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How Internet of Things (IoT) is Reshaping the Automotive Sector - Infographic

"The cars from science fiction movies are coming to reality. Customers are waiting to discover their own car based “siri” or “cortana” or dare we say “Jarvis” (for the inner Iron Man in them).

In a software defined world, silicon valley seems to be at par with Detroit in innovating car based experiences through internet of things (IoT). Starting with Google, and its pioneering effort in rewriting the rules of driverless cars, connected automobiles are steadily making their way into automotive market.

And the future is set for the IoT connected cars to lead and thrive in this innovation hungry world. Park Associates estimates that a whopping 78% car owners will demand connected features in their next vehicle.

We created an infographic which lucidly shows how connected cars are going to shape the future of driving and transport. Check it out! "

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How Internet of Things (IoT) is Reshaping the Automotive Sector - Infographic

  1. 1. The wheels of the future is where we live, what we drive and what we feel. Experience the new driving formula that moves at your fingertips. CONNECTED CARS WILL BECOME BIG DATA PLATFORMS Every second, a telematics device will produce a data record including information like date, time, speed, longitude, latitude, acceleration or deceleration, cumulative mileage and fuel consumption. This represents approximately 5MB to 15MB annually per customer. With a customer base of 100,000 vehicles, this represents more than 1 terabyte of data per year. swwz By 2025 By 2020 By 2017 Big Data will be worth US$122bn in the automotive industry ; with 70-80% of cars expected to be connected. Approximately 35 million connected vehicles in North America and Europe will make relevant data sets 60 percent of all global new vehicle sales will have connected car services. available for car companies to assimilate and convert into actionable insights. CONNECTED CARS WILL BECOME HUBS Consumers expect the connected car of the future to provide the same connected experience they are used to at home, at work and on the move via their mobile phone Wi-Fi Hotspot Chevrolet Impala, features an inbuilt Wi-Fi function that connects the driver's smartphone to the internet. Passengers can now run mobile applications while driving Apps on Dashboard Mercedes GL, features screens on the backseats that allows pas- sangers sitting in the back to ' access social media. Speech to Text BMW 7 series, features the speech to text functionality that turns speech into text on the dashboard via dictation function seat passengers. Hand Gestures Cadillac ATS, features digital touch points with haptic feedback and proximity sensors that detects driver's hand gestures to prevent accidents. / / Audi A3 2014, allows the driver to 7"*§~ — 4 —4—~—*"[ control multimedia entertainment, navigation etc. , by drawing letters, symbols on a touch sensitive pad. /” A [ / Z Connected cars have tackled some of the biggest challenges in the transportation industry—in the areas of improved safety. IMPROVED SAFETY CONTROLS 73% of respondents chose safety and diagnostics features as the most important, giving a clear indication of the areas they would expect connected services to focus in the future. RADAR WARNING JUNCTION VIEW LASER SYSTEM CAMERA HEADLIGHTS / , tLE; i,i '}= ‘§, £i’J @ E , saw? ’ FQIQJ . / g IF; Audi am; /aa Cadillac ATS 2014, features a radar based collision system that alerts the driver of any approaching object. This pre—charges the brakes for improved Range rover sport 2014, features junction view cameras to get live video from the corners of the car to check blind spots. Audi R8 2014, features the laser headlights that triggers a low beam when an oncoming vehicle is sensed and flashes a warning light when pedestrians are spotted. stopping time. IMPROVED REMOTE MAINTENENCE Vehicle Diagnostics KIA SOUL 2014, detects technical defects and alerts the driver beforehand to prevent sudden breakdowns. Pay As You Drive Remote diagnostic services has changed the way insurance companies run their business. With reports generat- ed by the diagnostic ports installed in cars, the cost of motor insurance is determined by the usage, distance, behavior and place. Automatic software upgrade Tesla S's remote services automatically installs the latest softwares into the car when an update is released. The driver will be notified of it on the inbuilt 17"touchscreen. 02 Car Connection, M2M remote automobile diagnostics 02 Car Connection consists of an M2M hardware unit, which drivers can easily install in their cars, a smartphone app and matching service for data transmis- sion. This allows the drivers to receive real time diagnostic information, ensur- ing improved safety on the road. 'lll4<lIy'lli1llf‘flI_llll'P‘lllll1ll4“ZDlllIE‘lll'lll'll’: 'Lvl: 'lldL>"llE'fllllg St symphony teleca