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International trade promotion in india


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International Finance

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International trade promotion in india

  1. 1. International TradeP otion In India rom
  2. 2. Group MembersAditi Mahapadi − 40Shruti Ketkar − 52Aditi Kulkarni − 53Naresh Naikar − 79Richa Varu − 97Siddharth Sheth − 99
  3. 3. ROL OF RB IN INT RNAT E I E IONAL TRADE PROM ION OT The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) administers provisions of FEMA Functions of RBI with respect to FEMA:  Authorizes persons for foreign exchange  Regulates capital account and current account transactions  Exporters furnish true information to RBI
  4. 4. ROL OF RB IN INT RNAT E I E IONAL TRADE PROM ION OTRBI inspects businesses of unauthorized people for Correctness of statements Compliance with rulesRBI penalizes violation of rules
  5. 5. EXIM BANK’ S PROGRAMS:  Export Credit  Finance for export oriented units  Overseas investments finance  SME & Agri Finance  Rural Initiatives  Interest Rates
  6. 6. EXIM BANK’ S PROGRAM CONTD. Direct Financial Assistance to exporters Consultancy and Technology Services Pre-shipment Credit Buyer’ s Credit Refinance of Term Loans to Indian Banks Facilities for deemed Exports
  7. 7. Foreign Trade Policy What is Foreign Trade Policy? Objectives of Foreign Trade Policy 2009-14  To arrest and reverse declining trend of exports  Double Indias exports of goods and services by 2014.  To double Indias share in global merchandise  Simplification of the application procedure  To encourage exports
  8. 8. TargetsExport Target : $ 200 Billion for 2010-11Export Growth Target: 15 % for next two year and 25 % thereafter. Promotion MeasuresAssistance to States for Developing Export Infrastructure and Allied Activities (ASIDE)Market Access Initiative(MAI)Marketing Development Assistance (MDA)Towns of Export Excellence (TEE)
  9. 9. Export Credit GuaranteeCorporation of India Ltd. ( ECGC) What is ECGC? What does ECGC do? How does ECGC help exporters? Need for export credit insurance History of ECGC Vision Mission
  10. 10.  Objectives Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ECGC – D & B Alliance What is NEIA? Policies and Products Credit Insurance Policies Small Exporters Policy Specific Shipment Policy -Short Term (SSP-ST)
  11. 11. Role Of Commercial Banks InPromoting International Business
  12. 12. Role Of Commercial Banks In Promoting International Business Foreign Branch Banking Trade Finance Foreign Exchange Corporate Finance Miscellaneous Banking Services
  13. 13. Thank Yo u.