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Digital Transformation in Hospitality


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How enterprises in the hospitality industry are navigating their digital transformation strategies!

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Digital Transformation in Hospitality

  1. 1. Blackball Taiwanese Tea and Dessert Restaurant Chain Gains Big Data Insight with Microsoft’s Cloud Solution. The company is using data from multiple sources, including social media feedback and own product sales, to improve its competitive advantage and make informed marketing decisions. Taj hotel resorts and palace is using cloud based services to improve WiFi access across domestic locations. This has led to improvement in guest satisfaction and overall network operations. Hyatt is using cloud services to enable communication, collaboration and saving across all global properties. By moving to cloud services the company has been able to improve communication between the employees and customers which increased customer satisfaction and generated more revenue. CEOs are startled by the rising expectations of a digital customer. Here is what they expect tel-casinos-go-high-tech-with-new-payment-option-bitcoin-baby.htm er-2012-Enterprise/Blackball/Taiwanese-Tea-and-Dessert-Restaurant-Chain-Gains-Big-Data-Insight-with-Hybrid-Cloud-Solution/710 000003609 Companies combining the 3 pieces together just the right way CEOs are responding with 3 power moves Connecting data and cloud to navigate the transformation MOBILE FIRST CHANNEL ENGAGEMENT SCALE WITH THE CLOUD Design Apps to personalize the travel experience across multiple points of the journey. Merge customer data from all sources to build a comprehensive view of every customer. Use predictive analytics to understand customer behavior and create highly targeted offers and personalized service. Support your digital programs by building enterprise class applications and scalable infrastructure with the cloud. PERSONALIZATION SINGLE VIEW OF CUSTOMER RESOURCES Companies who are struggling, are getting stuck with The cloud is the pipeline 01 0302 04 05 Whether provisioning new machines or deploying apps across devices, the cloud makes it easy to build highly available, infinitely scalable apps and APIs. Compute The ability to manage high output, low-latency data on the cloud helps to scale predictive analytics and leverage machine learning. Analytics The cloud helps in creating Event Notification Hubs to ingest, process, and orchestrate notifications to scale. Web Scale Virtual Machines and Load Balancing capabilities help companies automate and stay agile Agile Infrastructure Encode, stream and store rich media and deliver them across millions of end points Media Storage and delivery What’s Keeping CEOs of Hospitality Companies Awake At Night? Data is the new “Oil” in the hospitality industry HOW ARE CEOs NAVIGATING THIS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION? PROBLEMS CEOs ARE FACING TO NAVIGATE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION “I want you to send me my payment details on my mobile”. Digital mobile payment application makes payment easy and saves the customers from waiting. Social Media Integration with ordering process and for finding hotel offers and deals. Personalized guides and recommendations saves customers time and reduces time for decision making. Apps with real time view of a information about current location and access to reviews from social platforms. Customers expect to have the same experience across all channels. “I want to place an order on your social media page”. “I want you to suggest nearby activities”. “I want to see places I can visit around me”. “I want my reservations details across all devices”. Boosting Customer Experience Digitizing Operations Business Model Transformation Companies are changing the way they run their business by embracing technology. They are transitioning from physical to digital services. Companies realize the value of customer’s personal data across all touchpoints, which helps them gain customer loyalty and win more from existing customers. This is done through predictive analytics approach and information acquired through social channels. Hospitality Companies are moving towards building digital products by bringing agility in platform building and by digitizing the process to easily roll out new ideas, innovation and new features to market. 32%Golden Gate Hotel and Casino is an early adopter of digital currency, Bitcoin. Through this method, transactions can be closed through tablets and mobile devices. They use ipad devices with bitpay platform to process payments. customers said they would use a mobile or wireless payment options 84%Hilton Hotel is using digital technology for check-in, room selection and customization, and check-out across 650,000-plus rooms at more than 4,000 properties worldwide. business travelers say they want the ability to choose their own rooms. 27%Yelp helps customers search for restaurants, clubs, bars, and other locations around the area. They can filter based on what's open, what type of food is served, and how much you can expect to spend, restaurant's hours, users rating and recommendations. customers have reviewed or posted reviews on consumer’s recommendation sites like Yelp 61%Hotel Tonight App helps in making hotel reservation on the go. This app has a mobile-only strategy to connect the travelers on road with nearby accomodation services. travelers desire a mobile application that overlays visual information about the physical world. 30%Airbnb connects Spare Room/ Accommodation providers with Travelers. They offer personalized offers to match hosts and guests needs by analyzing community-wide rankings, preferences and rental history. customers make use of mobile apps to find hotel deals. 72%The Wit hotel, through an IP system runs the infrastructure to automate services throughout the customer’s stay. This technology enables customers to send requests to the closest staff member’s mobile device for fast service. hotels have apps that help the customers make reservations via mobile Mobile devices are not a focus Lack of Social Presence Lack of interactive digital technologies Companies that are not using mobile technology are far behind the race of winning more from customers. . Companies that are not on social media platforms are missing out of huge amount of customer data. Companies that are not using interactive digital technologies are unable to meet the expectations of the digital customer. The American hotel chain Denihan is using big data analytics software to maximize profit and revenue, by combing their own data from review sites, blogs and/or social network website. They analyze likes and dislikes of their guests, optimize their offering and adjust the room rates accordingly. Caesar Entertainment is using data analytics as the main sources for decision making. Their total reward program is based on analyzing the customers complete journey. With data collection and analysis, Caesar Entertainment has been able to build customer loyalty and provide a personalized experience to their customers. Marriot is using Big Data Analytics to predict the optimal price of rooms to fill the hotels. They do this by using improved revenue management algorithms that can deal with data faster, combining different data sets and making insights available to all levels to improve decision-making. PRICING GUEST PREFERENC ES CUSTOMERPROFILE & TRANSACTIONAL ONLINESEARCH OPERATIONAL W EB CLICKSTREAM DEMAND&OCCUPANCY DESTINATION SOCIALNETWORK & USERGENERATED LOW MEDIUM HIGH VELOCITY VARIETY VOLUM E