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Data and the Azure platform - #DataOnCloud event London


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This slide deck was presented at #DataOnCloud event London. DataOnCloud is an invite-only event for CIOs and top IT innovators. DataOnCloud enables key decision makers to discuss about real life adoption scenarios, challenges and best practices for leveraging Big, Small and Line Of Business Data on Cloud.

Aditi Technologies, a 'cloud first' technology services company organized #DataOnCloud, an event series focused on orchestrating data on cloud and navigating the complexity around integration, security, platform selection and technology solutions.

Aditi Technologies partnered with Microsoft for this 2-hour, CXO roundtable event in global technology hubs - London, New York, Seattle and San Diego

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Data and the Azure platform - #DataOnCloud event London

  1. 1. Data and the Azure PlatformSimon KarnWindowsAzure – Business Development
  2. 2. BIG DATA Audio / VideoLog FilesText/ImageSocial SentimentData Market FeedseGov FeedsWeatherWikis / BlogsClick StreamSensors / RFID / DevicesSpatial & GPS CoordinatesMobile WEB 2.0AdvertisingCollaborationeCommerceDigital MarketingSearch MarketingWeb LogsRecommendationsContactsDeal TrackingSales PipelineERP / CRMPayablesPayrollInventoryData Complexity: Variety and VelocityTerabytesGigabytesMegabytesPetabytes
  3. 3. How do I optimize myfleet based on weatherand traffic patterns?What’s the socialsentiment for mybrand or productsHow do I betterpredict futureoutcomes?
  4. 4. Connectingwith the World’s DataCRITICAL SUCCESS FACTORS FOR BIG DATAImmersive Insight,Wherever you are Any Data, Any Size Anywhere
  5. 5. LocationOn-Premises On-Premises orService ProviderMicrosoft Cloud orService ProviderRationalefor UsageDATA PLATFORM DELIVERY MODELS
  6. 6. Transforms the datacenterEnables modern appsEmpowers people centric ITUnlocks insights on anydata
  7. 7. compute data services networksN Central US, S Central US, N Europe, W Europe, E Asia,SE Asia + 24 Edge CDN LocationsAutomatedManaged ResourcesElasticUsage Basedapp services
  8. 8. Services
  9. 9. Services
  10. 10. INTEGRATING THE GLOBAL DATA MARKETPLACECommercial Data MarketsSocial Network Sentiment
  11. 11. OFFICE365
  12. 12. The Cloud democratizes access to scale& economies of scale
  13. 13. The Cloud focuses on competitive differentiation
  14. 14. Thank YouSimon KarnWindowsAzure – Business Development