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Lonely Girl_NoSmokingAd


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Lonely Girl_NoSmokingAd

  1. 1. IT KILLED MY HUSBAND A poem as an epilogue of a short film about No Smoking. I feel so alone, so stale, When that boy deserted my tale. It is all going to be fine, alright They say, they wish to give me might. A hand held for long enough, The imprints stood the test of time. I dare not wash myself off them, They talk to me of my crime. Those hands that touched me, Touched a part of me deep within. He was a friend, he was my soul, Greater than any kin. I walk dark lanes and watch rain, But never again in that light. The light washed in cream white, Of starry skies of the night. Not alone, I have his soul, Closer to me than my own. It's just his hands I miss a lot, Holding mine, cigarette prone.