platform was an astounding 92% after 30 days User satisfaction scores were 65% higher when the application was rolled out. Creating SaaS application on Windows Azure Platform Guest Experience Management #gocloudwebinar
    16. 16. BUSINESS CONTEXT Restaurant.com (RDC) is a trusted and valued source that connects restaurants and diners in the U.S. USER CONTEXT The company offers the best deal on every meal at more than 18,000 restaurants in the US. During popular promotion days, their web site is crushed with a 10x spike in traffic. CHALLENGES Their application architecture and technology stack was 10 years old and hadn‟t been designed to accommodate the rate that RDC had grown at. ENGAGEMENT Scalability in the Cloud SCALE E-COMMERCE SITE 10X TIMES IN MINUTES We recommended a hybrid cloud solution – with sensitive data kept on-premise while the application and data processing moved to cloud for scale.SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS SOLUTION SHOWCASE Token based approach for handling Personally Identifiable Information for processing credit cards etc. 10x Scalability in Minutes: Automatic scaling in minutes without the need to procure and install additional on- premises infrastructure Solution was deployed and mirrored at various Azure data centers to gain advantages of proximity, Azure availability and Disaster recovery. We conducted a detailed Azure design session over a 3 week period focusing on re- architecting the entire website. This was followed by design and development of the Hybrid site. #gocloudwebinar
    17. 17. BUSINESS CONTEXT Halo is one of Microsoft‟s multi- billion dollar video game franchises with thousands of daily users. The platform needed a solution that computes on demand and results in high end- user satisfaction. USER CONTEXT The Halo team sensed dissatisfaction amongst Halo gaming community as avatars were not changing quickly with the problem getting worse on weekends and holidays with the spike in traffic. CHALLENGES Provide a consistently zippy user experience while creating or updating user‟s online avatar. Additionally, providing a solution that computes on demand, scales up during peak traffic and saves costs. ENGAGEMENT Computing Horsepower On-demand for XBOX Halo Reach The rendering engine was isolated as a general library, provisioned and run as a worker role on Windows Azure SOLUTION HIGHLIGHTS SOLUTION SHOWCASE Code refactoring in workflow delegated the heavy-duty processing on Windows Azure Application processes 200 to 500k images daily - an Avatar upgrade or change can be achieved quickly driving much higher user satisfaction Low Opex as the Halo operations team can now monitor in near real time through Aditi Technologies and adjust resources based on user loads and trends Aditi did a technical assessment and provided a detailed project plan. The heavy-duty processing rendering-engine which was the bottleneck was re-engineered on Windows Azure. #gocloudwebinar
    18. 18. QUESTIONS & DISCUSSION Tommy Patterson SR. CLOUD EVANGELIST tommy.patterson@Microsoft.com Michael McKeown SR. SOLUTIONS ARCHITECT michaelm@aditi.com Let’s continue the conversation.
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